Main Features of Chicken Soup For The Soul Cat Food

Most of Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food reviews say the brand offers high-quality meals to satisfy your cat’s nutrition needs. They describe recipes as those full of high-quality ingredients, with no by-products or artificial components inside. I agree with that, but I would like to

specify some other features of the food for you to decide if it’s fair enough to try.

  • All formulas of this cat food contain a small number of vegetables. We know they aren’t necessary for a carnivore’s diet, but they help with the digestive process. So, it’s a chance to reduce food disturbances.
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul contains L-carnitine. It burns fat, helping your cat maintain a healthy weight.
  • A chicory root inside the formula is for reducing the risk of intestinal parasites.

About Chicken Soup For The Soul Company

And now, for the most interesting part: Who makes Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food?

First and foremost, Chicken Soup for the Soul is the US-based and world’s most recognized storyteller. They started in 1993 by gathering and sharing inspiring stories from people. Today, they are Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, with more than 250 titles and more than 100 million books sold all over the world.

Besides books, the company produces apps, TV and movies, and, as you’ve probably guessed it already, pet food for both cats and dogs. The idea to come up with a pet food series appeared after the founders got thousands of stories from people about their love for pets.

So, for those asking about which company owns Chicken Soup for the Soul pet food:

It’s Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing, LLC company, marketing themselves as a brand that turns your every moment with your beloved pet into a story.

Is Chicken Soup for the Soul Good for Cats?

Most cat owners also ask if Chicken Soup for the Soul is good for cats. I understand their doubts: When all reviews call it great, and when everyone trumpets about its relatively low price, it’s hard to believe that everything is so rosy.

First, let’s take the ingredients. The top ones are real chicken and chicken meal, which is yummy (and healthy!) for cats to eat. Some recipes also contain fish (a real one, again), rice, beans, and peas. Far from all are grain-free, but the Chicken Soup for the Soul brand has a grain-free product line for pets with health issues.

All vet specialists also recommend this food because of its natural ingredients and balanced nutrients in the formula. And although Chicken Soup for the Soul recipes aren’t that good with variety, it helps the manufacturer to focus on quality over quantity for our cats to stay healthy.

Chicken Soup for the Soul offers both dry and wet cat food. None of their recipes include soy, corn, or artificial colors and flavors, which is a big plus too. The brand offers two product lines, such as Classic and Grain-Free, and each of them includes four types of cat food: Adult, Kitten, Indoor, and Weight & Mature.

Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food is made in the USA (Utah), and they source the ingredients for their recipes from around the world. The interesting fact is, they refuse sourcing minerals, amino acids, and vitamins for their products from China. The brand follows the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles.

Has Chicken Soup for the Soul Been Recalled?

As for Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food recall, it happened twice, which took the shine off this lovely and positive brand out and away.

  • In 2007, some recipes of Chicken Soup for the Soul kitten and puppy food were recalled. The reason: potential melamine contamination. It was the year when many pet food manufacturers suffered after receiving melamine-contaminated vegetable proteins from China.
  • In 2012, all Chicken Soup for the Soul products were recalled because of a salmonella outbreak in Gaston, South Carolina plant. It was a time when the brand worked with Diamond, producing their products there. Many other Diamond-produced pet food brands got recalls then, and Chicken Soup for the Soul stopped working with Diamond after that incident.

Types of Chicken Soup for the Soul Cat Food Available

Which types of cat food Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food has to offer?

Both dry (6 recipes) and wet (12 recipes), Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food offers two product lines: Classic and Grain-Free. Each line contains four types of food: Adult, Kitten, Indoor, and Weight & Mature formulas. So, whether young or adult, your feline will find a recipe that meets her taste preferences.

The food is also known as “Chicken Soup for Cat Lovers Soul.” Although the brand is not strictly grain-free, it doesn’t use the most harmful grains for a cat’s health (corn, wheat, and soy). Some vitamins and minerals in recipes are synthetic yet acceptable for a cat to eat. All the top ingredients in Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food are natural (real meat), with no chemical preservatives.

Keep on reading for more details.

Top Ingredients of Chicken Soup For The Soul Food

As already mentioned, Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food ingredients are natural. No animal by-products or artificial coloring dyes are on the list, so it’s good for your cat to eat.

Top ingredients of the most recipes in both dry and wet food lines here are chicken (chicken meal, chicken broth, chicken liver). When it comes to fish recipes, salmon is #1. To diversify their not such variable flavors, the brand uses other poultry (turkey and duck) and food grains or beans such as white/brown rice and peas.

Vegetables are also present here: potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, parsley, and others. All they help with digestion and reduce the risk of intestinal parasites.

My Review of Chicken Soup for the Soul Cat Food

Okay, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t try feeding Chicken Soup for the Soul to my cats. They eat both dry and wet cat food, so I decided to purchase two different flavors of Chicken Soup for the Soul to examine the recommendations on the package and see if both cats love this food.

After reading all the available information at the official manufacturer’s website, I’ve chosen these recipes on Amazon:

  • Grain-Free Chicken & Legumes Recipe (dry). This one is with real chicken meal, salmon oil, and lentils. Besides, it contains so many other legumes such as peas, faba beans, and ground flaxseed. In other words, chicken is the only source of animal protein here, which can be below average for your cat to eat.
  • Grain-Free Beef, Carrot & Red Potato Recipe Pâté (wet). My cats did love this one! With beef, beef broth, and chicken liver inside, it wasn’t too watery to eat. The questionable component here was guar gum (the manufacturer used it as a thickening agent), but all other vitamins and minerals from the ingredient list cap this gap.

Although my cats didn’t like Grain-Free Chicken & Legumes Recipe much, I can highlight the following pros of buying this food: natural components inside, kibbles are small enough for a cat to eat with comfort, and detailed recommendations on the package about how to feed.

My cons for Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food: The formula contains gluten, which might be potentially harmful to cats with food sensitivities. Also, it misses some of the essential amino acids a cat needs for better health.

What Customers Say about Chicken Soup for the Soul Cat Food

Most Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food reviews from customers are positive. They write about the natural components and affordability of the product, also mentioning the outgoingness of its manufacturer. Many admit their felines eat the food eagerly, and they are lucky to find the cat food brand offering both dry and wet food lines.

“I bought it because of a larger bag and a lower price compared to the brand I usually buy. The only drawback is this cat food contains some grains. But it offers a variety of meat sources, which makes it unique. If you’re looking for a higher-end, nutritious cat kibble at a pretty good price, this isn’t a wrong choice. How many cat foods have chicken, salmon, turkey, duck, and herbs with no by-products inside?”

Tina, about Classic Kitten Dry Food – Chicken, Brown Rice & Pea Recipe.

And yet, some feedback isn’t that rosy:

“Unfortunately, 4 of my cats would not touch the food after a few initial bites, and the fifth got all of the food and gained a lot of weight. I quickly switched back to science diet-pricy, but they all love it, and it gives me a fighting chance at keeping their weight down. I do hope most other cats like this.”

Melissa, reviewing Grain-Free Wet Cat Food – Chicken, Sweet Potato & Spinach Recipe Pâté.

Sure thing, nobody’s perfect. It would be dubious if 100% of Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food reviews were only positive or negative. As well as any other product, the food has both pros and cons. Customers emphasize on the following:

Pros: a reasonable price, no artificial components or by-products inside, full of vitamins and minerals, tasty for cats, helps to maintain a healthy weight.

Cons: a lack of flavors (chicken is everywhere), gluten is present in most recipes, problematic for cats to eat because of big kibbles.

The FAQ:

When looking for the best diets for our four-legged friends, we all are quite suspicious. I’m in the same league, so I decided to gather the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Chicken for the Soul cat food in one place.


Is Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food grain-free?

The brand is not 100% grain-free, but it has a separate Grain-Free product line. Choose it for your cat if willing to minimize the grain usage in her diet.

Two dry food flavors and four wet food flavors of Chicken Soup for the Soul are grain-free. The recipes from the Classic line contain grains, but they exclude the most harmful ones for a cat: wheat, corn, and soy.

Where to buy Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food?

Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food is available in pet retailers, farm stores, grocery stores, and many other corresponding locations. To make it easier for you, here goes a map from the manufacturer to find the nearest store and buy the food there.

For those buying cat food online, feel free to order Chicken Soup for the Soul through Amazon, Chewy, PetFlow, and other stores that sell pet food.

How healthy is cat food Chicken Soup for the Soul?

I can’t call it 100% healthy because of Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food recall in the past and such questionable ingredients in their recipes as whole grain brown rice (in dry food) or potato starch and guar gum (in wet food). And yet, it’s healthy enough for your feline to support a well-balanced diet and stay active.

How much Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food should I feed my cat?

It depends on your cat’s age, weight, and condition. Although there’s a feeding guide on every package, make sure to consult your vet about how much food your cat needs. You’ll need to feed the amount that keeps your feline lean and fit, and it might not be what’s listed on the package.

So, Should You Buy Chicken Soup for the Soul Cat Food?

Chicken Soup for the Soul cat food is worth trying if you look for an affordable brand that offers both dry and wet food made from natural components. This product gets positive feedback from customers, though its reputation is not that perfect because of two recalls in 2007 and 2012.

I can’t call Chicken Soup for the Soul the best cat food brand on the market, but I recommend you to buy it and see if your cat likes it: the quality of ingredients is high here, and she might love the taste of real chicken meat inside.

I’m Kimberly Baumgart, a future veterinary physician from Manhattan, Kansas. Volunteering in animal shelters and assisting in the local vet hospital, I help pet owners learn more about feline lifestyle. Read my works on Catpet.Club blog to discover the world of healthy nutrition and well-being for your four-legged friend.

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