Main Features of Wysong Cat Food

What makes Wysong foods special is versatile formulation: the majority of recipes are suitable for both dogs and cats thanks to a high protein content and the whole range of extra nutrients. The manufacturer uses fresh and frozen meat without animal by-products and adds veggies and fruits for better digestibility. There is an extensive choice of dry food lineups: vegan, uretic, and other series that address specific health needs.

Also, Wysong takes care to include the whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals to the cat food and does not use artificial colors and preservatives. That makes the products healthy and safe for feline consumers.

Types of cat food available

There is a wide choice of food types starting from regular kibbles and wet shreds, and finishing by freeze-dried meat and Wysong cat treats.

The assortment is comprised of the following food types:

  • Dry cat food. The Optimize series is made without wheat, corn, soy, and other potentially harmful plant-sourced ingredients. The original line includes a lot of foods for specific dietary needs, for instance, Uretic, Vegan, Nurture, Anergen, Vitality, Geriatrx, etc. There’s also Epigen starch-free food and a few species-appropriate kibbles.
  • Canned wet food is presented by two lineups. Epigen series is made of pure meat and is rich in protein, while Uretic is low in salt.
  • Raw cat food is made of minimally-processed meat and is available in four series (Dream Treats, Archetype, Archetype Burgers, and UnCanny).

Main ingredients used in Wysong cat food

Taking care of the quality of components, Wysong uses meat (beef), poultry (chicken, turkey, quail), and fish (Pollock, salmon) sourced from different countries. Together with dried eggs and beans, these components make up for a high protein content. In some recipes, there’s 40-60% protein.

Wysong is also known for using extra nutrients, such as brown rice, chia seeds, yogurt, chicory root, apple pectin, and rosemary extract. There is the whole gamut of probiotics and prebiotics for better digestion.

To ensure an optimal amount of fat, the manufacturer uses coconut oil, chicken fat, fish oil, and other plant-based oils.

Each recipe has a full range of vitamins and minerals, as well as taurine, folic acid, and biotin. 

Some formulas contain potentially allergic and questionable components:

  • Tomato pomace;
  • Yeast culture;
  • Fish oil;
  • Soy products (soybeans and soybean oil);
  • Corn;
  • Rice bran oil.

About Wysong company

The company was established in 1979 by Dr Randy Wysong. Today, it is based in Midland, Michigan. The brand takes care of the ingredients and claims to manufacture “scientifically formulated” recipes cooked on advanced facilities. The food by Wysong is always fresh: it’s  produced not to be warehoused. All dog and cat food recipes are made of fresh and frozen meat (chicken, turkey, rabbit, pollock, etc), and no animal by-products are added. At the same time, this is one of few companies that add unusual (sometimes, questionable) components, such as coconut oil, yogurt, whey, kelp, and tomato pomace.

Although the official website states that Wysong produces pet food on its own facilities, it’s only partially true. For example, kibbles are produced in Wisconsin, while wet food is manufactured by Evanger’s. Supplements are sourced from Midland, Michigan.

The components are exported from different countries, including the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. Omega-3S acid is synthesized and exported from China.

Is Wysong good for cats?

This question might be answered differently. A lot depends on the health and sensitivity of a cat. While non-breed cats tend to have a strong stomach, many well-bred species cannot tolerate such components as starch, soybean oil & extract, tomato pomace, and wheat. If your feline companion is prone to digestive disorders, it might face such problems as diarrhea and constipation – numerous consumer reports prove that.

You should also consider that Wysong tends to mix various meats in one flavor. For example, one formula might contain turkey, chicken, and fish. If your cat is a picky eater, try single-ingredient recipes. There’s a number of reviews stating that cats wouldn’t touch Wysong food, which means they are averted by its smell or flavor. 

At the same time, the manufacturer offers a wide array of lineups addressing specific health needs. For example, vegan and uretic series are recommended for cats with kidney and urinary tract problems. If you’re looking for more options for cats with kidney disease – check out our guide with best cat food for feline kidney disease and best supplements for kidney disease.

Wysong cat food for diabetic cat is highly praised for the healthy formula: a lot of consumers admit that their cats feel great after eating these recipes for many years. 

If you put the quality of primary meat components on a pedestal, Wysong food will not disappoint you. It has a great amount of protein, which makes it a perfect find for growing kitties and overweight adult cats. However, I recommend trying and testing those products before you include them fully in your cat’s diet.

Generally, Wysong cat food is slightly above average, and this brand is definitely not for highly sensitive species. Yet, if you don’t mind some questionable components and don’t want to bother yourself with searching for separate dog & cat meals, it will be an awesome solution.

Has Wysong been recalled?

During 40 years of its existence, Wysong proved to be a highly reliable and caring pet food manufacturer. Their safety records are close to perfect.

The only exception is the Wysong cat food recall that took place in 2009: many dry foods lineups were reported to have a high level of moisture. Since it might have led to food spoiling and formation of mold, the batches were recalled.

There have been two cases of diarrhea in dogs reported, but the connection with the quality of Wysong cat food was not proved.

My own review of Wysong cat food

After checking mostly positive Wysong cat food ratings, I’ve decided to figure out what makes this food so popular. At first glance, each formula is far from being called perfect, and there are a few ingredients that I don’t particularly like. 

First things first. Wysong uses fresh meat sourced from trusted farmers in the USA, Canada, Europe, and New Zealand, which is crucial. Consumers can be sure that their pets eat non-GMO, high-quality meat coming from the best farms. Also, Wysong uses freshly-caught salmon and pollock: they are rich in protein and Omega acids. No animal by-products are added – this is another competitive advantage.

Secondly, what appeals to me is the fact each recipe features the full extent of vitamins and minerals. Customers were concerned about menadione sodium bisulfite complex, but it has been removed from all formulas. The only questionable component is Omega-3S fatty acid that’s synthesized in Chinese laboratories. Yet, the manufacturer guarantees it’s a high-quality ingredient. As for the amount of phosphorus, it must be in a normal range since Wysong cat food reviews mention no complaints about pH levels in cats’ urine.

I’ve already mentioned that some Wysong ingredients are highly questionable: tomato pomace, fish oil, soybean products, etc. If your cat is allergic, it might be a problem.

Contains pure and fresh meat sourced from reliable farmers in different countries;Has the full range of vitamins and minerals;Wide range of flavors available;The manufacturer offers special lineups formulated to meet cats’ specific health needs.All recipes contain questionable and some – potentially allergenic ingredients;Poor choice of wet food;The amount of fat in most recipes is around 15-16%, which might be too much for some cats.

What customers say about Wysong cat food?

Wysong uretic cat food reviews are pretty controversial, but they showcase how the products can impact the cat’s well-being depending on its health state and peculiarities.

For example, the owners of diabetic cats praise the food for its safety and claim their pets feel well after eating Wysong for several years in a row. This is a great source of protein, which is also admitted by the majority of users. Epigen series is particularly approved by cat lovers: consumers admit their pets have more energy, have a shinier coat and smoother digestion.

At the same time, there are repetitive cases of diarrhea and vomiting reported by consumers. The manufacturer states that it’s normal, but there must be some reason for such a reaction. Most likely, digestive disorders are caused by particular ingredients, such as eggs, yogurt, some vegetables, or even brown rice. Starch and soybean oil may also be harmful. Some other ingredients, for instance, tomato pomace, are highly allergic: this is why Wysong should be thoroughly tested. If your cat has digestion problems after eating some certain type of food, you should consider finding an alternative.

Large choice of series with 100% natural fresh and freshly frozen meat (chicken, turkey, rabbit, pollock, salmon, etc).Prebiotics and probiotics for healthy digestion are included in every recipe.Vegan and Archetype series are available to address specific nutritional needs of pets.Some recipes are equally suitable for cats and dogs, which simplifies the owner’s life.High protein content in many recipes.The price/quality ratio is not always optimal.The manufacturer uses a lot of questionable ingredients: some of them cause digestion disorders while others are highly allergic.Instead of using naturally-sourced vitamins and minerals, Wysong adds some synthesized alternatives (for example, Omega-3S is sourced from Chinese laboratories).While the choice of dry and frozen food is extensive, there is only one type of wet food.


How many kcals/cup Wysong uretic cat food contains? 

Wysong Uretic Dry Cat Food contains 441 kcals/cup. Thus, an adult cat needs to eat from ¼ to 1 cup of dry food per day depending on its weight.

How does Wysong Uretic cat food compare to Royal Canin veterinary urinary cat food? 

Judging by the main nutrients, Wysong contains more protein but the other values are pretty much the same. For example, it has 42% crude protein compared to 34% in Royal Canin. The amount of crude fat is 15% and 16% correspondingly. The level of crude fiber is 5% in Wysong vs. 6.7% in Royal Canin.

How does Wysong Uretic cat food compare to Farmina urinary cat food?

Wysong dry Uretic food and Farmina dry food have slightly different nutrient contents. For example, Wysong contains 40% of protein vs 52% in Farmina. Both are high in fact: 28% in Wysong and 23% in Farmina. The amount of fiber in Wysong – 8%, in Farmina – 3%. At the same time, Farmina contains 88 kcal/100 grams, while Wysong – 116kcal/100 grams. 

Where can I buy Wysong cat food?

Wysong cat food can be found in online stores like Amazon or Chewy. It’s also sold in some brick-and-mortar pet supply stores. 

So should you buy Wysong cat food? 

Wysong cat food is good as both a versatile choice for several pets and a cat food type suitable for pets with certain health problems and special needs. Since the manufacturer adds the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals to each recipe, this food is suitable for daily nutrition.

The company takes care of the quality of the components and uses fresh non-GMO meat, which is a great advantage. If you pay a lot of attention to the primary components, those products will definitely live up to your expectations.

Another benefit of Wysong cat food is a large choice of dry food recipes: you can easily figure out a formula that satisfies the pet’s nutritional needs. However, the choice of wet recipes leaves a lot to be desired. If you don’t mind cooking for your pet, freeze-dried meals can be used as an alternative.

All in all, Wysong is a decent pick for cats with diabetes or a sensitive urinary system: it does not contain If your cat is prone to allergic reactions, you should probably consider switching to another brand since some components might cause itching and sneezing in cats. 

Additional info 

My Wysong review should be finished with a few words and recommendations for potential consumers. How to reap maximum benefit from this food?

  • Give your cat enough water since the dry kibbles have a high protein content – it will improve palatability and digestion;
  • Since there are no small packages of dry food, consider visiting brick-and-mortar pet stores and ask them to sell you some small test portion. Let your cat try this food because its flavor is specific, and not all cats like it;
  • As far as there is a large choice of lineups, think over the existing or potential health problems in your cat and select food types accordingly;
  • Consider buying raw food to cook pate/shreds/morsels in gravy – you will find out what your cat likes more.

I am Claudine, a College of Veterinary Medicine alumni and cat health & lifestyle specialist. In this blog, I share my personal experience and recommendations on improving cat’s diet, behavior, and both physical and psychological state.

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