Main Features of American Journey

American Journey cat food brand was created to offer cat owners a low-cost alternative to medium-class products. One of the main highlights is all-natural contents: the manufacturer does not add artificial colors or preservatives to the recipes. There are no animal by-products, and all the recipes come without grains, soy, or wheat. This is a perfect choice for cats that are allergic to grains or some chemical additives.

It goes without mentioning a decent array of flavors available. Aside from regular flavors like chicken and beef, American Journey offers fish variations  (salmon, tuna, mackerel, and others). 

Types of cat food available

When it comes to the variety of foods available, American Journey doesn’t have much to offer. There are three basic categories:

  • Dry food is available in the form of kibbles. They are rich in protein and all essential vitamins and minerals. Dry food is equally suitable for kittens and adult cats but has a high calorie content, which makes it a doubtful choice for overweight cats.
  • Pate-style food is recommended for cats of all ages since it has an optimal amount of protein and moisture, and at the same time, features all necessary vitamins and minerals.
  • Minced wet food is a nice choice for picky eaters since it contains pieces of meat and has a high moisture content. However, there is a limited amount of vitamins, and no Omega fatty acids included. This option is recommended for adult cats mostly.

Aside from it, American Journey offers chicken treats and freeze-dried chicken pieces. Read our article if you are looking for top freeze-dried cat foods on the market.

Main ingredients used in American Journey cat food

American Journey takes care of the quality of products used. It mostly sources meat from the United States, and some components are exported from New Zealand, Canada, China, Chile, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands. In the Landmark series, it uses pieces of meat while other lineups also contain liver and meat meal.

Each formula contains essential vitamins and minerals, as well as taurine, Omega fatty acids, and folic acid. Dry foods and pate series have vegetables and berries for better digestion. Some recipes have Cassia Gum and Xanthan Gum – both are questionable ingredients. Yet, there are no other allergy-provoking components.

No formula of American Journey has artificial components like colors, flavors, and preservatives. The brand offers all-natural products and strives to eliminate all potentially dangerous ingredients. Please, be aware that the manufacturer does add salt to the formulas, which isn’t a good option for cats with weak kidneys and bladder.

About American Journey company

Who makes American Journey cat food? American Journey is a Chewy-owned company that was launched in 2017 to offer cat food of decent quality for lower prices. Today, this food is available on the Chewy website only – it’s available for ordering online. The brand focuses on proper packaging and safe formulations. The food of the American Journey brand is manufactured in unknown facilities in Kansas.

Each recipe has a related AAFCO nutrient profile that is available on the product’s packaging and official webpage. However, that does not mean that the food meets all the AAFCO guidelines (that mostly applies to the lineups of dog food). American Journey strives to provide safe and nutrient-rich food and uses the ingredients sourced from the USA, Canada, New Zealand, China, Chile, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands. Since it creates the recipes without artificial additives and grains, American Journey is a good choice for switching a cat to a natural diet. 

Generally, this is one of the best US-based brands since it offers an optimal price/quality ratio. The majority of customer reviews are positive: owners do not complain about allergic reactions, digestion problems, or any other serious health issues caused by this food. The only negative feedback is concerning the flavor: some cats refuse to eat American Journey food. However, this is a highly subjective aspect. 

Is American Journey good for cats?

The food of this company is a perfect trade-off between the price and the quality. It is rather useful for cats due to the formulations. There are four basic lineups available, and each of them is formulated without:

  • Artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors;
  • Grains, wheat, soy;
  • Animal by-products or meat of unknown origin;
  • Highly allergic components.

Thus, if you buy American Journey, you can be sure that your pet isn’t likely to suffer from serious allergic reactions, sensitivity, or digestion disorders. Another aspect to consider is the amount of vitamins and minerals. This food has all essential nutrients, Omega fatty acids, and folic acid – the whole gamut of elements for sustaining a normal health and muscle development. 

Another crucial aspect to consider is the content of protein, carbs, and fat. When it comes to protein content, it’s average: kibbles have 40% of protein, wet foods – 10-12%. However, there is a high content of carbohydrates (30%)  and fat (about 15%) in dry food so this option is not for overweight cats. Kibbles have about 400 kcal per cup, which is pretty high. 

When it comes to moisture levels, it’s normal (75-80% for wet food), and the amount of ash in kibbles is pretty low. All in all, the form of food is satisfying though some cat owners complain that kibbles are too small. 

After considering all pros and cons, I can say that the American Journey brand provides above-average quality products. This cat food can be recommended to cats of all ages and breeds. It delivers all essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for optimal development and growth of pets. American Journey definitely deserves trying since it’s a safe choice, and there have been no customers’ complaints about its quality or any negative health impact. 

Has American Journey been recalled?

After searching on the Net, I have found no American Journey cat food recalls. The brand was established not so long ago (2017), and during the short time of its existence, it has managed to gain a good reputation. Also, there are no highly negative customer reviews of American Journey cat food, which means consumers are mostly content with the products.

Evidently, American Journey cares about the safety of food and does its best to comply with strict standards. One more proof of product quality is that the manufacturer takes AAFCO guidelines into consideration, and each label mentions that.

American Journey cat food recall

As I have mentioned, American Journey cat food has never been recalled – the brand has an untarnished reputation. Besides, customer reviews are mostly positive, and people only complained that their cats wouldn’t eat the food (which is a highly individual thing).

Thus, American Journey is a worthy brand that has already managed to prove its reliability and safety. Since all the recipes are formulated without artificial additives and components, this cat food would be equally suitable for pets of all ages and breeds. 

It goes without mentioning that Chewy provides full information about American Journey cat food, including nutritional value, contents, and all ingredients. 

My own review of American Journey cat food

I don’t take users’ words for granted and decided to check American Journey cat food myself. I’ve bought two types of food: dry chicken food and pate-style tuna flavor. The first one was welcomed by my cat despite consumers’ reviews claiming that their pets wouldn’t eat kibbles. I analyzed the contents, and what I liked is that:

  • The manufacturer clearly states which types of meat are used, and it’s mostly chicken and chicken liver. American Journey uses no animal by-products, which once again proves that the quality of kibbles is pretty good.
  • There are no artificial components and preservatives.
  • There are no grains and soy, so these kibbles can be served to cats with digestion problems or sensitivity.
  • Fruits, veggies, and berries serve as an additional source of fiber.

However, there are a couple of questionable ingredients. For example, tapioca starch and pea protein might be totally excluded. Instead, more peas and meat would do. You should also be aware that the formulas include salt, which isn’t good for cats with kidney problems and weak bladder.

As for the wet food, it’s formulated perfectly, and my cat also liked the flavor. The only ingredient that concerns me is Guar Gum – a natural thickening agent. The texture is pretty soft, and I would definitely recommend this lineup for kittens. However, you should also add kibbles in this case because the pate has a low calorie content.

All in all, I would recommend American Journey cat food to all cat owners in search of a non-expensive and quality option. This food is absolutely safe and good enough for daily feeding of cats and does not require giving your additional cat supplements.

No grains and soy in recipes;No artificial additives;Optimal consistency.Contains guar gum;Contains salt;Wet food lacks some essential components.

What customers say about American Journey cat food

Judging by the customers’ reviews, American Journey is a highly reputable brand that offers quality cat food. Consumers are generally content with the quality of food and their pets’ reaction to it. First of all, there are no reviews containing any complaints about allergic reactions, digestion disorders, or any sensitivities. That means the formulas are pretty safe and free from harmful substances or questionable ingredients.

Moreover, some cat owners claim that American Journey food reduced some symptoms in their pets, such as gas and stinky poop. Besides, American Journey nutrition helps to sustain healthy skin and fur and improves overall health.  

The only consumers’ complaint is about the flavor: not all cats touch the food. It should be noted that formulas have only natural flavors (some of them do not have any flavoring agents at all), which means they might be less appealing. Anyway, taste is a very subjective criterion, and it’s absolutely normal that some cats don’t like certain variations, primarily all-natural recipes.

Safe formulas without artificial components;Optimal price/quality ratio;Great vitamin and protein content.The flavors aren’t equally appealing for all cats;Limited choice of flavors;Some cans are delivered dented.


Who makes American Journey cat food? 

American Journey is a Chewy-owned brand that’s sold exclusively in Chewy online pet store. It manufactures cat food in unknown facilities in Kansas and sources ingredients from the USA and other different countries. 

Is American Journey a good cat food? 

Even though American Journey was founded not so long ago, in 2017, it has managed to establish a pretty good reputation. It manufactures the food of above-average quality because it does not contain any very allergic or dangerous components. It can be served to adult cats and kittens without worries. Each formula has basic vitamins and minerals, and kibbles and pate-style foods are perfect for daily nutrition. If you’re specifically concerned about quality – you’ll enjoy reading our guide with top 21 cat foods.

Why is American Journey cat food out of stock? 

Since American Journey is sold on the Chewy website only, it’s produced in a limited amount. If you need some certain cat food of this brand, you can contact Chewy customer support and ask them when the next supply is expected. The lineups haven’t been changed – American Journey offers four series of foods. 

Where can I buy American Journey cat food?

This food is sold exclusively on the Chewy website – it’s not likely that you will find American Journey cat products in any other store. If some certain flavor is absent, you can contact Chewy customer support to find out when the refill will be. 

How much protein is in American Journey chicken and turkey canned cat food?  

This flavor has 9% protein content thanks to pure poultry meat pieces, dried egg whites, and peas. This is an average amount of protein for minced cat food. 

Does American Journey cat food have low-carb recipes?

The lineup of pate food from American Journey is a good option for healthy cats: it has 2.27% of carbohydrates on a dry matter basis. If your cat is diabetic, it can be offered the Landmark lineup because the foods of this series have 1% of carbs. 

So should you buy American Journey cat food?

To sum it up, I do recommend American Journey cat food because it presents an optimal price/quality ratio. Each lineup of foods has great protein content, and wet foods are pretty low in carbs. The dry food from American Journey is a highly recommended option for the daily nutrition of adult cats and kittens because it provides a generous boost of energy and all necessary vitamins and minerals. It goes without mentioning that the manufacturer adds fiber-rich superfoods (fruits, berries, vegetables) and Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. 

American Journey is advised to those who care about the cat’s health and want to prevent allergic reactions. Also, if your cat is sensitive to some artificial ingredients and has a weak digestive system, you should try Landmark and pate-style foods since they have a limited amount of components. There are a few questionable ingredients, including dried egg products and natural gum thickeners. 

If you have an overweight cat, the kibbles from American Journey aren’t the best solution, but wet foods will be just right. Thanks to a high amount of moisture and a low amount of fat, this food will contribute to weight loss. It’s vice versa with kittens: they should get more energy and calories, and the dry food will address this need perfectly. 

Additional info 

I’d like to finish my review by taking a closer look at the components in American Journey cat food. Most of them are safe, but a few raise concerns, which should be taken into account when you decide to try some recipes. 

  • Tapioca starch might be an allergic component in rare cases.
  • Fish meal and dried eggs serve as the source of protein but can be unsuitable for cats with allergy and sensitivities.
  • Natural flavor in the foods is obtained from hydrolyzed animal tissue, but since it’s not clear which tissues exactly are used, it might be a bad choice for cats with food sensitivities. 
  • Canola oil is an unnecessary ingredient in the recipes: although it does add some fat and calories to food, it’s a plant-derived component which isn’t good for cats’ digestive system. 

Before switching your cat to any of American Journey food formulas, you should buy a small amount and let your pet try it. If your feline friend shows no signs of allergy and eats the recipes with joy, you can continue feeding. American Journey food is ideal for daily nutrition, and if none of the components cause adverse reactions, you can stick to this diet for a long time. Note that no food supplements and vitamins are required if your cat eats kibbles and pate from American Journey – they are rich in nutrients.

I am Claudine, a College of Veterinary Medicine alumni and cat health & lifestyle specialist. In this blog, I share my personal experience and recommendations on improving cat’s diet, behavior, and both physical and psychological state.

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