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When pet owners choose a diet for their four-legged friends, they first and foremost care about the manufacturer and its reputation on the market. So for those asking who makes Soulistic cat food, here goes the answer:

It’s a Petco-exclusive cat food brand by Weruva, the US-based company founded in 2006. The manufacturer is known for its high-moisture recipes for both cats and dogs, and you might hear about B.F.F. (Best Feline Friend), which is another pet food brand of Weruva. Founded by David and Stacie Forman, Weruva is known for its meat-based recipes, all with minimal ingredients but maximum health benefits for pets.

An interesting fact:

The founders named Weruva after their rescued cats Webster, Rudi, and Vanessa. Here they are, by the way. Later, Baron (who is a dog) joined the team, making this family-owned pet food company think of including dog food recipes to the list of their products.

Soulistic Cat Food Sourcing 

According to the information from the official website of Weruva, Soulistic cat food comes from Thailand, from facilities that also prepare food for people. But don’t let this fact confuse you because it doesn’t mean your cat will eat human food. The company keeps to stringent manufacturing standards and has certifications from the British Retail Consortium. (This is the agency setting international standards for food storage, packaging, safety, and distribution.)

The motto of the Soulistic pet food brand is “Feed Your Cat’s Soul,” which is a sign they pay close attention to the ingredients they use in recipes. They promise all flavors to be of premium quality, as the primary components of Soulistic food are real meat-based:

  • Tuna
  • Poultry (chicken, duck, turkey)
  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Other fish (tilapia, crab, salmon).

The manufacturer maintains that all of their fish is “certified dolphin and sea turtle safe.”

Also, Soulistic worries about your cat’s hydration: their recipes are all wet, with water or broth, to provide felines with the highest moisture content if compared with any other wet cat food brand.

And what about expert veterinarians? Do they recommend Soulistic cat food?

I’ve asked a few colleagues from the vet hospital where I assist, and that’s what they say:

“I don’t see anything harmful in this food. I could even call it Soulistic kitten food, as its ingredient quality and combination are okay for young felines too. As for questionable components inside, their percent is not that awful to ring the alarm.”

Jared Lester

“My recommendation would be to consider your cat’s tastes and health issues when choosing Soulistic cat food recipes for her. Most of them contain seafood, which can be harmful to felines with allergies or food sensitivities. So, read the list of ingredients carefully, and everything will be okay.”

Maggie Parker

Has Soulistic Been Recalled?

As for 2020, Soulistic cat food has never been recalled from the market. Given that the competition among pet food brands is super high today, Soulistic does its best to support the quality of its products, providing cats with natural ingredients and distinct food textures.

Aimed at fulfilling food functions such as yummy for cats, managing weight, providing with proper hydration, and supporting urinary tract health, Soulistic has secured themselves from recalls and nailed down the first place as a safe and healthy wet cat food on the market.

Soulistic Cat Food’s Main Features

If you still doubt if Soulistic canned cat food is worth trying, here go its four main features for you to consider:

  1. 1. Grain-free. All recipes are grain-, gluten-, and GMO-free here, which makes Soulistic supernatural for your cat to eat.
  2. 2. Focused on balanced nutrition. Full of protein-rich ingredients, Soulistic pet food provides your feline with all necessary elements for her healthy and happy life.
  3. 3. “As-for-people” quality. A manufacturer here is a human-grade facility. It means that they keep to the same quality standards as for human food.
  4. 4. A great variety of flavors. Above 30 recipes available, both in cans and pouches. More than that, you can treat your cat with flavors that have such exotic names as Island Illusion, Triple Harmony, Luna Tuna, Double Happiness, and others.

Types of Soulistic Cat Food Available

As for the types of cat food Soulistic offer, they have three main product lines:

  1. 1. Original recipes. 20 recipes are here: 14 in cans and 6 in pouches. All are protein-rich and with unusual names for you to choose in different moods.
  2. 2. Pates. Ten standard recipes for your cat’s dinner are in this line: 6 in cans and 4 in pouches. They are more calorie-rich than flavors from the original recipe series, so choose accordingly.
  3. 3. Moist & Tender line. Ten flavors are in pouches here, plus six recipes go in cans.

Also, the manufacturer offers a treat for your cat: a small series with pumpkin, in soup and puree. So, if you have a foodie cat at home, she might like the taste of this recipe from Soulistic.

My Review of Soulistic Cat Food

I’m lucky to have two cats with no allergies or food sensitivities. So, after I’ve examined the available information on the official manufacturer’s site and noticed that most of their recipes include fish, it wasn’t a problem to give it a try. I’ve purchased three flavors for my Smokey and Rambo to see if they love it:

  • Autumn Bounty Chicken Dinner in Pumpkin Soup (I like the name, plus it was interesting for me if the cats could eat pumpkin. I’ve never fed them with this ingredient before.)
  • Nautical Nirvana Tuna & Skipjack Dinner in Gravy (This one was the most often reviewed flavor online.)
  • Moist & Tender Beef Dinner in Gravy (I choose this one just to diversify the meat in recipes.)

What I liked about the original recipes line was its unusual names for different flavors: Pure Bliss, Golden Fortune, Good Karma, Midnight Delight, etc. – all they are attractive for cat owners, making them believe they buy unusual food for their felines.

As for the flavors themselves, my cats loved Nautical Nirvana and Beef Dinner but ignored Autumn Bounty. Probably, it’s a matter of taste, and they didn’t like pumpkin flavor. But they didn’t tell me, anyway.

My pros for Soulistic wet cat food: it has chunks of meat inside, is served in a flavorful gravy, which is attractive for cats, and it’s full of vitamins and minerals. 

My cons: most of the recipes are with seafood products inside, which might be a problem for cats with allergies. Also, their steel containers are a bit hard to open (so, be careful at first). For some cat owners, Soulistic pet food may seem too watery. Not that awful, but still.

What Customers Say About Soulistic Cat Food

Soulistic cat food availability and affordability allow us to see many reviews from customers, with their feedback specifying the pros and cons of this pet food brand on the market.

Most reviews are positive: people write that their cats love this food, eat it eagerly, and it’s less expensive if compared with some other brands. Customers make the point that Soulistic wet cat food is natural, with real meat components inside, and provides their felines with enough proteins, vitamins, minerals, and moisture.

And yet, some of them share the negative experience of using this cat food:

“My biggest mistake was that I didn’t read the full list of ingredients when bought Duck Dinner to my Moody! He can’t eat fish because of health issues, but who could know that the “duck” flavor contains tuna! We had to visit the vet and took medicine after eating the food. So, be careful: almost all flavors include tuna, even if it’s chicken, beef, or turkey recipes. What’s the point to call it “chicken” if it has tuna and tuna broth inside?”

Nancy, reviewing Moist & Tender Duck Dinner in Gravy


  • a reasonable price
  • a variety of flavors for a cat to choose
  • rich in meat and omega-6 fatty acids for a cat’s health
  • no grains, gluten, or GMO inside
  • proper hydration, weight management, and urinary tract health, thanks to wet cat food formulas


  • the majority of flavors is with fish, problematic for cats with food sensitivities to eat
  • some recipes are too watery, reminding drinks rather than food


And now, it’s time to answer the most common questions that customers ask about Soulistic pet food.

Is Soulistic a good cat food good?

Yes, most vets and Soulistic cat food reviews online recommend this product for a cat’s diet. Natural ingredients and a minimum of controversial components in recipes make this food good and healthy for your feline to try. The only reason to ignore Soulistic is a cat’s allergy to seafood, as most of their flavors include tuna and other fish in formulas.

Which Soulistic cat food does not have fish?

The most of Soulistic canned cat food recipes include tuna and other fish components, which makes it problematic for a cat with seafood allergies to eat. The flavors with no fish are Good Karma Chicken Dinner, Harvest Sunrise Chicken & Pumpkin Dinner, and Aromatic Chicken Dinner in Gelee from Original Recipes; Chicken Dinner, Chicken and Turkey Dinner from the Pates line. All recipes from the Moist & Tender line have fish inside.

How many calories in a 5.5 oz can Soulistic cat food?

It depends on the recipe and ingredients inside. For example, the primary line of Soulistic cat food (Original Recipes) contains from 96 calories (the Polynesian Picnic flavor) to 137 calories (Nautical Nirvana) in a 5.5 oz can.

What dry food can be mixed with Soulistic cat food?

Soulistic cat food is rich in proteins and minerals, and it’s wet providing your cat with enough moisture, so it’s okay to feed with Soulistic itself. But if you want to mix it with dry food from another brand, pay attention that there is a certain set of rules on mixing it right.

Where to buy Soulistic cat food?

Soulistic canned cat food, as well as Soulistic cat food pouches, are available at Petco and Amazon. The manufacturer’s official website provides nutrition information about all the products but doesn’t allow buying there. So, the best option to purchase Soulistic cat food is Amazon at the moment.

So Should You Buy Soulistic Cat Food?

I hope my Soulistic wet cat food review here, together with some flavors and their ingredients analysis, has helped you answer this question. You are a cat owner, and you know your feline’s tastes and health issues better than others, so you can see now if Soulistic cat food is what your four-legged friend may need and like.

As you can see from Soulistic cat food reviews, including mine, this product is worth trying. I’d recommend you to give it a try and see if your cat loves them. Choose a flavor with her favorite ingredients, given that all products of this manufacturer are of high quality and with no artificial components inside, and let your cat decide if she wants to eat it.

Just pay attention to the ingredients if your cat has health issues or allergies to some products. Most flavors of Soulistic cat food have fish inside, and some are with dried eggs, which may be a potential allergen to cats. If no allergies and food sensitivities, let your feline choose her favorite flavor of Soulistic wet cat food.

And please try a pumpkin treat from Soulistic! My cats didn’t like it, so I’d be happy to know what was the reaction of yours to this flavor. Let’s share thoughts in the comments.

I’m Kimberly Baumgart, a future veterinary physician from Manhattan, Kansas. Volunteering in animal shelters and assisting in the local vet hospital, I help pet owners learn more about feline lifestyle. Read my works on Catpet.Club blog to discover the world of healthy nutrition and well-being for your four-legged friend.

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