How to choose the best freeze-dried food for your feline (and how I did it)

As seen from freeze-dried cat food reviews, several brands are supplying such formulas to the market. And while they all contain some raw meat, other characteristics may differ by far. When I decided to choose the best freeze-dried raw cat food for my kitty fellow, I faced a few points to consider. Here they are:

1. Always check the ingredients list

The top ingredient should be raw meat or fish. It’s a primary source of animal protein for felines to thrive, by contrast with carbohydrates. (Cats are obligate carnivores, so they don’t need many carbs in their diet.) Please make sure there are no artificial colors, flavors, or any other preservatives inside. Some fruits or vegetables are still OK, as they provide additional vitamins and minerals. All the ingredients should come from natural sources.

2. Consider the method of production

More often than not, pet owners don’t focus on how their cat’s food has been produced. Please carry out some research on freeze-dry cat food production. Do your best to choose the brands that share the corresponding information on the label. Consider those removing pathogens from the formulas.

Also, remember that the texture of freeze-dried cat food will be closer to that of a canned paté, not that of kibbles after you rehydrate it. Some felines won’t like it or will need some time to get used to it. It took me two weeks to transit mine to freeze-dried formulas (I mixed them with current food).

3. Remember about feeding peculiarities

Once you decide to switch a feline to raw, freeze-dried cat food, you may notice that the feeding amount differs from what you get used to. Thus, a 4-pound box of freeze-dried food for cats can make about 12 pounds once rehydrated. So, please consult the food label for instructions to avoid overfeeding your feline and putting her at risk of obesity. Learn how much to feed a cat to understand the basic concepts of cat nutrition.

At the end of the day

Not only is freeze-dried cat food a trend of feline nutrition, but it also works to support a complete and balanced feeding of our cats. In this guide, I gathered the best freeze-dried formulas and shared tips on how to choose them. And, as well as other self-respecting freeze-dried cat food reviews, we’d be happy to hear your feedback.

Also, I recommend you to read our ultimate guide if you’re looking for high-quality basic cat food.

Did you feed your furry friend with freeze-dried cat food? What pros and cons of such formulas do you see? See you in the comments!

I’m Kimberly Baumgart, a future veterinary physician from Manhattan, Kansas. Volunteering in animal shelters and assisting in the local vet hospital, I help pet owners learn more about feline lifestyle. Read my works on Catpet.Club blog to discover the world of healthy nutrition and well-being for your four-legged friend.

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