Main Features of Solid Gold Cat Food

main features of solid gold cat food

Solid Gold brand mostly specializes on the production of holistic products for pets. What does it mean? Holistic food has the same highest quality as human food: it’s made of top-notch ingredients and is devoid of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Such food contains all essential vitamins and minerals.

Indeed, if you cast a look at the contents of Solid Gold formulas, you will see that fresh meat and fish are used as the primary ingredients. The vast majority of recipes do not contain grain at all, some – only a minor amount of grains. 

About Solid Gold company

Founded in 1974 in California (USA), Solid Gold manufactures quality pet food for cats and dogs. It uses only high-quality ingredients for production and does not put artificial preservatives and flavors in the food. Both Solid Gold kitten food and nutrition for adult cats are holistic, which means they are 100% organic and formulated to sustain excellent health and mood of pets. 

 The company supports ethical feeding but, according to the information on the official Solid Gold website, it does not participate in invasive animal testing. However, they work with reputable kennels to help test the new formulas for palatability and digestibility. The pets of Solid Gold employees also participate in palatability testing.

The manufacturer claims that ingredients are exported from around the globe: venison from Australia, duck from France, Pollock from Alaska, and some types of meat provided by the USA farmers. No ingredients are exported from China! Solid Gold wet food manufactured at a human grade tuna cannery in Thailand, while dry food is produced in the USA. It should be noted that Solid Gold does not have its own production facilities – all products are made on third-party factories under a strict control.

Is Solid Gold good for cats?

Since Solid Gold is holistic cat food, it’s way safer and more nutritious for pets than economy and some premium foods. The manufacturer uses organic components and prefers adding veggies instead of grains – this is one more proof of the products’ quality. 

Is Solid Gold cat food healthy? From veterinarians’ point of view, Solid Gold is pretty useful and safe for pets. Why?

  • It does not contain artificial additives (colors, flavors, preservatives), as well as soy and grains with gluten, for example, wheat.
  • Both dry and wet foods boast a high level of protein. For instance, kibbles have 30-40% of high-density protein, wet food – 10-12% (which is a bit higher than the average 8% contents).
  • All cat food contains an optimal amount of vitamins and minerals, including L-Carnitine, Taurine, and Biotine.
  • The manufacturer spares no ingredients and adds a large variety of greenery and veggies: pumpkin, broccoli, parsley, carrots, potatoes. It’s all topped off with almond oil, cranberries, blueberries, and apples. Those components make up for healthy digestion, stronger immune system, and provide a boost of energy & vitamins.

Does it mean there are no concerns to be raised? Generally, Solid Gold does not contain questionable ingredients. However, some of the components are potentially allergic: salmon oil and dried eggs are not suitable for cats with sensitivities. Besides, a large variety of vegetables and other plant-based components might be a true challenge for cat’s digestive system – all in all, they are carnivorous creatures.

Besides, the majority of dry foods and some wet foods, too, contain peas plus pea protein (the components are in top-5 ingredients in the contents list). Isn’t that too much beans for a cat? Some pet owners do not like this particular fact. 

It should also be noted that kibbles and other dry products have a lot moisture content, so users need to provide their feline friends with a sufficient amount of water. 

Has Solid Gold been recalled?

The brand has been recalled twice:

  • In 2012 recall, Solid Gold dog food was suspected to have salmonella (the bacteria was found in Diamond Pet Foods Gaston facility).
  • In 2018, customers filed a lawsuit against the brand claiming that the pet food has chemicals, heavy metals and toxins in food. However, the level of heavy metals was present at the maximum tolerable level according to the FDA standards. 

There has been Solid Gold indigo moon cat food recall – the series has proved to be safe.

Types of cat food available

The brand offers various products, including:

  1. Dry food for various cats: adult, kittens, indoor, outdoor. There is a large variety of low-fat foods suitable for overweight animals, especially the series with white fish.
  2. Wet food menu is more diverse than offered by many other brands. The lineup includes shreds in gravy, pates, bisques, stews, and three-layer meals. Both cans and pouches are sold.
  3. Additionally, Solid Gold offers supplement powder for better health of digestive and urinary tract, immune system support, better fur & skin, etc. 

In both wet and dry foods, meat is the number one ingredient. The company does not use animal by-products, chemical flavors or preservatives, and carrageenan. Kibbles are enriched with 20 superfoods that contain almond and sesame oils, spinach, blueberries, broccoli, thyme, apple, carrot, parsley, celery, etc. 

Which ingredients does Solid Gold cat food include?

As we have mentioned, Solid Gold includes all-natural components. Meat is the number one ingredient in all wet and dry foods: the manufacturer uses fresh white fish, salmon, chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, and other meats. None of the components are exported from China.

Solid Gold puts a focus on plant-based components, as well. Instead of grains and soy, it uses vegetables, fruit, and berries, in particular: pumpkin, apples, beets, celery, parsley, blueberries, cranberries, etc. Instead of grains, the manufacturer uses potato and peas. Although those are less likely to cause allergy, some cats are sensitive to those products, too. 

Solid Gold does not use animal by-products in cat food – you can be sure that each component is safe and healthy. Dried eggs serve as an additional source of protein. Although this ingredient is natural, it might cause allergic reactions. The same applies to salmon oil and fish-originated components. 

My own review of Solid Gold cat food

To decide whether this brand is worth buyers’ attention I’ve made my own Solid Gold cat food review and analyzed its contents. Also, I checked the official Solid Gold website to find additional info about the brand and its products. 

The overall impression was pretty good: the contents are natural and rich in vitamins and minerals. The manufacturer provides an exact definition of the types of meat used: fresh chicken, fresh/dehydrated Pollock, etc. I found no questionable ingredients except for tapioca starch (some cats appear to be sensitive to it, too).  

The one thing that I don’t particularly like is that Solid Gold uses a lot of pea and pea protein in its products. First, this ingredient might be harmful for sensitive cats: it might cause allergic reactions. Secondly, a lot of plant-based protein in combination with animal-origin protein means a high load on the digestive system. If your cat is prone to gastrointestinal issues, the formulas with peas are not the best choice. 

All-natural ingredients are used. No soy, artificial flavors and preservatives are added. Meat is always the first component in the contents list.A sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals in each portion.A great variety of products for cats of different ages.A wide choice of flavors.Suitable for all species;Has probiotics for better digestion;High content of protein.Contains a lot of peas and pea protein.Some components can cause allergies in cats.Low content of moisture.There’s a large selection of food with a low calorie content, while the choice of options for pregnant cats and growing kittens is limited.

What customers say about Solid Gold cat food?

The customers’ reviews of Solid Gold brand are mostly positive: a lot of people admit that their picky eating felines like this food. The product does not affect cats’ health, they stay active and mostly experience no problems with digestion. Also, some users admit that after eating Solid Gold food for some time, their cats have better fur and skin. The products appear to be very helpful for cats with dry skin and hairballs: it improves cat’s appearance and takes fur shiny and silky.

Reviews are positive regardless of cat’s age and breed – even the most finicky eaters find Solid Gold attractive. Portions of wet food are big enough for adult cats. All in all, the food provides all essential nutrients and vitamins – pet owners see the positive changes.

Are there any complaints about Solid Gold? First, customers complain about the quality of kibbles: there’s a lot of powder in bags. It might be due to a low level of moisture in dry food. Besides, the problem might be caused by inappropriate transportation. Secondly, some customers claim that the food caused allergic reactions in their cats (such cases are rare, though).

Among Solid Gold food advantages, customers highlight:

  • Appealing flavors that most cats adore;
  • An optimal content of vitamins and minerals – most pets start feeling better, they have shinier fur and healthier skin;
  • Safe contents and a high amount of meat;
  • Excellent quality of wet food;
  • Low calorie amount (suitable for overweight cats).

The following drawbacks were mentioned:

  • A lot of powder in kibbles;
  • Sometimes, the package is damaged, which might affect the quality of food;
  • Lack of flavors with beef and venison;
  • Most recipes contain fish and salmon oil – some cats don’t like fish flavors;
  • Allergic reactions to the food (rarely).


Is Solid Gold good cat food?

Generally, the quality of Solid Gold is higher than average. The manufacturer uses all-natural components and adds all essential vitamins and minerals, as well as a large variety of superfoods. Customer experience and the list of contents proves that the food is safe and useful for pets. Despite a short history of recalls, the brand has proved to be well-established and trustworthy.

Where to buy Solid Gold cat food?

Solid Gold distributes food over both online and brick-and-mortar stores. The products can be ordered on the official Solid Gold website, as well as pet supply stores and websites like Amazon.

How healthy is cat food Solid Gold?

Since Solid Gold uses all-natural ingredients and does not use animal by-products or artificial colors/flavors/preservatives, the food is considered to be generally safe for pets’ health. However, there are a few questionable components, such as starch. Salmon oil and dried egg products are potentially allergy-provoking: some cats might develop sensitivity. The presence of pea and pea protein also raises the question of digestibility – not all pets tolerate such a high level of bean protein.

How much dry solid gold cat food should be used to feed a cat?

The exact size of portions should be defined after consulting a vet. Otherwise, follow the directions on the label of the package.

As a rule, adult cats’ diet should depend on the amount of required calories. For example, an adult cat with healthy weight (~10 pounds) needs about 280 calories per day. A nursing/pregnant cat weighing 10 pounds needs 603 calories per day. 

Is solid gold cat food grain-free?

Yes, Solid Gold does not use such components as soy, wheat, barley, etc. Both dry and wet foods are absolutely gluten-free. Instead, the company uses potato and peas to provide enough fibers and protein. 

So should you buy Solid Gold cat food? 

The vast majority of veterinarians would recommend Solid Gold cat food to pets. This is a more or less affordable brand of holistic food, and the contents are pretty safe. Instead of making up an individual diet for your cat you can figure out the correct size of portions for your pet, and Solid Gold will totally fulfill its daily nutritional needs. 

As you have already learned from our Solid Gold review, the company makes sure to use high-quality components only. It does not use animal by-products, artificial additives and gluten, which means the food is rather healthy. There is a generous amount of vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants and Omega-3 acids. 

If your cat is not prone to allergic reactions, consider trying Solid Gold products. However, aside from fish flavors, there is a wide choice of meat flavors – those will be safe even for sensitive felines. There are lineups of food for kittens and indoor cats, which means you can easily figure out a solution for your pet. As for species appropriateness, there is nothing to worry about – the food is versatile. Besides, it does not contain salt and can be given to sterile cats without risks. 

Additional info 

We would like to finish our review with some information about appropriateness of Solid Gold diet. How can your pet reap maximum benefits from this food?

  1. Do not forget to give your cat enough water. According to customer reviews, Solid Gold kibbles have a low moisture content. It means that you should either combine it with wet food, or make your cat drink more. 
  2. Since Solid Gold has a lot of fish flavors, the amount of calories is pretty low. This is great for overweight cats – they can easily lose extra kilos eating such products. However, active and pregnant cats need much more energy and calories, and fish flavors of Solid Gold will not be sufficient enough to provide all essential nutrients. Consider trying meat flavors. 
  3. Such components as salmon, pollock, and other fishes are not suitable for allergic cats. Besides, salmon oil and tapioca starch are also not appropriate for sensitive cats. If your pet has switched to Solid Gold food, keep tabs on its wellbeing and the signs of allergy. If any of them appear, suggest trying other flavors. Watch for itching, skin dryness and red sports, sneezing, and hairballs. 

Solid Gold is a worthy choice for cats of any age. If you want your pets to eat holistic food with a high content of vitamins, consider trying this brand. 

I am Claudine, a College of Veterinary Medicine alumni and cat health & lifestyle specialist. In this blog, I share my personal experience and recommendations on improving cat’s diet, behavior, and both physical and psychological state.

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