Best cat trees in 2021: a comparison chart:

Cat treeWide tubesScratching surfacesBed(s)Height, in
QSCVDEA Cat Tree yes62 beds1 hammock1 condo76.1
QSCVDEA Cat Climbing Tower no51 condo2 baskets62.9
QSCVDEA Cat Tree  yes51 condo1 hammock1 bed65.3
Armarkat Cat Tree Towerno122 condos89
Go Pet Club 72” Cat Treeyes102 condos3 beds72
ZOUSHUAIDEDIAN Cat Treeyes51 condo1 hammock2 beds59
Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Treeno101 condo1 basket1 bed1 hammock62
KEDUODUO Cat Treeyes41 condo1 bed1 hammock53.1
Sandinrayli 67” Cat Treeno92 condos3 beds67
S&L Luxury Cat Treeyes91 condo1 bed57.4
Rabbitgoo 61” Cat Treeyes81 condo1 hammock1 basket1 bed61
Staart Multi Level Cat Playground & Hideaway Cubeyes61 condo47
Made4Pets 65.6” Cat Treeno61 condo1 basket66

7 best cat trees for large cats

When choosing a sturdy cat tree for large cats, it is important to search for those that are high and large. A cat like Maine Coon won’t fit in and won’t feel comfortable in a small bed or a tiny condo, and the tree will be ignored. Also, large cats weigh more, that’s why a good tree for a big cat must have wide posts and a sturdy base. 

The bigger that cat is, the higher it might want to climb, so a perfect cat tower for a large cat is the one that is high enough for jumping and perching. So, what do best cat trees for Maine Coons and similar breeds look like?

There are units made specifically for large cats’ needs. They feature bigger base platforms, larger perches, and condos. If you get a tree like this, you can be sure that your cats will be safe and satisfied with the purchase. Take a look at the 7 best cat units below.


This tree is a good example of what a sturdy cat tower should look like. It features wide pipes and spacious condos and beds that will be comfortable for a large cat. At 76 inches high, it will soon become the most popular watching spot at your place.

Go Pet Club 72” Cat Tree

The Go pet Club cat tree is high enough to be comfortable for a big cat like a Maine Coon. It has a number of beds, two different-size condos and a lot of posts to scratch. It is made of quality boards and is a sturdy and durable cat tree.


If you’re looking for a beautiful yet sturdy tree for a large cat that will fit any design, this option is for you. It has wide pipes and a big hammock that will be comfortable for a big cat. Another benefit of this tree is a delicate cozy condo and a comfy bed on the very top that your cat will love!


This finely designed unit has all the necessary features for a big cat including a spacious condo, a comfortable hammock and a couple of top-level beds for watching and relaxing. Though not very high, it will be a good option for one big cat or a family of a large and a smaller cat.

New Cat Condos Large Cat Tower

If you search for a cat tree that will help you organize your feline friends for sleep, check out this cat tower. It features 4 spacious cat beds and is made of solid wood. It is an ideal variant for multicat households. However, it doesn’t provide enough space for jumping and playing.

FEANDREA 67” Cat Tree

Manufactured in three colors, this cat tree will provide a cozy home and playground for a cat family. It includes two spacious cat houses, 3 perches with raised edges, and a sisal-covered slope for scratching and climbing. The company provides customers with pre- and post-purchase service.

CozyCatFurniture 44” Modern Cat Tree

What if your cats are too heavy and you don’t want them to climb too high? This solid wood cat tree features a cat bed and 3 tunnels being only 44 inches high. Solid wood poles and a large base prevent the tower from falling. A pleasant surprise: it comes fully assembled, so just take it out of the box and find a perfect place for it!

Best cat trees for big cats: a comparison chart

Cat treeWide pipesHeight, in.Sturdiness rating
QSCVDEA Cat Treeyes76.17/10
Go Pet Club 72” Cat Treeno728/10
QSCVDEA Cat Treeyes65.37/10
New Cat Condos Large Cat Towerno657/10
FEANDREA 67” Cat Treeyes679/10
CozyCatFurniture 44” Modern Cat Treeyes448/10

7 Best cat trees for older cats

Cats grow old just like humans do, and older cats frequently have health problems. One of the most common problems is the one with the joints. It becomes harder to climb and jump, and sometimes these actions even might be life-threatening. Trees that make cats climb and jump are not an option for aging felines. Instead, it is better to choose a unit that features various stairs, slopes and ramps that enable the cat to walk from one level to another. 

Another thing to be aware of is the height of the tree. Cats find it easier to jump than to walk down the cat tree, so a high one is likely to cause extra problems for your aging cat friend’s joints. To sum up, a perfect cat tree for older cats is the one that is low and does not require jumping, and here are some variants to choose from. Also, older cats require specialized litter boxes that have low entrances or ramps.

Armakat Sisal Carpet Ramp & Two-Level Platform Cat Scratcher

This small dual-level cat tree is compact, yet offers everything an older cat might need: a place to scratch, a hanging toy, a perch and a ramp. It is made of engineered wood and features sisal and faux fur covering that makes the unit durable and cozy.

IRIS Cat Tree Condo

IRIS presents a space-saving cat tower suitable for cats of all ages. Its levels are close to one another and do not require jumping. At just 28 inches high, it will fit into any apartment and provide your cats with a place for scratching, snoozing and playing. The tower features heavy-duty hardware for safety and durability.

Trixie Senior Cat Tree

Wrapped in plush and jute, this 40”  cat tower will be perfect for older felines. It has 3 platforms leading to an extra-comfy bed with back support. The platforms are designed to look like a staircase so that the cat doesn’t have to jump. It provides enough space for sleeping, watching and scratching. 

Trixie’s Elsa Senior Cat Playground

This cute plush cat tower for senior cats features a cozy bed on top, a ladder leading to it, and a comfy extra-deep hammock on a lower level. A ring-shaped platform is perfect for playing and perching, and the unit will be suitable for one or two cats. A soft hanging ball lets the cats play on their own.

PAWZ Road Cat Tree

Having two walk-through condos, this cat tree will be convenient for aging cats because of the ramp and the ladder-like design. It has several scratching surfaces, and a nice plush bed on top is a wonderful bird-watching spot if you place the unit near a window. The bed has a thick raised rim to prevent your cat from falling.

Kitty City Large Stackable Ottoman

Featuring an unusual design, this cat cave has 4 relaxation spots covered with machine-washable material. There are two condos and two cozy cushions to fit a whole cat family! Each condo has two exits, which makes Peek-a-Boo much more fun. However, there are no surfaces to scratch. 

Trixie Baza Senior

Wrapped in long-haired plush, this cat tree features a metal-frame hammock and a ladder design. The hanging ball is accessible both from the bottom level and from the hammock. The unit is made of CARB Phase II compliant materials that ensure sturdiness, comfort, and activity.

Best cat trees for senior cats: a comparison chart

Cat treeRamp/stairsHeight, in.Safety and comfort rating
Armakat Sisal Carpet Ramp & Two-Level Platform Cat Scratcheryes276/10
IRIS Cat Tree Condoyes285/10
Trixie Senior Cat Treeyes406/10
Trixie’s Elsa Senior Cat Playgroundyes43.58/10
PAWZ Road Cat Treeyes33.98/10
Kitty City Large Stackable Ottomanno369/10
Trixie Baza Senioryes27.57/10

7 Best cat trees for declawed cats

Declawed cats do not damage the furniture and they do not need any scratching surfaces, but there is a downside. A declawed cat can’t climb, so if you’re looking for a tree for a cat with no claws, keep in mind that all the levels need to be available via various ladders and ramps. Otherwise it will try to climb and inevitably fall down, which might have negative consequences for the cat’s health.

We have gathered several cat trees that are safe and comfortable for declawed felines.

EliteField Cat Tree

A ladder-design cat tree like this one ensures the accessibility of all elements with no need to climb. The EliteField Cat Tree will encourage your cat to exercise and will provide enough vertical space for entertainment and relaxation. The unit is free-standing, so you can install it at any spot at your home.

Trixie Lilo Fleece Cat Tower

Looking for an unusual yet functional cat tree? Try out this one. Trixie’s Lilo Cat Tower consists of rotatable condos covered with soft plush inside and sisal outside. It is a great option for multicat households and will suit declawed cats perfectly as it requires jumping rather than climbing.


Modern and compact, this cat tree includes everything a cat needs. There are an elevated platform and a cozy cat house for sleeping, a toy to play with, and a natural sisal post in case you have both declawed and regular cats. It’s sturdy and stable, capable of bearing a 25-pound cat. 

Staart Hideaway Sisal Cat Tree & Condo

Looking for an unusual yet functional cat tree? Try out this one. Trixie’s Lilo Cat Tower consists of rotatable condos covered with soft plush inside and sisal outside. It is a great option for multicat households and will suit declawed cats perfectly as it requires jumping rather than climbing.

Petmaker Cat Condo

This minimalistic condo provides two hiding places that are within a jump’s reach. For those cats who are more sociable, there’s a spot on top of the unit, which can also be used as a surface to put something on. This cat condo doesn’t require any assembly and the soft plush fabric is comfy and easy to clean.

Frisco 28-inch Cat Tree

Hunting, playing, and sleeping – your cat can find all of it in this compact cat tower. Coming in two colors, it features a cat condo, a bed, and cute hanging pom-poms. The tunnel condo is a great hiding spot for games and naps. At 28 inches tall, this unit is suitable for small cats and kittens.

Frisco Modern Cat Tree & Condo

This compact three-level cat tree with a cat-approved design features a condo with a faux fur cushion and a top platform for birdwatching. The design is simple and stylish, and there are optional nonskid pads to protect the floors at your home.

7 Best cat trees for small spaces

If you don’t have to much square ft at home – this is the best option for you. Also these trees will fit most of the outdoor catios.

Go Pet Club 28-in Cat Tree

At just 28 inches tall, this cat tower offers plenty of activities. There’s a cozy tunnel for games and sleep, a luxurious raised-edge bed, and a couple of toys. The unit also has some scratching surfaces covered with sisal rope. And you won’t need much space for it as the base is just 17.5 to 18 inches.

Armakat 30-in Faux Fleece Cat Tree

This sky blue cat tree has a cute-looking condo on top and several perches for playing and jumping. The main pole is covered with sisal rope for scratching, and there’s also a fluffy ball to add extra fun. The base platform is 25 to 25 inches, which makes it a compact tree suitable for small apartments.

K&H Hangin’ Cat Condo

In case your place is too small for any kind of standing cat tree, take a look at a hanging one! This multi-level cat condo mounts on any door and creates some extra vertical space for sleeping and playing. The condo is easy to clean with the help of a damp cloth as it is made of waterproof fabric.

If you were entertained by an idea of vertical space for cats – please, go to this guide without asking any further questions!

PetPals Cat Tree

This cat condo has a base level diameter of 22 inches and a load capacity of 40 lb. It is suitable for large cats and will provide some vertical space for them. It features a top-level bed with raised edges, a base-level cat house, and a platform in the middle. The tree has chocolate brown posts covered with paper rope, and the whole unit is durable and eco-friendly.

PetPals Cat Tower

PetPals use unique designs for their cat trees for small apartments, and this one is not an exception. It features a gray plush cradle and platforms and dark chocolate posts. As there’s no condo, the tree will be perfect for social and active cats who love being around their humans all the time. 

PetPals Bowl-shaped Tree

This eco-friendly compact cat tree is made of recyclable materials and has a stunning modern design. There are a bottom-level condo and a paper rope post with a comfy bed on top. The base-level diameter is 19 inches. It’s easy to assemble and clean, and natural materials will do no harm if your cats try chewing the unit.

PawHunt 2-Level Cat Tree

Featuring a dark wood veneer and contrasting white faux fur cushions, this tree follows the vintage style and will be a great decoration for your home. It includes two platforms, a dangling toy, and a spacious cat house with multiple exits. It requires only 15 to 15 inches floor space and is perfect for small cats.

How to choose the best cat tree:

When choosing a perfect cat tree for your beloved cat friends, it is worth paying attention to the following things.

Step 1: It should have wide tubes 

The diameter of tubes is something that many people won’t pay any attention to. Still, the wider the pipes are, the sturdier and more convenient the tree is. The best cat trees have wide pipes of about 10 inches in diameter. This allows the cat to climb it like a real tree. It’s a great exercise for the cat and a lot of fun. 

Another thing to pay attention to is the connection between the tubes. If they are connected seamlessly, it gives your pet more room for climbing and scratching. 

Step 2: It should have scratching surfaces

Scratching posts can be covered with carpet or sisal rope. Both textures are very appealing to cats and are great for scratching and climbing. Scratching is a natural behavior of cats, so you need to provide them with a place to do it to save your furniture and walls.

Scratching is a natural instinct for cats – it allows them to stretch, mark their territory, and wear down sharp claws… posts that are placed in key areas around the home provide environmental enrichment for cats. Also, scratching posts are a great preventive measure to protect your couch. Otherwise, you might need to protect your sofa with special accessories.

Both carpet and rope have their benefits and drawbacks. Carpet is softer and easier to replace when damaged. On the other hand, sisal rope is a natural material that imitates tree bark – the surface cats usually climb and scratch on in the wild. As for drawbacks, when torn, sisal is all flocks, and some cats are likely to chew them, while carpet gets a scruffy look because of the holes.  

Step 3: It should have at least one bed

A cat tree is a great place for games, but if it has at least one bed, your cat will love sleeping on it. Beds and condos should be located closer to the top as it’s natural for cats to lie as high as possible. In case you own one cat, one bed on top will be enough as it will choose the highest one anyway. 

If you have several cats, a multi-bed cat tower is a great choice. Decide on the number of condos and beds based on your cats’ personalities. If they are more reserved and like to hide from humans, condos are more preferable. In case your feline friends are active and social, opt for a unit with more beds.

Did you know? There’s almost any cat accessory designed for a multi-cat household. For example, you can check the best feeders for multiple cats here. Also, there is a very cool cat tree that combines the functionality of a tree and an exercise wheel – highly recommended to check out.

Anyway, choose a tree whose beds are detachable as it will make the process of cleaning them much easier.

Step 4: The higher the better

Cats naturally love heights. If you have already decided to dedicate some free space in your home to a cat tree, opt for the highest possible option. It will occupy the same area as a shorter one but will give more vertical space, have more platforms, posts and ladders.

Cats love heights – that’s the reason why they are so attracted to counter tops, fridges and cupboards. So why not give them a more comfortable option and save your furniture from occasional scratches?

A high cat tower is a great watching spot as cats really enjoy observing their territory. The variety of platforms, beds and condos gives them more choice on where to sleep and what to do, and it also encourages a more active lifestyle as a high tree requires constant jumping and climbing up and down.

Step 5: Cat tree hammock is a big win 

One of the popular pieces of cat tree equipment is a hammock. May owners point out that cats mostly use them for playing rather than sleeping. Still, it is a great option and a comfy alternative to a bed or a condo. Cat tree hammocks are convenient for games, so many cat trees feature a hanging toy somewhere nearby. Moreover, a hammock itself is interactive as it isn’t a static design feature.

Step 6: Color matters a lot

 Please, do not forget that your cat will be shedding. And if Steps 1…5 were completed successfully, she is likely to spend a lot of time at her activity center. This is why you should pick a tree that not only matches your interior. The color of a tree should successfully mask the cat’s fur.

A tree that has a ‘mocha’ color will successfully mask almost all the cat coat colors: white, creamy, gray, and red. And if your cat’s fur is black or brown – you should pick a dark-colored tree. Otherwise, a tree will look dirty most of the time.

How to train your cat to use a cat tree 

You have bought and installed a high-quality expensive cat tree, but your cat won’t even look at it? There are some steps that will make it more appealing.

Step 1: Put the cat tree where you spend most of the time

Cats are social animals, and they enjoy being in the same room with their humans. They love familiar smells that make them feel safe. This is the reason why they often end up sleeping on your favorite couch or your clothes. That’s why the best place for installing a cat tree is the room where you spend more time. A cat tree installed in a bedroom or kitchen will collect familiar smells much faster, and soon it will become the favorite place for your pet. Moreover, cats enjoy watching humans, so a cat tree in a frequently used space will become the perfect watching spot.

Step 2: Use the tree for games

Your cat should have positive associations connected with the cat tree. That’s why playing with your cat or just expressing love by petting it when it’s on the tree is a way to make the cat love the new module. If you engage your cat into playful activities every time it’s on the tree, the cat will soon see the place as the nice one where it can have fun.

More than that, a cat tree can help you save your furniture. If you stimulate scratching and attacking on the cat tree, the cat will get used to it as the object where it can practise its hunting games without being punished. In case the tree is situated near furniture, controlling and correcting the behaviour will be easy and fast. 

Hunting instinct is impossible to eliminate as it is a part of any cat. A cat tree may help you turn the behaviour into the direction that is safe for you, your cat and your home.

Fun suggestion: launch one of these games for cats on your smartphone and hide it inside your cat’s tree. The cat will start searching for the source of the sound and exploring the tree.

Step 3: Use catnip and treats

Treats and catnip are one more reason for the cat to climb the new cat tree.You can apply a catnip spray over the platforms and condos. This will make the cat want to rub itself against the tree and make it smell familiar. Treating the cat with something tasty when it pays attention to the tree creates positive associations, and the cat will soon get used to it.

This way or another, you need to give your cat a reason to climb the tree and spend time on it. It can be done with the help of games, treats and paying attention to the cat every time the tree is used. As soon as the tree gets the right smell and located in a common room, it will become a perfect spot for games and relaxation.


How to clean a cat tree?

To keep the cat tower clean, use some of these tips:

  • Disassemble the sections, if possible. Some cat trees have detachable condos and other parts, which eases the process of cleaning.
  • A vacuum cleaner efficiently removes pet hair from the tree.
  • Hair can also be removed with a wet rubber glove or a lint roller.
  • You can use a moist sponge to gather the hair into clumps and then remove them with your hands.
  • Use cat shampoo mixed with water to remove occasional stains. Dry the material properly.

Clean the cat tower regularly, at least monthly to keep it healthy for your cat.

Where to buy cat trees? 

A cat tree is a big buy, and by big we mean the size of the box! It’s best to buy one in a place that offers delivery and gives you detailed descriptions of the products. Amazon and Chewy are two great online platforms where you can find a whole range of various cat towers to satisfy your needs. The websites allow you to compare models and choose the one that is perfect for you.

How to wrap sisal rope on cat tree? 

Scratching posts eventually wear out, but the sisal rope can easily be replaced:

  1. Use scissors or a knife to remove the old rope. 
  2. Next, begin placing the new rope from the bottom of the post. 
  3. To keep it at place, apply some glue and pull the rope tight to keep the layers close to one another. 
  4. Glue the end of the rope to secure it into place and you’re done! 
  5. Let the scratching post sit for 15 or 20 minutes and welcome the cat to its renovated property.

At the end of the day

Buying a cat tree is quite a decision, and not only because you need to prepare for it and find a spot at your home where the tree would fit, but also for your cat friends. As soon as a cat tower appears, their lives will never be the same. They will learn brand new ways of playing, relaxing and communicating with each other and their humans.

The choice of a cat tree depends on many factors, such as the number of cats in the household, their age and health, the space available, the design of the place and much more. Some brands offer classical plush towers with a great number of features while others have modern and compact solutions suitable for small spaces and minimalistic interiors. 

Whatever your situation is, your cats will become happier and healthier with the best cat tower ever that will add fun and comfort to their life.

Every cat lover is searching for new ideas of how to enrich the lives of their cats. A cat tree, if you don’t have it yet, is a great way to do it: it gives the cat plenty of exercise, provides it with space for climbing and chilling that a typical apartment usually lacks. 

Yet, not all trees are equally good. The components they have might bring fun and create extra places for games and relaxation or not even withstand the magical attraction of a cardboard box. Also, we have a guide with 20 cool DIY cat tree plans. If you are short of budget – you might want to check it out as well.

We tested 50 cat trees, spent 76 hours and 50 minutes reading other reviews, and consulted a DVM Claudine Sievert. So all you have to do now is choose the best cat tree for your feline friends from the top-rated cat trees we found for you.

I am Claudine, a College of Veterinary Medicine alumni and cat health & lifestyle specialist. In this blog, I share my personal experience and recommendations on improving cat’s diet, behavior, and both physical and psychological state.

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