What We Call Semi-Moist Cat Food

Let us dig into the question what semi-moist cat food is. All of you are probably more familiar with only two types of nutrition for your puss: dry and wet food. The first one is often called as kibble and looks dry with only 10% of water contained. On the contrary, wet categories of cat food may include enough moisture – up to 85%. But in fact, pet nutrition manufacturers have come around with something in the middle – food that you cannot call dry or wet enough. Pet market experts call it ‘semi-moist,’ or pouch cat food. Several decades ago this kind of food looked differently, and today we are pretty much accustomed to its present look and characteristics. Even manufacturers call it in most cases just “moist” and “semi-moist” food, but it refers only to treats. Meanwhile, all other kinds of moist nutrition have a name “wet” and “canned” on its product label.

The history of semi-moist cat food began some decades ago. Back then pet food manufacturers only tried to invent decent nutrition for cats that would be popular with customers. Two major types – dry and canned nutrition – were the most popular, of course. But there existed something that had certain characteristics of these two categories in one product. Looking at semi-moist cat food one could think it is dry food because of its similar look. However, its formula contained far more moisture – up to 60-65%. For customers it was also more attractive and affordable than rather expensive wet canned food, where you had to pay for the can itself, too. At the same time, cat owners wanted to treat their feline friends with care and give better food for less money. In this case semi-moist food looked more preferable than dry pet food. The main goal of getting food of better quality than dry food and lower price than of wet food really existed. But manufacturers tried to decrease the production expenses by adding too much salt, sugar and artificial substances and flavors into semi-moist foods. Unnatural preservatives were no good either.

How to Choose Semi-Moist Cat Food Products of The Highest Quality

As a cat owner you will love buying semi-moist cat food, first of all, because of its convenient texture. You do not have to prepare it anyhow, and all you need is to take your pet’s food bowl and pour the pouch contents into it. Your pussy may be a really picky lady and have her own thoughts of what her ideal menu should look like. In this case moist cat food may become your little victory due to its better look and texture, which are more preferable by animals. Sometimes cats with teeth problems feel pain chewing dry food, so moist formula is much better for them and not so expensive for their owners. The latter will like this category of cat food also for the fact that semi-moist food has characteristics close to natural food that wild cats eat.

However, all these advantages very often get reduced by manufacturers’ policy to add ingredients of low quality. We know that dry food categories and cat food from cans may contain such additives too, so semi-moist products are no exclusion. Today I will give you a number of practical recommendations on how to select the right moist food for your furry pet.

Pay attention to:
  • Pet brand reputation on the web. You can surf the Internet for information on whether the manufacturer uses ingredients and additives that decrease the nutritional value of this brand. Once your little study is completed, you can make your own ranking of what names can be trusted.
  • List of ingredients specified on the pouch back. Remember that the ingredients contained in greater volumes are listed in the first positions. Also pay attention to whether the moist food contains natural meats and other products of animal origin, which are healthy and preferable for pets.
  • Presence of a carbohydrate in the list of ingredients on the first place. Good-quality food should contain proteins of natural origin – the animal-based fats and proteins are highly preferable. Even though plant-based substances may be contained in such food, they are less valuable due to the natural characteristics of cats as animals. And carbohydrates may be really harmful for some cats with certain health problems due to their difficulty to be digested.
  • Comparing characteristics of different cat food. Study the nutrition value of several good and safe looking products and then choose the one with better ratio of proteins, fats and other valuable characteristics.
  • Never put attractive price in the first place when making your choice. Do not trust marketing logos or promises put on the package of cat food. And remember that cheap food always means cheap and unhealthy ingredients that make no good for your pet’s organism. However, high prices do not guarantee excellent quality either. Be a responsible and thinking cat owner: do not trust every word of pet food manufacturers because very often these words are not proved by anything. The list of ingredients is the only source you can trust!
  • Information given by the manufacturer. Responsible cat food producers are very careful in their philosophy and manufacturing process. They give all the information needed and interesting to a customer, starting from where the meats or grains were grown and ending with what stages of processing and preparation the brand used in their cat food production. If there is no information on these aspects at all, it can be a reason to look for some extra information online on your own. I do not insist on any suspicious moments, but as a caring pet owner you should always pay attention even to such tiny issues.
Shopping for decent food brands for your kitty you should realize, as I have mentioned above, that today pet food manufacturers do not actually put any “semi-moist” or “moist” mark on their product labels. Instead, this category of pet food exists just within the larger “wet” category. But opposed to canned cat food it is produced in pouches, not aluminum cans. Thus, the end price of moist cat food is lower than that of the canned products for there are no extra expenditures on expensive cans and the very process of producing food in cans. So, remember in order to find semi-moist cat food you should look for wet cat food in pouches. The primary indicator of this category is the moisture content. Rightly prepared semi-moist food for pets should contain up to 85% moisture, but not less than 50%. In fact, this indicator varies somewhere in between of 60-65%. As you can see, no kibble products contain as much moisture, as cat food in pouches.

Selecting Semi-Moist Food for Cats with Obesity

It may seem that your furry friend is just a little bit bigger than cats of your friends. However, be extremely attentive to your pet’s weight. Talking about people, a few extra pounds do not mean anything and surely won’t be considered as obesity. And it is just the other way round when it comes to cats. Even a couple of pounds compound one seventh of your cat’s total weight. And it means a lot. As a caring cat owner you should control your pet’s weight and regularly take your kitty to a vet. For such small animals as cats obesity means risk for their lives, not only serious diseases.

It is essential for owners of cats with obesity to offer a balanced diet for their feline friends. You should remember that your pet eats what you offer him. And it is your primary task to form good eating habits of your kitty.

Now think of what food is optimal in case of overweight problems. The answer can be found if we look of the wild cats’ diet. Of course our home pets have changed within the centuries and do not eat raw meat anymore, but their organs do need enough water and moisture from food. Low prices and convenience of kibbles play a bad trick by offering pet food that is used by many pet owners. But you should understand that lack of moisture in your cat’s organism is quite often the very first reason why your pet has problems with weight. Of course, you can say that you regularly give water after each meal. But this habit can be rather dangerous, as experienced vets say. Dry food gets stuck in your kitty’s stomach giving no pass for water to flow further. Your cat drinks a lot of water right after meal, and it creates pain in his stomach. Too much water drunk in a period of just a few minutes is bad for the animal. It is a stress for his stomach, and a number of well-known veterinarians say that it may even lead to death.

To be a real friend for your furry family member you should think about his or her diet. Semi-moist cat food contains enough moisture and does not require any extra water right after the meal. Cat specialists have worked out optimal recipes of the cat’s menu and are here to present us their healthy and delicious products. Another great thing about moist food in pouches is their convenience. In most cases you won’t have even a chance to overfeed your kitty only because each pouch with semi-moist cat food in it contains the optimal size of a food portion your lovely furry friends needs to stay fit and healthy. You just tear the package – and here the delicious dish goes right into your pet’s food bowl. Veterinarians recommend semi-moist diets for pets with excessive weight.

The ratio of proteins, fats and other nutritive elements is ideal in prepared semi-moist cat food. Your little friend will take enough energy from food, but won’t get extra carbohydrates that cause obesity. Semi-moist cat food is rightly balanced, contains enough moisture and fits the needs of cats that do not move too much sitting at home. Of course, you can always prepare your own menu if there is any reason not to buy ready-to-eat food for your pets. However, you realize that taking kibbles and then making them wet enough by adding some chicken broth, for example, is quite complicated. At the same time, you cannot be sure if the ratios of all nutritive elements are right and well-balanced. In this case prepared semi-moist is a great solution for owners of cats with weight problems.

Meredith spent 12 hours to write this semi-moist cat food guide for you. She is a proud mom of two cats and contributor to CatPet.

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