Three types of invisible cat fences

1. In-ground fence

These fences do need a bit of digging before they’re properly set up and you may have to spend a bit of time doing that.

You’ll have lots of freedom with the type/shape of barrier you want, which is pretty convenient.

Also, the wire won’t loosen or get damaged because of wind or bad weather, since it’ll be safely buried underground.

2. Wireless cat fence

These fences are a breeze to set up and maintain. You also don’t have to pay extra for wires, but that does come at the cost of functionality.

You won’t get as wide a range with these fences and the signal may be weak or obstructed at some points in the radius, allowing your pets to escape.

3. Indoor cat fence

These are the fences with the smallest range compared to the two other types. They’re usually used indoors when you want to prevent your pets from going into certain rooms, jumping on certain platforms, and so on. If you are looking for indoor zone control, you might want to read about auto cat flaps as well.

How an underground fence for cats works

Here’s how an underground fence actually works: you have a wire that is buried underground that generates a signal that spreads in a (usually circular) radius of several meters outwards from the center point.

What’s most interesting to note is that the signal is likely to weaken as it moves further away from the wire. However, it is built to remain strong enough to still be detected from several meters away.

The signal, however, is useless if your pet isn’t wearing a pet collar that comes with the fence. The collar is the primary component that detects this signal and generates alerts for your pets.

When your pet is within a few feet of the wire, an alert will beep that will tell your pet that if it proceeds further, it will be shocked.

The actual shock is activated if the collar enters the strong shock region within a few feet from the wire (which is basically the boundary you’ve established).

The system is designed to train your cat or dog to familiarize itself with the beeping alert that warns it not to proceed further.

What’s great about this is that you can set up a field that trains your pets to not wander too far off and have you worry about finding them or getting a hold of them.

The interaction shock system is basically a set of small flags that teach your pet to avoid behaviour that will lead to an undesirable outcome.

If you want to train your pets well, make sure you’re setting this system up in a quiet area with little traffic and very few pedestrians. If your area is too noisy or has too many cars, people, or animals, your pet won’t respond to the training properly and will get distracted.

Finally, there are a number of issues with electric shock fields like these but one of the most pertinent is the fact that while these systems discourage your pets from exiting them, they can’t prevent external entities, such as predators from entering the field and harming your pets.

Five things to keep in mind when buying an electric fence

This section will address five factors you need to keep in mind when you’re looking to invest in an electric fence.

1. You should train your cat to use the system

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you’ll have to work on training your cat to learn how to interact with the system.

Most cats won’t be able to figure the system out on their own, so you’ll have to spend a good amount of time on figuring out how to help your cat learn about the system and recognize what the system is trying to stop them from doing.

Most electric cat fences come with instruction manuals and guides that you can consult to learn about the best ways to familiarize your pets with the system. Also it’s a good idea to consult with a cat behaviorist prior to installing this expensive system.

2. The effectiveness depends on the setting

The effectiveness of the training definitely depends on how conducive your setting is for your pets to be able to learn efficiently.

A quiet area with little traffic and very few pedestrians is ideal for teaching your pets the proper way to interact with these systems.

Otherwise, if you do it in a crowded, noisy area, your pets may be too scared or distracted to be able to learn properly.

3. The system does not prevent other animals from trespassing

Here’s one of the biggest problems you need to consider: an invisible electric cat fence only works on cats that wear collars associated with the electric cat fence.

It doesn’t work on animals that enter the fence range from outside. This means that several dangerous animals could easily trespass and come into contact with your pets.

This means that while such systems do keep your cat from venturing off into the unknown, they don’t really protect your cat from external threats, so that’s definitely something you should keep in mind.

If you want to properly protect your cat from external threats, you’ll have to think of alternative measures.

4. An electric fence may turn against its purpose

Imagine this situation: you have a cat that gets overly excited and runs through the fence barrier despite the shock stimulus.

When that happens and the cat tries to get back in, the collar will respond exactly as it would if your cat was inside the barrier. It will alert and warn your cat to not go closer to the fence barrier.

This is a huge problem, since it will discourage your cat from re-entering the barrier. That way, a wireless cat fence may turn against its purpose.

5. You should study the alternative solutions

With everything I’ve mentioned about cat electric fences, now I’ll be shedding light on some very useful alternatives if you feel like an electric cat fence isn’t right for you.

With that in mind, you should read up on the alternatives at your disposal to get a better idea on what your options are.

Four alternatives to the invisible fence for cats

1. A cat fence topper system

Cats can be rather troublesome to contain, especially because they can jump up to six times their own height, which means they may be able to escape regular fences by scaling them and jumping out.

A suitable solution to this issue is a cat fence topper system. Cats generally scale fences by placing their paws on the fence for traction. However, fence topper systems come with paddles that spin whenever a cat lays a paw on them.

That way, the cat cannot gain traction and fails to climb over the fence and to the outside. Fence topper systems are common alternatives to wireless cat fences and invisible fence cat collars.

Cat fence conversion kit

A prime example of a fence topper system is this cat fence conversion kit. This cat fence conversion kit allows you to convert around two hundred feet of your fence into a large play area for your pets.

This is pretty handy, because this means that your cats will be able to get regular exercise and movement without you worrying about them wandering off too far from your premises and exposing themselves to harm.

At a suitable price and with great quality material, this cat conversion kit is definitely not one to miss!


  • Name: Easypetfence
  • Size: 200′
  • Composition: 100% polypropylene plastic


  • Converts around 200 feet of regular fence into cat fence
  • Comes with a large play area for your cats
  • Very high quality
  • Amazingly entertaining for your pets

2. A cat tent

Most cats are very fond of playing and staying entertained, and cat tents are one of the best ways to do exactly that!

The concept is pretty simple. You have a tent, made for your cat, that your cat can run around, play, and entertain itself in.

Also, cat tents are a great way to keep your cats from wandering off too far from you and being at risk of any harm.

If you’re looking to get a cat tent, you’ll find plenty of amazing ones on the market. Ultimately, you need to find one that has enough room for your cat but still lets it feel safe and snuggly.

Outback Jack outdoor cat tent

If you’re looking for a great cat tent, look no further than this cat tent on Amazon!

The best thing about this outdoor cat tent is that it allows your feline friends to enjoy a warm, sunny day outside and keeps predators and other dangers out.

That way, you don’t have to worry about your cats not enjoying themselves outside and simultaneously, you don’t have to worry about them being attacked by predators.

You can use this tent both outside and inside. It’s very portable and lightweight, and it works well in a variety of circumstances.

If you’re looking for a great, safe, yet handy option, this cat tent should be your #1 pick!


  • Brand Name: Outback Jack
  • Manufacturer: ABO Gear
  • Item Dimensions (inches): 34 x 21.5 x 6.5
  • Package Dimensions (inches): 24.4 x 19.65 x 3.9
  • Weight: 7 pounds


  • Ideal for small cats and other pets
  • Perfect for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Comes with a cat tunnel
  • Comes with a cat tent

3. An outdoor catio

What cat doesn’t like playing outside in the sun? I’m sure yours does as well, which is why I’m going to talk about outdoor catios.

Outdoor catios are basically an outdoor enclosure that allows your cats to play in a big cage-like setting where you can hang toys or treats for your cats.

GUTINNEEN Large Cat House

This large cat house is one of the best enclosures for your cats to play around in, to relax in, and to sleep in.

It comes with a completely waterproof roof to shield them from the rain, soft cat beds for your cat, and a number of other cat-friendly features to make sure that your furry friends stay happy and entertained.


  • Item Brand: GUTINNEEN
  • Item Color: Grey
  • Dimensions (inches): 71 x 38 x 71


  • Oversized door that comes with a safety latch
  • Completely enclosed
  • Comes with two cat sleeping beds
  • The roof is completely waterproof

Also, there is a good variety of catios for an apartment balcony so your cat enjoy the outdoors safely staying at home.

4. A free-standing fence

A free standing fence is a great way to keep your cats safe and enclosed without having to worry about their safety.

You can find plenty of amazing free-standing fences on the market today, and most of them will claim to be right for your cat. If you have unfenced areas, you can fence them with these fences and not have to worry about your cats escaping.

5. A cat solarium

Did you know that a cat can enjoy the outdoors without actually being exposed to all the threats of the open air? A window-mounted cat solarium for cats is an outstanding alternative because it allows your cat to breathe fresh air, enjoy the sun and watch the birds without actual danger.

In a word

Cat electric fences may very well be one of the most important investments for your cat if you live in an area where your cat may wander off and get lost, or if you live in a very crowded area that presents lots of dangers to your cat.

All in all, your cats need to feel safe and protected, and that’s what cat electric fences are here for.

This guide aimed to help you understand more about your options in the market and what you can do to protect your cats from getting lost or facing potential harm.

I wish you the best. Happy buying!

Jimmie O’Chutt is CEO of CatPet.Club magazine. He saved his cat’s life (who has KCD). Jimmie is a cat enthusiast who is pretty good at product research. He shares his own experience and advice here on CatPet.Club

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