Main Features of Lotus Cat Food

Lotus is one of the rare brands that take care of both components and the flavor of their products. The brand offers a large variety of flavors, including chicken, turkey, rabbit, salmon, sardines, etc., so cat owners can easily find a product that appeals even to picky eaters. Both dry and wet food options are available – each contains pure meat without animal by-products. Lotus manufactures cat food in the USA (California) and Canada (this is where oven-baked kibbles are produced) and uses locally-grown meat and vegetables.

Types of cat food available

Lotus generally offers three types of food: dry, canned, and juicy pâté. Each of the lineups includes several flavors – all are made of natural meat and do not contain artificial preservatives and flavors.

Here are short Lotus cat food reviews for each series:

  • Oven-baked kibbles. Instead of extruding dry food as other manufacturers do, Lotus bakes the products, which allows preserving more nutrients and makes them tastier. All flavors are meat-rich and have a high protein content. It’s topped off with fruits and vegetables, as well as vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Lotus offers chicken, duck, and sardine recipes of kibbles.
  • Canned food in the form of pate is also available in various flavor combinations, including chicken, salmon, rabbit, lamb, etc. Aside from high-quality meat, the food has asparagus, carrots, blueberries and cranberries that serve as an extra source of fiber and provide antioxidants. Each recipe is enriched with taurine and Omega fatty acids. 
  • Juicy pâté reminds of morsels in gravy. It contains pieces of juicy meat to satisfy the appetite of the most gastronomically spoilt cats. The lineup offers a large choice of meat flavors: Pollock, salmon, chicken, venison, pork. 

Main ingredients used in Lotus cat food

As we have mentioned, the Lotus company strives to use top-notch quality ingredients in its food. It uses meat from the USA and Canada for both dry and wet recipes with one exception:  green mussels, deboned lamb, and lamb meal are exported from New Zealand. There are no animal by-products added, and some recipes only include chicken liver.

Why do all formulas have a high protein content? Lotus also adds peas to its recipes, but in a moderate amount. You will not find three different bean-sourced ingredients in the food because this is too much for a cat.

Vegetables (asparagus, carrots, pumpkin), apples, and berries serve as an extra source of fiber and contain useful antioxidants. Some formulas also contain flaxseed. 

About Lotus company

We know that large pet food manufacturers are not 100% fair when it comes to explaining which ingredients exactly they use, and how exactly their foods are produced. For this reason, many pet owners start switching to smaller brands that offer more transparent information. Lotus Pet Foods is one such manufacturer. 

It was established in 2003 by a group of animal lovers running a pet food retail store in Los Angeles. They decided to produce smaller batches of food, but of higher quality and under strict supervision. What makes Lotus stand out from the crowd is oven-baking of kibbles. Cat food is baked just like regular human cookies – it helps to preserve nutrients and the perfect flavor of products.

Lotus manufactures both cat and dog food. Pate is made in California, kibbles – in Canada. The company puts the quality of ingredients on a pedestal: it uses the ingredients suitable for human consumption. Thus, the food is close to being called ‘holistic.’  

During the time of its existence, Lotus has never been found to use low-quality components or some dangerous and prohibited chemicals and additives. Perfect customer reviews prove that both cats and their owners are happy with the products. 

Is Lotus good for cats?

Lotus brand puts the primary focus on the quality of meat ingredients. It does not use soy, grains, rice, and animal by-products. Instead, every label on the food says that recipes are made of pure chicken, fish, turkey, and other types of meat. Baking allows preserving their natural taste and saving nutrients in each component. 

Like many other medium-grade pet food companies, Lotus uses pea to provide extra protein and make the food more nutritious. Yet, I didn’t notice an excessive amount of bean products: there is no pea starch or pea protein. Potato starch is used rarely (mostly for canned morsels in gravy).

None of the recipes have artificial preservatives and colors. Some formulas (for instance, salmon flavors) have a natural fish flavoring. Note that the manufacturer adds salt to all recipes: it’s placed close to the beginning of the contents list, which means there’s a decent amount of it. If your cat is sterile or has kidney disorders, too much salt might be dangerous for it. Give your cat enough water – it will surely be thirsty.

Judging by customers’ feedback, Lotus cat food is characterized by high quality and exceptional flavors. Regardless of cats’ age and breed, the brands’ products will provide a sufficient amount of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients for great overall health, strong immune system, and shiny fur. There have been no complaints about pets feeling sick or being unhealthy after switching to Lotus food.

All in all, there are five reasons why this food can be called a good choice for pets:

  • Properly-sourced, organic ingredients;
  • Absence of GMO products, artificial additives, and flavors;
  • No questionable or potentially dangerous components are used;
  • Baking makes kibbles highly nutritive and safe;
  • Large selection of meat and fish flavors.

Has Lotus been recalled?

Lotus has been around since 2003, and since the natural pet food market also appeared not so long ago, it has also been evolving together with such brands. Throughout the time of its existence, Lotus has never been recalled (it concerns both cat and dog food). It’s not surprising since the company runs a few production facilities in the USA and Canada, and monitors the process of food manufacturing closely. 

Besides, each label of food mentions that the product has been formulated and produced in accordance with AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) standards and guidelines. Although it doesn’t mean the food is certified, many pet owners regard it as some sort of quality guarantee. 

My own review of Lotus cat food

I’d like to start my own Lotus cat food review with a few words about their production technology. Baking of kibbles is a really genius way to preserve all vitamins and nutrients, and when I saw the dry food myself, it reminded me of home-made food. None of the kibbles are the same – they look as if your mom made some small cookies. Lotus food batches are limited, but their quality does not raise concerns.

The manufacturer uses the USA and Canada-sourced meat, as well as lamb from New Zealand. None of the products are exported from China – this is a great advantage. Also, there is a moderate amount of vegetables, berries, and fruits in each type of food. They serve as an extra source of fibers and antioxidants, which is important for cats of any age. I liked the fact that no soy and grains are used – it means the company cares about pets’ health.

Despite seeing a very thought-through, healthy food formula, I found a few questionable ingredients. Note that each recipe contains salt. It’s somewhere in the middle of the contents list, which means there’s pretty much salt. If your cat is sterile or has kidney diseases, it might be dangerous – you should use specialized food and kidney supplements. Yet, I haven’t found reviews stating that cats on the Lotus diet experienced any problems or had urolithiasis.

Does not contain artificial flavors or preservatives;Meat is the first ingredient;Has a moderate amount of vegetables and fruits;Kibbles are baked, which helps to preserve their nutritional value;It has a lot of good reviews.Contains salt (above average);Contains potato starch (questionable ingredient);Expensive, but the cost is justified.

What customers say about Lotus cat food

Customers’ reviews about Lotus cat food are generally positive. In order to decide whether it’s a worthy option for pet owners, I analyzed tens of comments and feedback and was positively surprised by what buyers say. 

First, they noted that their cats liked most food flavors, be that salmon & sardine, or chicken & turkey variation. Even if you’ve got a picky eater, it won’t be hard to find a suitable flavor option for your pet. Secondly, many customers admitted their pet’s fur became shiny and healthy. All cats felt well and there were no complaints about stomach upset, nausea, or signs of allergy.

All of that proves that Lotus pet food is generally safe for cats of all breeds and ages. Due to the optimal amount of vitamins and minerals, its products contribute to overall health. Yet, you should not forget to provide your cat with enough water because kibbles make cats very thirsty.

Great for cats prone to allergies and sensitivity – the food does not contain artificial ingredients and preservatives;Chicken and fish flavors appeal to many cats – they devour the food instantly;Baked kibbles have less ash than other options on the market;Helps to improve pet’s overall health and well-being;Suitable for cats of any breed and age.Food is quite expensive, especially canned options;The quality of canned food varies from one pack to another. While one can might have a lot of meat and a little liquid, another one may be too watery with a few pieces of meat only;Kibbles are very dry and make cats thirsty.


Which Lotus canned cat food has the lowest phosphorus? 

If you’re in search of food with low phosphorus content, refuse form ocean fish flavors and try giving your cat Lotus Turkey & Vegetable Pate Grain-Free Canned Cat Food. The level of phosphorus in this meal is below average, so it’s safe for cats.

Who sells Lotus cat food? 

Lotus cat food can be found in some retail pet supplies stores. Contact the store to find out whether they sell such food. Also, you can order the food in online pet stores, for instance, Amazon and Chewy. There are also many smaller stores that specialize in organic and healthy pet food: some of them offer the lineups from Lotus. You can check the assortment on the official Lotus cat food website.

Is Lotus cat food grain-free? 

Yes, all of the Lotus products are free from grain. The manufacturer does not use wheat, barley, or rice in any of its formulas. There is no soy or soy protein, as well. Instead, the company uses peas and potato starch for reaching the optimal texture and nutritional value of the products. 

So should you buy Lotus cat food? 

Lotus cat food is a worthy option for pet owners who really care what their feline friends eat. Since the company provides fair and transparent information about the ingredients used, this brand has definitely deserved the trust and acclaim of the customers. No recalls of Lotus food have been made during 17 years of its existence, which is one more proof of their credibility.

Since there’s a wide array of flavors, owners of the finicky cats can easily discover the food that appeals to their pets. Regardless of your choice, you can stay assured that your cat receives a proper amount of vitamins and nutrients. Besides, Lotus food has fiber-rich fruits and vegetables for healthy digestion and great well-being.

If your cat has some health problems, for example, allergy or stomach sensitivity, there are special limited-ingredient foods. You can also find separate types of food for senior cats and kittens. Note that all foods are nutrient and calorie-rich, so your pet will need a lower amount of kibbles or pate than it would need with lower quality foods. 

Yet, Lotus cannot be called a cheap brand. If you are ready to spend over $100 per month on healthy cat’s nutrition, this option will be just right. I also recommend starting with a small package of food since not all cats like the flavors – some simply refuse to eat new foods (it’s a strictly individual issue). 

Additional info

There are a few more details about Lotus cat food I’d like to mention:

  • Some foods contain potato starch. Generally, it’s a safe ingredient, but make sure your cat is not sensitive to this component.
  • Since all Lotus foods have salt, don’t forget to give your cat enough water and watch the health of the urinary tract in your pet. (You may want to check this guide about providing enough water to your cat)
  • When your pet has totally switched to Lotus cat food, you can save a pretty penny by buying 24 can packs. It’s more cost-efficient.
  • Pieces of meat in Just Juicy series might be too large or long: watch the contents of cans and cut the morsels when needed (don’t forget to cut tendons and pellicles, if any).
  • When you feed your pet dry or dry + wet food diet, no extra vitamins and minerals are needed – they are already included in the formula. Remember that an excessive amount of vitamins and minerals is dangerous for health!

By following these tips, you will help your pet reap maximum benefits from Lotus food. It’s definitely worth being your cat’s daily diet.

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