How to pick the right wall shelf for your cat

Step 1: Consider the maximum supported weight

You’ll want to choose a perch that’s right for your cat’s size and heft since the loading capacity can vary with each model. For example, the MOCOHANA bridge can support up to 20 pounds of weight, while the wesseldream system supports 40kg, making the latter more ideal for large cat breeds like Maine Coons.

Step 2: Consider the size of the system

When it comes to the ideal system size, larger is always better! The more space you can offer your cat to use, the more content they will be. That said, you don’t have to buy the lengthiest cat shelf to achieve this. You could always get multiple compact frames and install them on your wall in a step pattern, saving space while providing your cats with easy access.

Step 3: Consider the material

Finally, ensure what material your perch is designed with since your cat will probably be frequenting the shelves a lot. If you want to stop your pet from scratching the furniture, a cat wall shelf that uses materials like sisal or jute is a great option. 

Canvas and cotton are more comfortable, sturdy, and washable. You could also cover individual perches with your fabrics to make them more comfortable for your cat.


How do I know that my cat will use a wall shelf?

Honestly, you’ll notice cats love a good perch. So, whether your feline friend is a hyperactive goofball who jumps from one spot to the next or just a lazy lump who enjoys sunbathing in a corner, they’ll love a nice wall shelf to settle on. Just make sure they can reach it, and they’ll love it.

How to train a cat to use a wall shelf?

Allow your cat to explore its wall shelf on its terms. Let it sniff, touch, and sit on the porch, and reward it for each interaction with a treat or her favorite food. If your cat doesn’t approach the shelf independently, lure the cat to the nest with toys. With enough time and exposure, your cat will be enjoying the frame in no time.

Final Verdict

Now that you know about the different types of cat wall shelves available on the market, focus on your cat’s instinctive propensities to choose a perch they’ll like best. Wall mounts and stands do more than add to your decor. 

They provide your cat with a safe space to rest in, a way to exercise, and a stress-free environment that keeps your cat engaged throughout. Their space-saving structure is perfect for an apartment or house since they utilize vertical space which makes them a good alternative to catios for an apartment balcony or feline solarium. If you use these shelves, make sure to let me know which ones your cats prefer!

Jimmie O’Chutt is CEO of CatPet.Club magazine. He saved his cat’s life (who has KCD). Jimmie is a cat enthusiast who is pretty good at product research. He shares his own experience and advice here on CatPet.Club

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