Common use cases and solutions

Use CaseSolution
To protect the sides of the sofaStelucca Amazing Shields
To protect mats and the backFurhaven Pet – Two-Tone Reversible Water-Resistant Couch Cover
To protect the whole sofaStelucca Amazing Shields + Furhaven Pet – Two-Tone Reversible Water-Resistant Couch Cover
To protect the whole sofa from scratching and urineHomemaxs Couch Cover

Picking a couch protector from cats: a decision map


How do I protect my new couch from my cat?

First of all, you can install a couch protector – there are numerous models that can are waterproof and can protect your coach from the fleas. Otherwise you will have to purchase a flea spray for your furniture.

Also, you can use a repellent spray on a place your cat scratches the most. 

You may also place double-sided tape on your furniture. The sticky material will deter your pet. Besides you can buy a special scratching post right next to the place your cat scratches the most.

What kind of material will cats not scratch?

  • Microfiber

This type of fabric is made of tightly woven threats, and it is hard for a cat to dig its claws into such kind of material.

  • Plastic

Plastic material is durable and claw-proof. It is simply hard for a cat to make so much physical effort to damage such kind of cover.

How can I protect my leather furniture from my cat?

  • Purchase “soft paws”

“Soft paws” is a rubberized cover for your cat. Put them on all 4 cat’s feet to make it effective.

  • Keep many toys around

Find out which toys your pet likes most of all and surround the sofa with them. The toys should distract your cat and let it expend its energy so chew toys might be a wise choice.

  • Use a cat deterrent spray

Such sprays can be activated simply by movement detection. Cats don’t like the smell and run away.

 In a word

Couch protectors for cats are the best way to save your furniture in its made-up state. These products can be expensive, but they are worth their price. The covers guarantee protection against any kinds of spills, stains, scratches and other damage your fluffy friend can cause.

Pay attention to all the features I mentioned in the article. Material, size, design are very important and should correspond to your needs.

Secondly, define which issue you want to solve when buying the protector. Is it just protection for your couch or a temporary measure until your cat stops scratching the surface? In the first case, you should buy a large cover that fits any kind of furniture. In the second one, self-adhesive sheets will be enough.

You should also take into account the material your furniture is made of. For instance, microfiber protectors can slide on a leather surface while plastic one fit very well.

Couch protectors for cats can become the first step for making your cat calm and gentle.

If a pet realizes there is no possibility to do whatever it wants any time, it learns to live by the rules of your house. It can be hard in the beginning, but soon you and your cat will both be happy and satisfied!

Being a cat lover and a person who investigates products deep, Meredith spent 10 hours to collect the best chew toys for her own and your cats.

One Comment

  • Ekaterina

    Hi Meredith,

    Great article!

    I’d like to mention one more option for couch protection from cats – new CouchGuard by FRANQATE.
    It is made of self-adhesive puncture resistant fabric and can be applied to any surface and removed without damage when no longer needed.

    Shields by Stelucca mentioned above can’t be applied to leather furniture as they are secured with pins that make holes in upholstery and this way damage it.
    CouchGuard is 100% safe for any type of upholstery, leather or wood.
    It is also soft so you won’t feel plastic touch on your resting place.

    The only cons are that it doesn’t cover the couch fully and it may not fit in your style as it’s available in just light and dark colors.

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