How to Choose the Best Balcony Catio

If you see your cat is really positive and willing to be outdoors, it may be a great thing to have a catio. Poles for catio on balcony of your apartment are a great location to place the construction. Consider these four steps before buying or constructing a catio.

Step 1. Find out the size of your balcony.

Of course, everything depends on the space you’ve got for your kitty’s outdoor lounge area. Measure your balcony, try to understand how much space you can give to your future catio. Do not forget that you need to open its doors somehow and the whole space should be protected from rain drops.

Step 2. Consider the material.

In this guide I have given you some options to choose from. Decide what kind of a catio you would like to have. The most common and budget are metal cages, but wooden catios are more stylish, in my opinion. Pay attention to the finishing. You need a waterproof construction.

Step 3. Consider the number of cats.

Your catio should have enough room if you’ve got several cats. Each of your kitties will prefer to have her own spot for relaxation. Think about cat toilets and places for food bowls if you want to let your cats be outside in the catio most of the daytime. Most catios fitting the apartment balcony size are for 1-3 cats. Otherwise you can have certain problems with feline behavior placing too many kitties inside the cage.

Step 4. Consider how you are going to use it.

Choose the right catio taking into account those tasks this cage is going to perform. If a catio is going to be the main playground for your cat, put enough toys and entertaining stuff into it. For cats who love scratching it is always great to have a special zone with a scratching pole or pad. Foldable catios can also be used in the yard. So take your kitty and its catio next time you go to a picnic. Or you may want to have a separate outdoor catio for this purpose – it’s up to you!


Are balcony catios good for cats?

Many cats like to breathe fresh air and stare at the surrounding world. However, living in an apartment block you have certain safety challenges with a cat walking on a balcony. A catio will be a great solution. Its bars won’t make an illusion your kitty is closed somewhere. But still, you should always think forward and use a cat tracker to make sure you will find a cat in case she escapes.

How big a balcony catio should be?

Consider the size of your balcony. An average one is about 80in x 40in x 120in. But you should understand that some space will be needed for you to place it on the balcony, to open the catio doors. It is also very convenient to have a foldable catio that can also be used indoors.

So Should You Buy a Balcony Catio?

Of course, there is always an option to have a DIY variant. But just consider how many steps you should take planning the construction and how many tasks you should perform while constructing it. Choosing the right materials, taking measures and drawing a construction plan of your future catio. Many hours of planning and visiting various stores… And you should have special tools to make the cage by yourself.

There is a great variant to buy a ready-to-use catio at such online retail stores as The range of catios is so wide there that you will definitely find what you’ve been looking for. Just think that instead of several weeks or even months of construction you will get a great product just in a couple of days! Also, you are very welcome to check the guide with the wall shelves for cats as a cool alternative for apartments that don’t have a balcony and a guide about a cat solarium that can be installed into your window.

Find accessories and other things for your catio at too! Surround your kitty with comfort and be sure your pet is safe and entertained.

Being a cat lover and a person who investigates products deep, Meredith spent 10 hours to collect the best chew toys for her own and your cats.

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