Best cat fountains in 2021: A comparison chart

Cat Water FountainQuality/SturdinessFiltering qualityEase of cleaningNoise level
Comsmart Cat Water Fountain101088
PetSafe Cat and Dog Water Fountain8997
PETKIT Cat Water Fountain99109
PETKIT Cat Water Fountain, Ultra-Quiet 1010910
Veken Pet Fountain8988
PetSafe Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain101098
Beacon Pet Cat Water Fountain91087
Cat Mate Pet Fountain89109
Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain8999
Pet Fountain Cat Water Dispenser91098

Here’s how I selected and ranked the water fountains

I can almost hear you thinking, “What has made her believe those ten fountains were the best ones?” So, here go the criteria I considered when selecting and ranking products for this guide:

1. Sturdiness and overall quality

As already mentioned in the intro, I purchased and tested 11 cat fountains from those ranked best in most unbiased reviews and customer feedback. Given that this device needs to work 24/7, I assumed it should be sturdy. One of the best options could be a stainless steel cat fountain, though ceramic ones are great too.

Also, I checked the thickness of the material, which is critical for fire safety. The smell of material also matters as it defines the overall quality of the device. I would recommend reading the safety chapter in the instructions too: The proper usage guarantees the longevity of work.

2. Filtering quality

It’s probably the most critical detail for cat parents to consider when choosing the best cat water fountain. I’ve tested all ten for their filters’ ability to capture hair and neutralize tastes and odors.

First, I dropped pinches of cat hair into the bowls of all tested fountains and left them run overnight. In the morning, I checked how much hair their filters had caught: All cat fountains with pre-filters were able to deal with almost all of the hair before it reached the carbon filter; those with no pre-filters caught it to their central filters at once. I’d recommend choosing cat fountains with pre-filters if you don’t want to change carbon filters too often.

After that, I dropped a pinch of mint extract into fountains’ bowls with water and waited for their filters to deal with the odor and taste. All performed well: It took a few hours for them to eliminate the mint.

3. Ease of cleaning

All the best cat fountains go with detailed instructions on how (and how often) to clean them. Most say it’s OK to change the water and clean a fountain once a week. So, I had been using all tested products for five days and then took them to pieces to see how easy it would be to clean each.

The verdict:

All are easy to take apart and clean in a dishwasher. (PETKIT Cat Water Fountain was the most comfortable one to use here.) However, I’d recommend cleaning all the tiny parts by hand to avoid their loss or occasional damage.

4. Noise level

And last but not least, I compared the noise level in fountains’ tech specifications. Given this device will work 24/7, its noise output also matters when speaking of the best cat water fountains on the market.

So, I ran each one by one, listening to their motor hums and other sounds. PETKIT Cat Water Fountains are my winners here, though Cat Mate and Pioneer Pet Raindrop can provide keen competition to them. PetSafe seemed the loudest of the bunch to me: I could hear its water noise from across the room.


How to clean a cat water fountain?

All the best cat water fountains’ parts (except their motors and cords) are safe to clean in a dishwasher. So, all you need to do is unplug your fountain, dump the water, disassemble it, and put all the allowed parts in a dishwasher. Consider hand-washing with a brush or a soft sponge if your dishwasher runs too hot or a fountain’s safety instruction recommends it.

Why is my cat water fountain loud?

It happens if the motor of your chosen cat water fountain is noisy. To muffle that sound, you can put the fountain on a carpet, rug, or mat. Also, check whether the device is clear of debris (a cat’s hair, etc.): it can influence the noise intensity, too. Another solution is the isolation of the feeding/drinking station with the help of an automatic cat door.

Why does my cat play with her water fountain?

Some felines love water, its reflective surface, and the way it splashes, so yours may want to play with it. Another reason: indoor cats groom more often than their outdoor fellows, so if yours is tolerable of water – she may use it for a bathtub. Make sure that your cat has its own toys, activity center, or at least you can show her the online games for cats.

At the end of the day

A cat water fountain can become your must-have assistant in a pet household. Many felines love drinking from faucets because running water is more natural (and useful) for them to consume. So, why not think of choosing the best cat drinking fountain for your furry friend?

In this guide, I’ve tested and reviewed the best cat fountains on the market so you could pick one that meets your needs and budget most. All are of high quality and easy to maintain. All promote healthy drinking habits and contribute to the prevention and management of urinary problems in cats.

Also, if you are a fan of automatic hydration, why not think about automatic feeding as well?

Do you have a cat water fountain at home? What are your recommendations to pet parents thinking of buying one for their felines?

I’m Kimberly Baumgart, a future veterinary physician from Manhattan, Kansas. Volunteering in animal shelters and assisting in the local vet hospital, I help pet owners learn more about feline lifestyle. Read my works on CatPet.Club blog to discover the world of healthy nutrition and well-being for your four-legged friend.

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