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    Best Outdoor Cat Catios

    How to Choose the Best Outdoor Catio

    Before getting a catio for your furkids think of what specifications it should have. Keep in mind essential criteria. The following steps will help you.

    Step 1. Consider If Your Catio Should Be Portable.

    Think about those functions your future catio should perform. If you want an enclosed playpen for your cats next to your house and you are not going to move it, there are lots of wooden models. Assemble a catio of this type and mount it close to the window. Your cats will have an opportunity to go out any time they want. A portable variant should not be too large. You can choose a catio in a form of a metal cage easy to assemble and transport. 

    Step 2. Consider the Material.

    Most large outdoor catios are offered as wooden frames you need to assemble and mount on the ground. The wood is painted, however, many reviewers note that an extra layer of paint would be great. Pay attention to the roof: it should be made of waterproof material. 

    Step 3. Consider the Number of Cats.

    While balcony catios are small enough for a big number of cats due to the balcony size, your outdoor catio can be as big as you want. If you’ve got several cats who love playing and being outdoors, assemble a couple of outdoor catios for them removing some of the panels to create the united space.

    What Can I Put Into an Outdoor Cat Enclosure?

    Having enough area for a catio you can organize an enclosure for your furkids where they will spend several hours in a row. Make this place extremely comfortable and functional for them. In fact, there are lots of variants you can choose – just use your imagination. Think of what essential things your kitties may need during the day and what entertainment accessories will add fun to them.

    a. Outdoor Litter Box for Catio

    A litter box is one of those essentials you should consider in the first place. Think of what kind of litter boxes your kitty will like. It can be a roofed model or a traditional open litter box. Pay attention to the size of litter boxes if you have got several cats – the litter boxes should not take a lot of space in your catio. 

    b. Feeder

    Want to make your catio really autonomous? Put an outdoor cat feeder inside. Even multiple cats can be fed automatically. Having a good litter box and feeder inside the enclosure your cats will be able to stay inside for 6-12 hours.

    b. Poles for Catio

    Even being outdoors your cats will need something to scratch and climb up. The greatest solution will be to place a pole inside the catio. Choose the pole size considering the number of cats and dimensions of the catio. You can buy a really tall variant, something with original design or functional and budget for your feline friends. 

    c. Plants for Catio

    It may sound rather strange for some people, but cats actually love some kinds of plants. Why not to make your outdoor catio a green and eco-friendly are, where your cats will feel closer to nature? Select some grass and other plants that are safe for cats. You can buy a kit or just seeds and organize a green corner for your meowing friends.

    d. Decor Ideas for Catio

    Just like any house your kitties’ enclosure can be originally decorated. Just think of those elements that can be used as part of the catio’s original design. You can assemble a little shelter inside. Feline litter boxes can be unique and funny. There are models resembling a vase, for example. Or put an original paw-cleaning mat in front of a litter box.

    e. Catio Cat Toys

    Playful cats will be extremely active outdoors. You know your kitty best, so consider what things your meowing child will like. It can be an interesting short or long tunnel. Cat tracks are also a lot of fun. Hang toys on bars or on a scratching pole. In short, try to take those toys that are easy to wash since your cat will use them outdoors.


    Are catios good for cats?

    If you want your cats be healthy and feel more energy, it will be a great thing to organize a catio outdoors. Your cats will have a chance to spend more time breathing fresh air and you will be sure they are safe. Choose catios with protected roofs and changeable weather will not be a problem.

    How big a catio should be?

    Your catio depends on a number of cats you have got. Just think of litter boxes for each of your furkids, their food bowls, playing area and lounge zones inside a catio. An outdoor catio may be really tall and spacious – it only depends on your backyard territory.

    Should You Buy a Catio?

    Purchasing a catio is always up to a cat owner. In cat shelters we hire a specialist who constructs catios for some dozens of our feline orphans. Being an owner of just one or a couple of cats means that you do not need too much space for a catio. Of course, you can construct a catio by yourself. In this case you should take accurate measures, think about appropriate and safe materials and surely have enough time for construction. 

    Building a catio will take time and lots of efforts. Just think about an alternative. At Amazon.com you can find lots of variants that will fit your conditions and satisfy your demands. Do you really want to spend days and weeks constructing a catio by yourself or is it better to buy a high-quality product and start using tomorrow? And what about you? Do you have a catio for your feline babes or probably think of purchasing one? 

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    Best Cat Chew Toys

    Does My Cat Need a Chew Toy?

    To understand whether your cat needs some kind of a toy for chewing you should analyze your pet’s behavior. Veterinarians call this chewing habit “pica.” It refers to a rather strange condition, which is actually not so normal for cats. If you see that your furry friend takes inedible stuff for chewing, it means that he’s got pica. 

    However, some cats have a chewing habit just because of their origin. For example, it is quite predictable and not surprising for Siamese cats to chew things. But you should be attentive and carefully watch your pet’s behavior. Sometimes a chewing habit means problems with teeth or stomach. In this case once you notice a new habit of your pet, you should consult your vet as soon as possible. If your little feline is just about 4-7 months old, then chewing is his ordinary behavior. And it can be explained by the special period in a cat’s life – teething. But once this cat’s life period is over, there is actually no need for a feline to chew anything.

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    Cat Games: Ultimate Collection

    You won’t find more games for cats anywhere on Earth.

    Sure, as a cat parents we already have cat chew toys, exercise toys, interactive toys, feather toys, toy balls and even cat play tunnels!

    But did you know that there’s a huge untapped entertainment territory for your kitten?

    This collection of online cat games is just what you have been looking for! Just imagine how wonderful it will be to have one of these cat games as a helper when you need to entertain your kitty and have no time to do it personally. And if your furry family member is already a true Instagram star, what could be more engaging for him than one of these games? Record an awesome story of your pet playing with the things shown on the screen! Thousands of meowing friends have already liked this source, so try it with your feline child too!

    The games are fun, interactive and absolutely FREE!

    1. Stripes String Game

    Worrying that your furry baby is not very active sitting home alone? No way he will be bored with this great active game! Just press Play and see how your feline wire is jumping, running and trying to catch the things on the screen.