Main Features of Whole Earth Farms Cat Food

The main principle of Whole Earth Farms is to produce dry and wet cat food of a high quality and at affordable prices. Looking at the whole range of the brand’s recipes I can make a list of those aspects that really differ this food from others at the market:

  • recipes are grain free;
  • food is manufactured on the territory of the USA;
  • protein-containing ingredients are always at the first place in the list;
  • wide range of tastes and formulas (for kittens, dry and wet canned cat food).

Types of Cat Food Available

The company offers a wide range of products that you can choose from. There are the following types of recipes available:

  • Wet canned food. Experienced cat owners know from their veterinarians that the healthiest diet for their feline friends should include enough moisture. Wet food by Whole Earth Farms is presented in canned recipes. The paté from the can is dense enough, but can be little bit blended with a fork. The manufacturer offers various tastes: meat (real beef) and poultry (chicken, turkey, duck), fish (salmon, tuna and whitefish), as well as a couple of products with mixed flavors. This wet canned food is rich in protein of animal and fish origin, as well as contains plenty of other nutritive ingredients, taurine and vitamins that cats need.
  • Dry cat food. These recipes have got the same tastes that you can find in the range of wet canned products manufactured by the brand. Kibbles are of the perfect size for a cat’s mouth (squares with a side of 0.9 cm), so your cat will eat them with no discomfort. Dry food recipes are also grain free.
  • Kibbles and paté for kittens – click here to check the highest quality kitten food options.

Main Ingredients Used In Whole Earth Farms Cat Food

This pet food manufacturer has its production facilities on the US territory and really stands out at the pet food market because of that. The regulations in this industry existing on the American territory are strict and comprehensive. That is why we can talk about higher quality of this brand when it comes to selection of the ingredients and manufacturing process.

Whole Earth Farms are positioning themselves as responsible manufacturers of natural pet food. Raw meat and poultry are selected on farms throughout America. The company tries to offer formulas rich in natural protein of animal and fish origin. They do not add those ingredients that are unfavorable for cats – wheat, soy or corn. Meat or fish always stand as the first products in the list of ingredients, while peas, vegetables and some fruits only accompany them and add some natural flavor to the formulas. Whole Earth Farms recipes of dry and wet cat food include whole chicken, turkey, duck or beef – no by-products!

House cats do not get enough vitamins and nutrients only from meat. That is why all formulas are enriched with taurine, vitamins E, B12 and A that make your kitty’s teeth and bones stronger and healthier and fur shinier. 

About Whole Earth Farms Company

Whole Earth Farms is an American-based company producing dry and wet food for cats and dogs. Originally, the company specialized and was known predominantly for their dog food recipes, but a few years ago there were introduced new food products for cats. Today Whole Earth Farms is owned by Merrick Pet Care – a company from Texas that manufactures pet food with natural ingredients and holistic approach to their food recipes. It means that Whole Earth Farms also follows its head company’s principles and philosophy. All the ingredients are carefully selected on American farms complying with the company’s criteria. The manufacturer uses whole meat, vegetables and fruits, oils and added vitamins in strict proportions to create the optimal pet food formulas. No artificial substitutes are used, no soy or wheat are included in the recipes.

Whole Earth Farms inside Merrick Pet Care was bought by Nestle Purina pet food giant in 2015. The company still follows its goals and philosophy in everything connected with well-balanced pet food concerning natural ingredients and best holistic products. However, there are certain concerns about the future quality of the brand that can be seen in some reviews of the company’s products.

Is Whole Earth Farms Good for Cats?

Although the company was started as a dog food manufacturer, its line of dry and wet canned cat food is becoming more and more popular with cat owners. There is no secret in this level of success when it comes to the food formulas offered by the company.

Cats were created by nature to eat meat, so no vegetables or crops will substitute them whole meat and sometimes fish. Whole Earth Farms has worked out cat food formulas, where animal or fish protein-containing ingredients are always at the first places in the list. No poultry by-products, wheat, soy or corn can be found inside the can or pack of this food. 

However, we all understand that some house kitties have minimum activity throughout the day. Some commercially produced cat food may actually lack those extra healthy ingredients that are included into the recipes offered by Whole Earth Farms. I mean the additional ingredients that help cats digest food, about vitamins and minerals that you will see in the list of ingredients on Whole Earth Farms products.

Let us take taurine, for example. We see this ingredient in each product of the brand. Taurine is Considered one of the essential amino acids for cats. Feline vision, work of mental and nervous systems, digestion of food, work of heart and immune functions depend on this amino acid. 

Vitamins A, E, B12 and D3 are all included into the formulas as elements essential for feline organisms. Salmon oil is a source of Omega-3 acids, so your cat’s energy depends on this ingredient, which is also found in the brand’s recipes.

My veterinarian was absolutely positive talking about Whole Earth Farms as an affordable, but high-quality brand of cat food. I first saw its ad at my vet’s and I know for sure that the administration is always very serious about commercial brochures and the products they are advertising in the clinic. So, it was far easier for me to choose the right food for my furkids when they needed something new and of a better quality.

According to all information available on the Internet, none of the company’s products has ever been recalled.

My Own Review of Whole Earth Farms Cat Food

As I have already mentioned above, the first time I learnt something about Whole Earth Farms was at my vet’s clinic. One of my two kittens had refused to eat his traditional canned food, and the situation was rather worrying for me because of his teething period. As an experienced cat owner I know that kittens are extremely prone to various allergies and other diseases while teething. So, one of the tasks on my agenda was to Consult my doc on some new food that would be of high quality and quite affordable.

I saw a brochure promoting Whole Earth Farms dry and wet cat food in the clinic hall and later asked my vet about this brand. I know that this clinic is always very careful in terms of what they are advertising. And my doctor told me about some kitten formulas that could fit my furkids. I surfed the Internet later that day and what I found about this brand is that their recipes seem to be natural and liked by many. So, I ordered a couple of cans of wet cat food for kittens, as well as a pack of kibbles because my babes love them as treats.

Knowing that my teething boy was very picky I really did not expect to see magic eating behavior. But he really liked the stuff from the can. Some of the reviewers online wrote that the paté was too firm for them. However, it wasn’t a big deal for me, I just used a fork to mash it a little bit. Of course, ingredients were in the first place for me. I had learnt everything about the recipes at the brand’s official website before ordering the food. I liked the proportions of protein, fat and carbs. The greatest thing for me was to see no grain in the ingredients list. This food became a great solution for me as both of my kittens liked the paté and kibbles. Sometimes they were meowing exactly for the dry food by Whole Earth Farms. Well, I had to moisture the kibbles with a little chicken broth and my furkids didn’t have any gut problems.

I try to change the menu and commercial brands of cat food for my cats, so those Whole Earth Farms recipes were followed by some other formulas by a different manufacturer. However, I have already ordered some Whole Earth Farms cans (this time for adult cats as my furry children are not kittens anymore) and really look forward to giving the recipes to my kitties.

My Pro’s:

  • no grain, corn, soy and poultry by-products among the ingredients;
  • good smell and taste for my cats;
  • produced in America in compliance with the country’s strict regulations for pet food;
  • quite affordable for the food of this quality.

My Con’s:

  • canned food is rather dense and needs some warm water or blending;
  • only one recipe of wet canned food and one recipe of kibbles for kittens.

What Customers Say About Whole Earth Farms Cat Food

Before buying the brand’s food for the first time I had learnt all the reviews on the Internet about these recipes and Whole Earth Farms company. Some reviews were provided at the manufacturer’s website and a lot of reviews were available at online retail stores. Here are some aspects most of the reviewers mentioned in their feedback.

Price. Many pet owners write this brand is quite affordable. For others who have preferred to buy something more budget the price seems rather high. However, those people who understand the level of quality offered by this manufacturer agree that the price is optima. And I would agree with them.

Texture. Whole Earth Farms offers dry cat food with kibbles that are of a perfect size and liked by many cats. Some pet owners give the dry formula by adding some broth, others just use the kibbles as a treat. However, paté does not seem smooth enough for many customers and needs some extra manipulations to be served to a cat.

Ingredients. The majority of reviewers are really satisfied the recipes do not contain such useless and even dangerous ingredients like wheat, corn and soy. The formulas are well-balanced and tasty for cats. However, there are some concerns on the fact the company is owned by a giant pet food manufacturer Nestle Purina, which may lead to some decrease in the quality of this food.

Reviewers’ Pro’s:

  • well-balanced recipes enriched with nutrients and vitamins;
  • great source of animal protein and grain-free dry and wet formulas;
  • good price-quality solution;
  • smells and tastes good to cats

Reviewers’ Con’s:

  • canned paté is too dense for serving;
  • speculations on possible decrease of quality due to ownership by Nestle Purina.


Who makes Whole Earth Farms cat food?

Whole Earth Farms is an American-based company that selects ingredients for their recipes on the American territory. The manufacturing facilities are also in the US. The company is owned by Merrick Pet Care, but in 2015 both of the companies were acquired by Nestle Purina Pet Care.

Is Whole Earth Farms a good cat food brand?

The company staff pay their thorough attention to the quality of ingredients and manufacturing processes of their formulas. Many vet clinics throughout the US recommend this food as the best choice in the whole cat food segment with no grain. All the formulas contain at least 9% of protein and are enriched with vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed for cats.

Why is Whole Earth Farms cat food out of stock?

This company is young enough, though it has already been appreciated by many pet owners. The quality-price ratio seems to be optimal for many customers, so very often Whole Earth Farms recipes are out of stock at many online retail stores.

Where can I buy Whole Earth Farms cat food?

The best option today is to place your online order at one of the most popular and trusted online retail stores like or those dedicated to pet products. There are often good discounts and special offers available.

How much protein is in Whole Earth Farms chicken and turkey canned cat food?

The manufacturer states min. 9% of crude protein contained in the Whole Earth Farms chicken and turkey canned cat food recipe.

So Should You Buy Whole Earth Farms Cat Food?

It is always up to pet owners to decide what type of food is better for their cats. But if you really care about what your cat eats on a daily basis, pay your attention to Whole Earth Farms. We know that today most pet food is manufactured in Asian countries and we cannot be sure that regulations there are strict enough to give us a high-quality end product.

Being a pet owner who tried the recipes offered by the brand I can say that I would give a high grade to this manufacturer. Online reviews prove that cats like these tastes while cat owners see no wheat, soy or useless fruits and vegetables as the food ingredients. Many cat owners state their pets smell better while being fed with this cat food. The fur becomes shinier and cats feel more energy to be active throughout the day! I strongly recommend Whole Earth Farms cat food to you.

Being a cat lover and a person who investigates products deep, Meredith spent 10 hours to collect the best chew toys for her own and your cats.

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