Features to consider


It is one of the most important features you should take into consideration. Steps for cats with arthritis should be made of a very soft, yet shock-absorbing material to reduce the pressure on your pet’s joints. 

The insert should be made of a sturdy foam or other material that won’t cause any harm to your cat if it accidentally bumps into it in the middle of the night.


Your cat is a predator, right? So like any furry animal it has to reach its favorite place to track the prey from. Even if it is the highest place in the whole house. So the height of steps for cats is also very important. Make sure it matches the height of your cats favorite places. Pay attention to models with different step configurations to choose the right one.


Cats with arthritis usually have wobbly walking, they may limp and be less mobile as a result. So they gain weight and can be really heavy. The product used by heavy limping or wobbly walking cat has to be durable. 

Types of steps for cats with arthritis

Wooden Cat Steps

This type of steps is solid, durable and has safety side rails. It guarantees your cat can safely climb this wooden mountain. They can fold for more compact storage. It is convenient when you travel abroad and take your fluffy friend with you.

Plastic Cat Steps

These models don’t have any cushioning. So plastic cat steps are created for healthier cats with the inception phase of arthritis. However, they are easier to clean and transport. The fur won’t get stuck in a fuzzy cover, and you won’t waste your time washing it all day.

Carpeted Cat Steps

It is a perfect choice for cats with arthritis. They create great amortization and keep your cat’s joints safe. Such models are a 2-in-1 purchase as they can also be a good scratching post for your cat. Carpeted cat steps are usually manufactured with the insert made of sturdy foam. It also reduces the number of injuries and makes this type of steps 100% safe for your friend.

Cardboard Cat Steps

It is the cheapest yet short-lived type of steps. It is an eco-friendly product which is easy to keep and transport. However, it’s only a substitute for the real steps until you find the perfect variant for your pet.


Do the steps help make cats with arthritis feel more comfortable?

Steps for cats with arthritis are created to give your cat a much higher quality of life. They can ease a cat’s life in different ways.

  • lower the pressure on cat’s joins
  • raise your cat’s mood by helping to reach all its favorite places in the house
  • help your cat to lose weight (it will make more movements a day when using the steps constantly)

Where can the steps be used?

Find your cat’s favorite place in the house. That’s where you should place the newly bought steps. If you are not sure, just follow up your pet’s actions during the day.

Make sure the surface is not slippery for the steps and install them using the manual inside the box.

You can also adapt your home by making it more comfortable for your kitty.

  • get laminated flooring (it is a guarantee that your cat won’t slip and get injured)
  • buy a couple of non-slip rugs and position it in the places where your cat is the most active
  • place a couple of low-sided litter trays in your house (squatting is very difficult for cats with arthritis, so it may refuse to go to the toilet to the end)
  • make exercises (it is useful for cat’s joints. Use laser pointers or other toys for interactive playtime)
  • carry your cat (if you go downstairs every night and your cat follows you everywhere, you can make it easier for it to move by carrying it)
  • help your cat with grooming (if it is hard for your cat to groom certain parts of its body, help it by cleaning this area)


Cats with arthritis require special care every day. One of the most important rules is to make their life safe and comfortable. Make your cat feel as if it has no physical disabilities by using special steps for cats.

Remember that your cat’s favorite areas have to be as accessible as they were before. 

Place the steps on these locations (make sure the surface is not slippery). Steps can help your cat stay active all day long and not change its daily routines.

Choose the right type of steps. Think about the way you’ll use the steps for cats with arthritis. Is it supposed to be used only in the house? Or will you be travelling with these steps? Choose the model that corresponds to your cat’s needs.

Best steps for cats with arthritis guarantee that your cat will have less pain. It will be in a good mood and even lose weight. You definitely can make its life healthier and longer.

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Give your cat a proper medication, control its weight and install the steps. The combination of these three elements will do magic. 

So give this product a chance and you’ll see the result very soon! 

Being a cat lover and a person who investigates products deep, Meredith spent 10 hours to collect the best chew toys for her own and your cats.

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