Can my cat eat plant-based products only?

No, because cats need a high amount of protein to cover their daily nutritional needs. Plant-based products lack the essential nutrients and might cause digestive disorders.It’s okay to serve your cat 

Are grain-free and gluten-free treats the same thing?

Not exactly. While grain-free treats always come without gluten, gluten-free treats might contain cereals. Gluten is contained in particular grains, such as wheat, rye, and barley. Thus, a gluten-free formula may have corn and rice. Always read the label to make sure the formula has neither grains nor gluten, and consult a veterinarian to find out which components should be excluded from your cat’s diet. 

Are Greenies treats grain-free?

No, the Greenies lineup does contain grains. However, there’s a comprehensive array of grain-free, high-protein snacks available on the market. Top picks are observed in our guide.

Are grain-free snacks the best option for cats?

Not necessarily, but such products are the best choice for cats with a sensitive stomach, digestive disorders, and food allergies. Each cat has specific nutritional needs – you should pick the food accordingly after consultation with a vet.

In a word

Although grains are not equally dangerous for all cats, those can be the reason for digestive disorders, allergic reactions, and other unpleasant side effects. However, you need to consult a veterinarian before you decide to exclude grains from your cat’s diet entirely. Find out what exactly might cause health issues, and whether withdrawal of grains/gluten makes any difference. You can insert these treats into a pet camera for cats dispenser and gamify a healthy habit.

Hopefully, this guide will help you make an informed decision. To pick the best treat for your furry friend, analyze which flavors and textures appeal to your pet, whether yummies should have any vitamins and minerals, and how often you want them to be served. Also, remember that grain-free and gluten-free are not the same products! With this information in minds, you will be able to purchase a tasty and safe product for your buddy.

I am Claudine, a College of Veterinary Medicine alumni and cat health & lifestyle specialist. In this blog, I share my personal experience and recommendations on improving cat’s diet, behavior, and both physical and psychological state.

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