About Pure Balance Company

Most owners ask two specific questions when reading Pure Balance cat food reviews: 

  • Who makes Pure Balance cat food?
  • Where is Pure Balance cat food made?

Pure Balance cat food belongs to Walmart Inc. They’ve introduced it in 2012 as the independent brand line for customers to feed their cats and dogs “with pure ingredients without having to make a special trip to the pet store.” (Source)

Walmart partners with Ainsworth Pet Nutrition to manufacture some Pure Balance foods. It’s a company with facilities in the United States. And yet, other partners stay unnamed: when asked about where Pure Balance cat food is made, customer service representatives don’t share details other than it’s “primarily made in the United States.”

What’s the brand’s history?

We all know Walmart as an American huge retail corporation offering a chain of hypermarkets and discount department stores. It’s been on the market since 1962, and it entered the pet food industry in 2012 when announced their Pure Balance brand a premium pet food that doesn’t require a premium price.

Some recipes are available exclusively at Walmart stores, while others can be found on Amazon. Pet owners love this cat food for its affordable price and minimum of controversial ingredients inside.

Is Pure Balance Cat Food Healthy?

Another question worrying most of us, “Is Pure Balance cat food good?” We all have heard of its popularity and affordability, but these two factors are exactly why we doubt whether this food is truly healthy or not.

The stereotype here is that good food for cats can’t be cheap. But since Pure Balance maintains the quality of ingredients in their recipes, it seems we shouldn’t worry about that. According to the manufacturer and unbiased cat food reviews, all the ingredients are natural and full of nutrients a pet needs to stay healthy.

Pure Balance offers both dry and wet cat food. Some recipes contain grains and some don’t, but none of them includes soy, corn, or artificial colors and flavors. The brand offers three product lines such as Wild & Free, High Protein Grain-Free, and Limited, with the last one being for cats with allergies and food sensitivities.

The top ingredients in most recipes of Pure Balance: chicken, animal fat, natural flavor, and some dried vegetables such as peas or carrots. A few are with salmon and turkey, but they still include chicken meal. Also, all the recipes contain taurine, an amino acid that can be exclusively found in animal-based proteins and is critical for a cat’s health.

Aimed at providing cats with a balanced diet, Pure Balance is proud of their loyal customers who say their cats love this food and become healthier while eating it. Yes, it’s approved by AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles, and vets don’t prohibit it. But while every cat is an individual, be sure to ask your vet if Pure Balance is okay to introduce to your four-legged friend in particular.

Has Pure Balance Been Recalled?

According to the information from official representatives and unbiased Pure Balance cat food reviews, there were no Pure Balance cat food recalls or serious complaints about their products.

The brand is still considered new at the pet food market, but they’ve already earned the trust of many pet owners. They’ve built a brand name, associated with high quality but low price, so they do their best to keep at this level and avoid recalls in the future.


When looking for the best diets for their felines, owners are quite suspicious and doubtful. But the best part about cat food reviews is that you can find answers to all questions here, including those forgotten by brand representatives themselves.

 Here they go:

Why does Pure Balance cat food recommend a slow transition to their food?

Cats are very capricious when it comes to switching to new food. If you simply stop giving them one food and start giving other, they won’t eat it at all. That’s why Pure Balance, as well as any other cat food manufacturer, recommends blending increasing amounts of the new recipe with your cat’s old food for her to get used to it.

How many carbs are in Pure Balance cat food?

As a carnivore, you cat needs minimal amounts of carbohydrates in her diet. Carbs in Pure Balance food come from the ingredients such as brown rice, potato, dried peas, grain sorghum, and chickpeas, but their amount is too low to harm your cat’s health. The recipe with the highest carbohydrate content is Chicken & Brown Rice.

How good is Pure Balance cat food?

Among 90+ ingredients in Pure Balance dry and wet cat food, only four are controversial (and two of these four are harmful). It’s close to perfect, compared to most other cat food manufacturers. The food doesn’t contain any artificial coloring dyes or animal by-products, so it’s good for your cat to eat.

Which Pure Balance cat food is best?

It depends on your cat’s taste and health specifications. Some recipes of Pure Balance are best for felines with food sensitivities, others are better to serve to sea food lovers. One of the most popular and often-served Pure Balance dry cat food is Chicken & Brown Rice recipe.

Where can I buy Pure Balance cat food?

Pure Balance cat food is available at Walmart stores and Amazon, though some recipes of Pure Balance wet cat food are often out of stock.

More Facts About Pure Balance Cat Food

  • The most loved recipe of Pure Balance is Chicken & Brown Rice, and the least loved is Flaked Tuna and Shrimp.
  • Pure Balance wet food will cost your only $1.56 per day if you have an adult cat who weighs 10 lbs.
  • Pure Balance dry food will be even cheaper: $0.24 per day for 10 lbs cats.
  • The brand offers only 12 cat food products, but the total number of their ingredients is 97!
  • Though it seems that the most common ingredient in Pure Balance cat food is chicken, it’s not so: turkey takes the first place, and chicken is just the second.
  • Since most pet owners are reasonably suspicious about anonymous by-products in the food, Pure Balance names all organ meats in their recipes straight: chicken gizzards, beef liver, etc.
  • The most addictive recipe of Pure Balance cat food is Wild & Free Salmon. So, if your cat loves fish – be careful. She may get used to this recipe and then refuse to eat anything else.
  • There’s one recipe in the Pure Balance cat food line that some owners find awkward. It’s Gourmet Cat Treats Poached Salmon: most consider it too liquid for a cat to eat.

So, Should You Buy Pure Balance Cat Food?

A cat’s diet is always up to her owner to choose. As you can see from Pure Balance cat food reviews, including ours, this product is worth trying. Your cat may like or may not like it, but what do you have to lose if buy it a few times to check it?

Pure Balance cat food ingredients are of high quality, with no artificial components inside. The food comes with several flavors (chicken, salmon, and turkey) for your cat to choose. Just pay attention to carb ingredients such as potato, dried vegetables, and grains in some recipes if your cat is sensitive to any of them.

By the way, Pure Balance also offers treats with tuna and flaked shrimp, as well as wet cat food with beef, but most cats don’t like them much for some unknown reasons. Well, tastes differ, after all. Just don’t force your cat to eat recipes she doesn’t want: thanks to Pure Balance cat food availability and affordability, you can switch to another flavor to let your feline choose her favorite one. 

In a Word

Pure Balance cat food is full of well-balanced ingredients to improve your feline’s digestion, immune system, and overall well-being. Despite minor drawbacks, it’s worth trying to see if your cat likes it or not. It’s affordable and always available at Walmart stores, and many cat owners find it good enough for their four-legged friends to eat.

Yes, some ingredients in the recipes can cause allergies and not all cats like them. But as a caring owner, you know your pet like nobody else. So you know what food to choose for her health and happiness, right?

I’m Kimberly Baumgart, a future veterinary physician from Manhattan, Kansas. Volunteering in animal shelters and assisting in the local vet hospital, I help pet owners learn more about feline lifestyle. Read my works on Catpet.Club blog to discover the world of healthy nutrition and well-being for your four-legged friend.

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