Does My Cat Need a Chew Toy?

To understand whether your cat needs some kind of a toy for chewing you should analyze your pet’s behavior. Veterinarians call this chewing habit “pica.” It refers to a rather strange condition, which is actually not so normal for cats. If you see that your furry friend takes inedible stuff for chewing, it means that he’s got pica. 

However, some cats have a chewing habit just because of their origin. For example, it is quite predictable and not surprising for Siamese cats to chew things. But you should be attentive and carefully watch your pet’s behavior. Sometimes a chewing habit means problems with teeth or stomach. In this case once you notice a new habit of your pet, you should consult your vet as soon as possible – chewing toys are a good addition to the toothpaste when it comes to fighting feline gingivitis.

If your little feline is just about 4-7 months old, then chewing is his ordinary behavior. And it can be explained by the special period in a cat’s life – teething. But once this cat’s life period is over, there is actually no need for a feline to chew anything.

So, what can you do seeing that your cat is a chewing dude? But before answering this question let me tell you that the majority of home cats do not really need any special stuff for chewing. On the contrary, to provide secure life to your cat with chewing habits, you should understand that there must be an alternative for your plants, furniture, electric wires, etc. This alternative is a great variety of chew toys available at the market today. You can also buy chewing treats for your adventurous furry one, but I won’t talk about them in this guide.

All these chew toys have some positive effects. They help little kittens overcoming their teething period. However, do not think that buying a chew toy is enough and your cat will have healthy and strong teeth. Maybe some cats will, but you should visit your veterinarian as often as you did it earlier. No chew toy will replace dental care, remember it!

How to Choose Chew Toys for Kittens

Teething is a natural process for all kittens. The way they overcome this period of life is different just like it is different compared to newborn babies. Some kittens are rather ok feeling something new in their body (and mouth, of course). But for some little felines it may become a total disaster. Just like for their owners too. That is when a kitten starts chewing almost everything he sees in the house: furniture, wires, doors and so on. However, you cannot blame your little one for that – for him it is just the way how he can deal with teething. 

Most kittens have ‘milk teeth’ by the age of 1.5-2 months. If your little furry friend is ten weeks old and some of his teeth are still missing, visit your vet and consult him on this issue. The total number of kittens’ first ‘milk’ teeth should amount to 26. The process of changing these teeth for ‘adult’ ones begins at the age of approximately six months. First, your cat will lose his baby teeth and then his adult teeth will show up. And this is the moment when you can see a certain problem with your furry baby chewing things.

To draw your kitten’s attention away from furniture, shoes and even dangerous wires you should buy a good chew toy for him. A kitten’s mouth and gums are even more tender than a mouth of an adult cat. The size is smaller too. Selecting an appropriate toy pay attention to such aspects as:

  • softness of materials;
  • lack of rough seals;
  • safe shape;
  • size (a toy should fit a kitten’s mouth);
  • weight (a kitten will not be able to carry bulky things).

Teething may also be accompanied by bad breath because of little injures in a kitten’s mouth. The problem will go away once all the teeth are changed. However, extremely bleeding gums are a bad sign that needs a vet’s consultation. Buying a toy for your kitten you can buy something good-smelling, with catnip or mint filler. However, be careful in your selection and purchase toys only with 100% natural organic contents. 

Your primary task as a pet owner is also to hide everything that could be dangerous and even hazardous for your feline. Electric wires are probably the first thing on this list. They are particularly attractive for our furry chewers. Such flexible, but resistant materials are just what their hurting gums need at the moment! Of course, there is almost no chance to hide everything in your house, so the real way out of this problem can be buying a chew toy for your kitten. A great number of such ‘teething’ chew toys have antibacterial properties for dental care, too. 


Do Cats Use Chew Toys?

Cats are not that crazy about chewing on things as dogs are. But the teething period may be accompanied by this habit. Another reason of chewing is cats’ boredom. When you are away your felines need to entertain themselves somehow. If you want to keep your furniture and clothes undamaged, buy some chew toys for your cat. All our home cats once were catchers, so they still have such instincts to grab and chew something.

Do Cats Like Dog Chew Toys?

It is not recommended by most cat breeders to buy dog chew toys for felines. Dogs have a greater and more essential chewing instinct. And do not forget about different sizes of dogs’ and cats’ mouths. Chew toys for dogs are traditionally bigger, rougher and heaview. However, some toys for small dogs may be ok. But remember that catmint or catnip will never be filled into a dog chew toy. In order not to buy a useless thing that your feline won’t like just purchase a cat chew toy.

If My Cat Likes to Chew on Wires, Then What Toys Will He Like?

Wires are flexible and resistant. If your cat adores chewing on wires, try to find a toy with similar properties. Resin and silicone toys will be perfect.

Why Does My Cat Bring Toys to Me Making Crying Noises?

You may be a perfect cat owner, caring and attentive to your pet’s needs. However, you are a human and your beloved pet is an animal. And there is no such a man on earth who would understand everything his cat does or meows to him. 

How often have you noticed that your furry family member keeps bringing his stuff including chew toys to your place? If you do not understand your meowing child’s intentions, it is not the right time to panic. I will try to explain to you how cats use their voice for communication.

Cats do not use words, but they have certain skills in meowing louder or quieter. In different situations their vocal is different. The sound intensity is one of the ways for them to deliver their message to another cat or even a human. A toy is a catch for your cat. If your cat lived outdoors, he would catch mice and carry them with the same sound volume and notes in his voice. A grabbed toy is a catch for your cat, so he tries to demonstrate it to his ‘senior’ friend. It is a great chance to hear some words of encouragement from you. Talk to your pet and do not be silent – your kitty is waiting for your words!

Why Does My Cat Chew Cardboard Boxes?

If it happens, cardboard boxes are probably not the only thing your cat likes chewing. The reason why it happens deals with the nature of this chewing instinct. Cardboard boxes are one of the things that may be pleasant to your cat (in taste, texture, smell). Teething, marking, having fun while playing – these are basic versatile reasons for that.

Is It OK that My Cat Chews On Wires and Other Things and What Can I Do with It?

As I have already mentioned earlier for many cats chewing is a necessity. It is not a type of destructive behavior, but you need to be really careful if your furry friend chews on wires. The reason why these things are so attractive for cats is that wires are made of resistant plastic or resin. This type of material attracts cats giving them pleasant oral sensations. Chewing electric wires, though, may lead to the pet’s death. Even caring cat owners are not always at home and accidents are possible.

This dangerous habit may be a reason to consult your vet. Let the specialist check your kitty’s dental health and give you some advice on what the pet’s oral care should be. Not only dental plaque is bad for feline teeth, but also some problems with teeth order. They may lead to a big will to chew something – and flexible, but resistant cords are the greatest thing for a cat!

Analyze your cat’s everyday diet, too. It may also be a reason for chewing behavior. If you are away almost all day long, your furry child can simply be bored sitting home alone. Of course, you cannot quit working, but a great solution will be to buy things for your cat’s physical and mental development. It is boring even for animals not to be involved in some sort of activity all day long.

The right thing to avoid hazardous accidents is to wrap wires in thick rubber covers to make them safer and not that attractive for your cat. Special tubing for cords is also available in specialized computer stores. Another solution is to make it harder for your kitty to reach all these wires. Try to hide them, cover them with special tapes. Simply do not lay meters of cords on the floor where they can be accessed by your cat. Some cat owners suggest using bitter apple spray that should be applied on wires to make them not taste good for kitties. 

And the main point here is to find something that will entertain your pet even more than wires! Chew toys are a perfect solution. This buying guide gives a number of tips on how to choose the best option at a pet shop.

Getting rid of a bad habit of chewing on things, furniture and wires may take a lot of time. I do not promise it will happen in a couple of days. Be patient and your cat won’t get nervous too. If your pet likes the texture of wires, choose chew toys made of similar materials. Draw your cat’s attention to safer and more interesting things. And the main rule so far: never yell or hit your kitty!

Final Thoughts

So, as you see, cat chew toys are a great thing not only for cats and teething kittens, but also for their owners. Choose safe and interactive products for your furry friend — he will be totally engaged in play and entertained while you are away. And special features and materials will take care of your cat’s dental health. This buying guide is your little helper in making the right shopping choice.

Being a cat lover and a person who investigates products deep, Meredith spent 10 hours to collect the best chew toys for her own and your cats.

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