Benefits of Vacuums for Pet Hair

Let’s now look into the benefits of vacuums for pet hair.

1. Effective cleaning that saves time

With the help of vacuums, you cannot only save time but you can also save energy. You no longer have to use special brushes and muscle strength to get that stubborn hair out of your carpet or sofas. 

These vacuums have deep cleaning actions that effectively remove hair or debris particles.

2. No more allergies 

Many people have allergies or asthma and cleaning out pet hair by manual labor does not get rid of the allergens. That’s why good vacuums come with special anti-allergen technologies with HEPA filters. 

Such filters effectively clean cat hair, dog hair and even the tiniest particles of their dunder which can also cause an allergy. Moreover, it ensures that the dust and allergens stay inside the vacuum bag and your air becomes purified. 

PRO tip: utilize both vacuum and a pet air purifier with HEPA filters. Together these devices will significantly improve allergy control in your home.

3. Good for your pet’s health 

The hair that falls out of your pet can be dangerous for your pet itself, as cats can find and eat their own hair if it’s not cleaned. This is why it is necessary to have every hair picked out and cleaned away so that your pet remains out of harm’s way. 

Besides, a good vacuum will help to manage hairballs in your cat. 

How to Choose the Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

Time needed: 1 hour.

Following are some steps that will help you to choose the best vacuum for pet hair for carpets or hard floors:

  1. Step 1: Consider the power

    When deciding what vacuum to buy, you need to buy one that has greater suction power. For this will determine how effectively the vacuum will clean out hair from tough places like the carpet. 
    However, a good high power does not settle for anything less than 12 amps suction power.

  2. Step 2: Pay attention to the carpet performance

    Yes, cleaning the fur out of the carpet is the biggest challenge. How the vacuum performs on the carpet is a deal breaker if it is unable to effectively loosen, lift and erase all the hair out. 
    You need to get your hands on a vacuum that will pick out every single hair, even the tough ones. The difference in look between a clean carpet and one with some hair still stuck in it will shock you.

  3. Step 3: Consider HEPA filter

    The HEPA filter is perhaps the most important factor to look for in a vacuum for pet hair. These filters ensure the removal of allergens out of your furniture, carpets, flooring and air. It is extremely important as certain allergies can develop which are not good for you or your pets. 

  4. Step 4: Consider the noise level 

    You know how hard it can be to clean when your pets are around and want to play. So, keeping that in mind, avoid vacuums with louder hissing noises as they will scare your cat or dog. 
    Besides, there are a lot of good vacuums with quiet operationality for you to work around calm pets. 

  5. Step 5: Consider self-cleaning features 

    You can find a lot of self-cleaning vacuums out there. For example, shark apex duo clean is equipped with a Zero-M system that removes hair that wraps around the brush roll, and the Dyson vacuums have a tangle-free brush roll which does not let the hair wind up in the bristles. 
    However, there are also vacuums which dispose of the dirt on one click of a button.


If you’re still ambiguous and do not know which one will be best for you. Then no need to worry this faqs section will help you to choose the perfect one.

Which Shark vacuum is best for pet hair?

The Shark APEX AZ1002 DuoClean has an anti-hair wrap technology and easily maneuvers around the house. 
Its lift-away canister allows you to use the duoclean brushroll which cleans smaller places. This vacuum deep cleans your carpets and has built-in headlights.

What is the best robot vacuum for pet hair?

iRobot Roomba s9+ (9550) Robot Vacuum is the best vacuum for pet hair. It features a high suction power and does not leave a single hair behind whilst cleaning. It deeply cleans your carpet and works silently. 
Moreover, its high-efficiency filter traps 99% of cat & dog allergens.

What is the best handheld vacuum for pet hair?

Dyson V11 Animal is the best handheld vacuum for pet hair as it is lightweight and does not make your arm tired. But, at the same time, strong enough to pull out all the hair from sofas or carpets. 
Also, Its nozzle is particularly shaped for this purpose and cleans out not easily accessible areas as well.

What is the best cordless vacuum for pet hair?

The best cordless vacuum for pet hair is Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. It offers an appropriate charging time and larger running time. Moreover, you can take it to places where your corded one can not reach.

How to get a dog smell out of vacuum?

Some vacuums already have filters that expel odor. However, smell can build up because of filters which can be rid of by washing or replacing the filters. Cleaning out debris from the dirt bin and hose can also be effective. 
However, most of the vacuum parts that disassemble are plastic and can be washed while the metal parts can be disinfected.

What is the best vacuum cleaner for cat hair?

The best vacuum for cat hair is the Shark APEX AZ1002 DuoClean as it ensures the removal of stubborn pet hair. Besides, cat hair is extremely fine and gets stuck deep within carpets or sticks to sofas and beds. But this vacuum will pick them with great ease.

What vacuum has the best filter for cat hair allergies?

The Miele C3 cat & dog canister vacuum has the best filter for cat hair allergies. Its airclean filtration uses a HEPA filter, and it is the perfect option for anyone with allergies.

At the End of the Day

This concludes the search for the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair. There are many great options out there for one to choose from, but the research can be tough.

Now you see that there is no need in doing your cat a haircut to have a clean home.

Hopefully, this article will help you in your selection and narrow down your favorite pick. 

Hope you’ve found the article useful.

Jimmie O’Chutt is CEO of CatPet.Club magazine. He saved his cat’s life (who has KCD). Jimmie is a cat enthusiast who is pretty good at product research. He shares his own experience and advice here on CatPet.Club

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