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6 Do’s of writing a successful guest post on CatPet.Club:

  1. Depth. The topic should be covered in-depth. This is why you should pick the right topics that could be covered with 1000-3000 words;
  2. Size. Your post should be at least 1000 words long;
  3. Grammar errors. Please, proofread your piece or use the professional proofreading services;
  4. Factual errors. Please, double check the facts in your piece and support them with corresponding citations if needed;
  5. Style. You should be familiar with the writing style of CatPet.Club’s posts and your piece should be written in a similar manner.
  6. No medical advices. You should be avoid any medical advices in your writing. The only exception is an article written by a certified veterinary doctor.

2 Don’ts of writing for CatPet.club:

  1. Irrelevant pieces. Please, pay attention that we do NOT write about home improvement, home decor or gardening. Our primary topic is cats.
  2. Writing to get a link only. If your primary goal is building a link for search engine optimization – please, don’t waste your time. While you can grow your exposure, network and portfolio, we put links only to the high quality sites we trust.

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