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How often does it happen that you come home in the evening and see everything in cat litter? Sometimes it may even seem like there is no way your house will not be a mess anymore. You keep on trying new cat litter brands, but there is always something that does not satisfy you. It may smell not good enough or may not clump – in fact, there are dozens of reasons why you cannot find the right cat litter for your pet and you as a cat owner. 

CatSpot Litter is an absolutely different product that you will fall in love with from the very first time. It will ease your everyday routine in taking care of your feline friend. When it comes to buying multi-pound packages of cat litter and carrying them to your house, you will be surprised how lightweight the solution may be! You will not need everyday refill either! Just read this review carefully in order to understand whether CatSpot Litter is what you have been looking for.

Hypoallergenicproperties 9/10
Odorcontrol level 8/10
Customerexperience 7/10
Overall rating7/10

How I Evaluated CatSpot Litter

I was really surprised to see this product at The first thing that I found really attractive was its eco-friendliness. However, not all of the reviewers at Amazon were that positive about CatSpot Litter. That was the first reason for me to conduct my own research of this product. 

Today I can definitely say that my review is the result of my own experience, reviews of other customers at online retail sites and the information given by the manufacturer. I have tried to be extremely objective in my review considering all the pros and cons that I have come up with.

About CatSpot

Very often we wonder if the product we want to buy for our pets is of a high quality. How is it made and where are the manufacturer’s facilities located? If it comes to CatSpot cat litter, you may be absolutely sure that everything is manufactured in full accordance with rules and regulations for pet products. The company’s facilities are located in the state of Missouri, the USA, the brand was established in 2016. Thus, the product undergoes all procedures considering its safety and production.

If you wonder what was the reason to produce coconut cat litter, the manufacturer emphasizes great characteristics of coconut as a 100% natural raw material. It has an ability to absorb five times more moisture than it weighs being dried out. Coconut cat litter reviews prove that this kind of cat spot litter is literally feather-light being eco-friendly and hypoallergenic at the same time.

Learning the information from the CatSpot official webpage I was totally amazed by the manufacturer’s promises:

  • they do not add any artificial fragrances or other unnatural substances to their CatSpot cat litter;
  • the company positions its product as the most lightweight on the market;
  • coconut was chosen as the best material for cat spot filling; it absorbs the smell and holds it inside – your house does not smell like your kitty’s toilet;
  • the product contains only processed coconut, no dust – no allergy guaranteed.

What Experts Say About CatSpot Litter

Being an owner of one cat and two kittens I have come up very seriously to the process of selecting the optimal cat litter for my furry children. Another question for me was to find any alternatives to cat litter traditionally used by millions of cat owners who very often do not like the product they are using.

Having learnt dozens of old-school clumping cat litter and CatSpot litter reviews I can agree with the position of many cat experts. There are several things about coconut kitty litter that may be seen as its primary advantages, according to veterinarians and feline shelter owners:

  • coconut is super non-allergic material;
  • no dye or artificial flavors are good cat litter characteristics for cats suffering from allergy;
  • CatSpot Litter contains only ONE ingredient – coconut. No clay, no dust – nothing that can cause allergy and any other disease. This makes it a perfect choice for litter boxes inside the car carriers.

On the other hand, the international market of pet products is full of cheap cat litter alternatives. But is everything in them good for your furry friend? This is just a short list of possible problems such products may bring:

  • traditional clumping litter is what we all are used to as cat owners, but it may cause allergy;
  • not all natural raw materials are safe for cats (for instance, GMO-grown corn that may cause cat cancer);
  • dust from the majority of cat litter may lead to allergy;
  • whether being thrown away traditional clumping litter is harmful for nature for not being totally composted.

Thus, veterinarians are consent in everything that deals with taking care of senior cats and kittens. These two feline groups are more prone to allergies, and coconut litter is the best solution for them.

What Customers Say About CatSpot Coconut Cat Litter

Before buying a bag for my kitties I have taken some time to learn all that can be found online including Cat Spot litter reviews. Although the product is ranked differently at various retail websites, I managed to understand what were the main pros and cons of this product.

First, I will tell about the advantages of this brand of cat litter. Coconut is really a great natural material, and most of the reviewers really appreciated the manufacturer’s commitment to use 100% organic stuff. Our influence on Mother Earth is too dramatic, so any attempt to reduce our wastes is a good thing we can do as far as it is possible. Many of the reviewers were really positive about the fact that CatSpot Litter is compostable and does not produce any waste.

Another great thing about this cat litter and coconut as natural material is its hypoallergenic properties. Most of the reviewers at were consent when it came to this characteristic of the product. Indeed, coconut shell has no smell, it does not include any additives and was better for kitties with allergies than any other cat litter brand.

According to most of the people who purchased CatSpot litter and left a review, this pet product may seem a little bit messy. But it is true only if we talk about the place near your cat’s litter box. Lightweight properties of coconut make it easier for a feline friend to dig and leave litter all around the box. However, CatSpot is not that sticky as traditional clay cat litter, so your cat will not take a lot of this stuff on his paws. The best solution is to make the feline toilet place more convenient in terms of cleanliness. Just lay a pad or matt under a litter box and sweep or mop the place more often.

Affordability is what we really appreciate in any product we purchase. Unfortunately, this is the first and most evident disadvantage of CatSpot. Reviews place this characteristic as the primary one among the product’s cons. The manufacturer claims that you need to refresh your kitty’s toilet once in 10-15 days. However, the reviewers are skeptical about this statement. Most of them wrote that the litter box begins to smell in 5-7 days. This odor is better than the smell from cat toilets with clay litter. But most of cat owners admit that changing litter is their weekly procedure. Taking into account this fact you may see that one 5-pound bag of litter (the manufacturer says, it is the right size for one cat per one month) may be not enough. Frankly speaking, here you should look at your kitty’s toilet behavior. For some furry pets a bag of this size is enough. Some cat owners even write about 6-7 weeks of using one bag, while for others one bag is not enough for one month.

My studying of reviews, however, made me think that CatSpot Litter is really a product my cats and I should try. And I bought a couple of bags to see how it will work.

My Own Review of This Cat Litter

I started to think about changing my old cat litter after my vet paid attention to some symptoms of allergy that had one of my two kittens. I cannot say that I was totally satisfied with my previous cat litter. As thousands of cat owners I used clumping clay litter and it turned out to be not that great in the end.

I used to be a positively-thinking one cat owner, but this changed almost six months ago. My 8-year-old daughter was almost crying when she saw a picture of two little bitty kittens who were found homeless. After almost a week of hesitation I finally gave my ‘yes’ to my daughter – and here we are, proud owners of three cats! The two furry babies were about six weeks old at that time. Yes, they knew what to do with their toilet, where they should go for pooping and peeing. However, since that I have almost forgotten about clean floors in my house. The clay cat litter that was okay for my adult cat was turned into a total mess by these two little devils who were permanently digging something in their litter boxes.

A couple of months passed and I noticed that one of my new ‘babies’ was sneezing more often, especially after toilet. Our vet agreed with my thoughts that there must be something wrong with our cat litter. So, that is how I started to look for something else, something less allergic for my pets.

This cat spot litter review of mine cannot be called a perfect promotional ad of this product. However, I should admit that my overall grade of this product is above average. I will put an accent on several things about this cat litter and write whether I was satisfied with the product’s properties.

Organic origin. Cat litter alternatives by other, even popular, manufacturers cannot boast of 100% natural components. I was really enthusiastic to learn that coconut is a product that is unfamiliar to most cats. However, it has got hypoallergenic properties. To make it more understandable, I should only mention that the spread of hard feline diseases is caused by wrong cat litter too. Our furry friends love to be clean, they wash their paws and faces all day round, but if you think how much clay may stay on their fur after toilet, you will be terrified. They actually eat that stuff! And it is bad for their organisms. 

I cannot say whether coconut shell is okay for cats’ guts, but I have noticed that it stays almost off my kitties’ fur. However, pay attention to your pets if they adore lying in their litter boxes or are too enthusiastic in digging their toilets.

One of the best and crucial things for me was to see that my allergic kitten started to feel better. It all happened right after I changed his old litter in the box.

Compostable. I used not to think about our planet that much. But my elder daughter went to school and one day I understood that eco-friendliness of products we use is really very important for our future generations. There is no drama in my words, but we have to do something for leaving our planet cleaner for our children. I like the way I can dispose CatSpot. My daughter and I just go to the backyard and leave old coconut litter under our maple tree. Just watch the layer be thin enough, as the manufacturer recommends. The process is so easy and simple that my 8-year-old can do it while I am away. I saw some reviews with complaints about dead flowers. Well, I cannot say anything about flowers, but I suppose you would better not experiment with flowers. My maple tree feels okay, as I can see.

Weighs almost nothing. More traditional clumping kitty litter alternatives weigh a lot, and every time I had to carry that huge and heavy 20lb bag with cat litter by myself. It was quite challenging for a slim woman like me. CatSpot Litter is a real dream-come-true for me. Even my kid can take the whole bag that weighs only 5 pounds! And for those families where parents try to involve their children into the process of taking care about pets it is a great solution!

No mess around your house. Oh, I love that cleanliness that came back to my life with CatSpot! However, the product’s light weight made me introduce certain changes. First, remembering about some Amazon reviews, I put matts under my cats’ litter boxes. Yes, there is some litter outside their boxes, but it stays right there, not traveling on feline paws around my house. I just mop the floor twice a day near feline toilets.

Feces literally get dried out in coconut, and I only use a scoop that to find those solids and stir the rest of litter in the boxes.

One of the things that many of the potential buyers wanted to know about this product is whether the feces may be flushed into the toilet. I understand that these tiny pieces of coconut shell are extremely light, so there may be a potential risk for your septic. I try not to flush solids, but just collect them together with other organic trash. But remember that bulk waste is compostable, do not flush it!

Price. And this is the saddest thing about CatSpot. It is great in terms of its eco-friendliness and natural characteristics, but its price is the greatest disadvantage of the product. And I can imagine how expensive it is for those cat owners who have got more than five cats in their houses. Personally, I use two 5lb CatSpot litter bags monthly for my one adult cat and two kittens. I would like to see this great natural product more affordable, but my strong belief is that it is better to spend a bit more on high-quality pet care products than spend much more on vet therapy later.


  • 100% natural – good for cats prone to allergy;
  • lightweight – even children and senior people can use it for taking care of cats on a daily basis;
  • compostable and eco-friendly;
  • no clay on pet paws and around your house;
  • one 5-lb bag for one cat;
  • odor-free and better smell in a cat’s toilet while used.


  • some cats may need more than one bag per month;
  • high price;
  • a bit messy if your cat is a real digger.


Where to buy CatSpot litter?

You can find this product at the manufacturer’s website, in pet shops and big retail stores. I found it more affordable and convenient to purchase the product at This retailer gives great discounts quite often.

How big is the CatSpot bag?

My personal opinion is not about its size, but its weight. Even my pre-teen can carry it – only 5 lbs in one bag!

Is coconut litter safe for cats?

Coconut litter is a 100% natural product that is safe for your cat.

Does coconut cat litter have smell?

No, it doesn’t. And it absorb ammonia and feces odor as well. It does not stink as traditional clumping clay cat litter.

Does CatSpot Coconut Cat Litter leave footprints?

No, I could not see any signs of this litter in my house, except for the cat toilet area. But if your furry friend is a digging enthusiast, lay something under the litter box and clean the floor in that area at least twice a day.

Is CatSpot cat litter easy to maintain?

I have no problem with maintaining CatSpot Cat Litter. Another great thing about this litter – it is dust-free. The lightweight bags can be brought even by a child. And all you need for refreshing your kitty’s toilet is to take a specially designed scoop for finding the solids and maintain the right amount of litter in the box.

What is the odor control level of CatSpot Litter?

The manufacturer says about almost two weeks of using one refill. However, most customers say about one week of perfectly kept properties of the product. Ammonia odor starts to be felt in about seven days. Also, it depends on the type of litter box you are using; Automatic litter robots are x100 more effective when it comes to odor control.

So Should You Buy CatSpot Cat Litter?

The product may seem too expensive for people owning 3+ cats. You should think whether CatSpot Cat Litter will be affordable to you. But if your cat has allergy and you see that it gets even worse when he or she uses the toilet, give CatSpot Litter your try. It is highly recommended for senior and growing-up kitties.

The product is not clumping, so you do not have to clean the litter box so often. And your cat is not likely to ignore the litter box with this litter. If you want to avoid a mess near your kitty’s litter box, you will need a litter box with high sides and a pad under it.

I believe, it is better to use this high-quality 100% organic cat litter than get some health problems a couple of years later.

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