Puzzle Paws Review

PuzzlePaws: A new gimmick to keep your cat healthy and happy

As a caring pet owner, you might have bought every popular toy for your cat. Mouses, balls, feather sticks – all that becomes boring in a few days. How about something more complicated and catchy? Working in partnership with Kitty Cafe, one British woman has come up with an out-of-the-box solution: she united a traditional toy with a feeder. This is how PuzzlePaws was born.

Genius is simplicity

Essentially, Puzzle Paws is a hollow ball with dry food or treats inside. It features a small hole dispensing kibbles: in order to get yummy, a pet simply has to play and roll the thing.

This small toy surely solves the problem of loneliness in cats: owners are often away working, so this treat-dispenser will keep a pet busy, too. There are five colors available, so one will surely find an appealing option.

So what are the key advantages of Puzzle Paws?

It makes your cat smarter

The toy’s name is totally justified by its functionality. Treats don’t come out by themselves – a pet needs to find out the hole and understand how the ball should be rolled. Thus, the process of eating turns into a real quest when a pet attempts to play, throw, and bite the ball before she understands the principle of working.

With PuzzlePaws, curiosity doesn’t kill the cat – it promotes mental development! This ball is not just about treating and playing, it forces your pet to use the brain. 

Claudine Sievert, DVM

It keeps your pet active

PuzzlePaws keeps cats both entertained and slim. It takes more effort to get a treat, so your four-legged pal will spend hours playing actively until the entire container with kibbles is drained.

PuzzlePaws is a unique combination of entertainment, physical activity, and nutrition. It covers all cat’s basic needs while the owner is away. That’s why it’s an irreplaceable solution for our feline friends, no matter what their age is.

Don’t be afraid of your cat gaining weight – kibbles are hard to dispense, so more calories will be burnt than spent. This toy is a top pick for cats that need to lose a pound or two. And you know of sure the answer to a question: “Is my cat fat?”

It’s 100% safe

As for the safety aspect, the toy is absolutely thought-through. PuzzlePaws balls are made of food-safe plastic. They are durable and non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about injuries and health issues.

The two compartments are sealed tightly, so it’s highly unlikely that your cat will wreck the ball open and get the whole bunch of treats even if it really wants to.

Easy to clean

The construction consists of two semi-spheres, it’s easy to open and clean. You can use tap water and soap to wash the toy. How often it should be cleaned? It’s up to the owner to decide. Nothing else is required for the maintenance of the toy, and it doesn’t leave any trash except for the dispensed kibbles (though your small hungry hunter will surely take care of those).

It’s fun

Like any other toy, PuzzlePaws performs its primary entertainment function. What’s the secret inside this little sphere? This is a way more interesting option than empty balls because there’s a sweet reward waiting to be discovered. A cat does not hunt for nothing – it gets the treat immediately, which encourages further activity. 

The element of never-ending challenge is what makes PuzzlePaws so enticing for cats. A rare feline will resist tasting kibbles, so this toy will keep it busy for hours. 

It reduces stress

You don’t want your furry friend to feel lonely while you’re away, that’s why leaving toys is a must. PuzzlePaws attracts cats by the aroma of treats, so it won’t lay untouched throughout the day. That’s a perfect way for a pet to exercise, indulge its hunting instincts, and have fun. Happy cat is a healthy cat, so PuzzlePaws is a great pet owner’s assistant in keeping the company.

Bottom Line

There’s a myriad of toys for cats around, but most of them become boring in a couple of weeks. That’s not the case for PuzzlePaws that raises double interest in cats. It’s more than just a ball – this moving food dispenser attracts feline attention by smell, sound, and color.

Also, PuzzlePaws proves that you should not buy a cat tree or an expensive cat hamster wheel every time you want to make your cat a pleasant and fun surprise. It’s an inexpensive but very fun toy!

There’s nothing better for encouraging your cat’s mental and physical development! This is why you can add it to your collection or fun and useful cat activities along with cat games or chew toys.

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