Engaging in playtime with your cats will provide not only exercise, however, mental and emotional stimulation. It can relieve the stress of boredom and prevent future behavioral problems. Also, for indoor cats especially, it can provide the necessary exercise they need to manage their weight.
Of course, some cats are more active than others and some rather are left alone, different toys/activities can bring out the predatory instincts they are all wanting to satisfy.
Sakura Davis, Veterinary Technician

In a word

Cats are amazing companions and like any other pet they deserve the absolute best in terms of love and care from us humans.

In order to keep them in the best of health, physical activity is just as important as a good diet.

Cat toys are essential to keep our feline friends physically active and mentally happy. Your cat may also enjoy online games and you can also keep them busy with chew toys to keep their minds stimulated even when they aren’t physically immersed.

In the end, we hope this article will help you buy the best toy for your cat.

I’m Kimberly Baumgart, a future veterinary physician from Manhattan, Kansas. Volunteering in animal shelters and assisting in the local vet hospital, I help pet owners learn more about the feline lifestyle. Read my works on CatPet.Club blog to discover the world of healthy nutrition and well-being for your four-legged friend.

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