What experts say about Yesterday’s News Cat Litter?

Although I haven’t found any interviews or experts’ articles dedicated to the brand, I’ve noticed that it’s often included in the Top-10 best cat litter lists on different review websites. It means that the company creates outstanding products and is trusted. 

For example, the digest on the Strategist website mentions the non-clumping version: it’s considered to be the right solution for cats with sensitive paws or incisions and wounds on their pads. Being basically ‘newspapers in pellet form,’ the material does not irritate cats’ skin and paws – it’s hypoallergenic and soft. It perfectly fits the litter boxes inside of the carriers for long-distance traveling.

The experts of the Marketwatch also included the brand in their list. Yesterday’s news cat litter review mentions that this tray filling does not emit dust, which helps to prevent respiratory diseases in cats. It’s 3x times more absorbent and is good for smell control.

BusinessInsider website has titled the brand as the “Best newspaper cat litter,” and it’s pretty fair. Being produced of recycled paper, this litter is eco-friendly and safe for cats regardless of their age and sensitivity. Being pretty big, the pellets don’t get stuck in cat’s pads. Although non-clumping litter should be replaced more often, it ensures total cleanliness and retains moisture well.

All in all, experts regard this cat litter as one of the best non-clumping versions on the market. Although it means that the user will replace the entire litter instead of scooping, this product has a few advantages. First, it absorbs more moisture. Secondly, it is safe for cats and does not cause allergic reactions. An eco-friendly product for pet owners who care about cat’s health.

What customers say about Yesterday’s News Cat Litter?

The opinions of the buyers are different – some are happy with the litter, while others claim they will never use it again. Let’s observe the points of view on both sides.

Positive reviews on Yesterday’s news cat litter

“I’ve tried all varieties of litter, initially clay- too dusty! Then crystals- too expensive! Pine- I liked that for a long time, but I had saw dust everywhere. And finally we arrived on the paper pellets. I tried one brand I liked very much but then found it difficult to find again. We tried a store brain but it didn’t kill odor well enough. Then another paper pellet type which seems to emit its own ammonia odor and finally, Yesterday’s News! This is by far the best. It can be a bit more expensive but it doesn’t track. It really keeps scent down. The cats like it. And it’s easy to find and easy to scoop.” 

S. Cavanaugh on Purina Yesterday’s News Non Clumping Paper Cat Litter

“I have had a cat in my life for the past 50 years…recently my vet suggested to use this after my kitten was declawed to prevent complications after her surgery. It is made from recycled newspapers…so it’s a win win. They are super absorbent without clumping into a brick pile like clay does. they are very scoopable, but I find they work well against odor (I remove the poo every time she goes, but I only change the litter once a week and there is NO urine odor. It is a miracle. (well my cat is still only 6 months old, but she is about 10 lbs and was suffering from an intestinal problem so that was very stinky…but now that she is over that parasite…I still find no urine smell ). I will be using this over and over as in combo with the metal litter pan – this slides out to empty, and all I need to do is wipe with a wet paper towel …it is a miracle.”

Ann T. Ver RT on Purina Yesterday’s News Clumping Paper Lightweight Cat

Negative reviews on Yesterday’s news cat litter

“I like the idea of this being made from recycled paper. It seems more planet friendly than many other litter choices This litter has a nice scent when you first put it in the box. It is dust free but it tracks out of the box just like the clay litter does. This litter doesn’t clump so all the “liquid” is absorbed. After about 3 days it started to smell pretty bad. The whole room smelled of ammonia. I had to throw it out.”

Rbcatmom on Purina Yesterday’s News Non Clumping Paper Cat Litter

“I was planning on being more environmentally conscious by not using regular cat litter and composting this stuff, but I cannot use this stuff. I agree with other users, you can’t find the poop and it smells AWFUL, my poor cat doesn’t even want to go in his litter box. And the recommendation is that you throw the litter away each week and replace, which means one would go through a bag a week…and the litter doesn’t even last a week with it’s retched smell. So sad I can’t use this and compost it…back to the regular litter”.

DR on  Purina Yesterday’s News Non-Clumping Paper Cat Litter

My review of this cat litter

In order to decide whether Yesterday’s News is a trustworthy brand, I tested it myself and bought a pack of unscented non-clumping litter for my cat. I should say, my pet likes digging and scrabbling around, so I also wanted to find out how it will react to the new type of litter (typically, I use clumping litter since it requires less cleaning).

Practical application

As indicated by the manufacturer, I left 2-3 inches of litter in the cat tray and waited for my pet to approach it. First, my cat started smelling it: nothing seemed to embarrass her, but this was a new odor, which somewhat puzzled the pet. A few minutes later, I heard my cat scratching in the tray. She lacked the mass of litter – it was not enough. 

But even despite such a minor amount of litter, I found a complete mess in the bathroom – the pellets were scattered all over the floor. They are small and relatively lightweight, so it’s easy to throw around. So, conclusion number one is use high-wall trays or closed cat litter boxes to prevent mess

For example, Litter Maid from our guide with auto litter boxes is a versatile option that has high walls that prevent litter from spreading.

Yet, I should give credit to this product: the paper pellets are large enough to prevent sticking to cats’ paws. When I tried a high-wall tray, the problem of a mess was solved, and I didn’t find the traces of litter in the rest of the house. Neither dust was left.

Is it safe?

Ecological safety is one of the main reasons why many pet owners switch to the litter made of recycled paper. Anyway, I don’t take manufacturers’ claims for granted and test the products myself. According to the label, the contents are pretty safe: the litter is made of recycled paper. My cat is not prone to allergic reactions, and I haven’t noticed any.I’ve got a few four-legged patients with a high sensitivity to chemical contents. After talking with their owners, I realized that some people choose paper litter due to the absence of dust. It means they don’t irritate the respiratory system and don’t emit toxic odors and compounds. 5 out of 5 for safety – this is my point.

Additional tip: please, don’t forget to frequently clean the litter box and put enough litter into it. The paper litter should be changed more often. Otherwise, you may encounter problems with your cat not using the litter box or peeing in a sink.

I am Claudine, a College of Veterinary Medicine alumni and cat health & lifestyle specialist. In this blog, I share my personal experience and recommendations on improving cat’s diet, behavior, and both physical and psychological state.

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