Do I need an automatic outdoor cat feeder? 

If your cat has a lot of outdoor activity, an automatic outdoor cat feeder is a must-buy thing for you. 

We are all human, and we don’t always have time to feed our pets, so it would be handy to automate this process. It is good to be sure that your cat will have enough food and water when you leave for work in the morning or travel abroad. 

All you have to do in the evening is to wash the bowl. These devices are simple in use, comfortable and energy-saving. I think they are another step in the relationships with your cat. If you choose the feeder allowing an animal to self-regulate the portion, your cat will be grateful and won’t forget your generosity.

All outdoor feeders are animal-proof. The lock system will work perfectly as soon as an animal tries to break into the feeder.  

These devices are made of durable materials resistant to even the harshest weather conditions. 

The program can set up portion size as precisely as possible following the schedule you choose. It’s a “purrfect” solution for cats on a diet.

Find the best way to communicate with your cat when choosing the right feeder. Choose the model with a record-voice option to make your fluffy friend happy when you are away. Set up portions to stick to your cat’s diet even if you are at work or travelling with your friends. 

Your cat requires moist food? Not a problem at all! Just pick a feeder that serves a refrigerated wet food!

Automatic outdoor cat feeder is not only a cool device, but it’s also a necessity for all the busy cat owners who do care for their little friends!

Wondering which cat food brands would be a good choice for your feeder? I recommend checking these decent brands: Simply Nourish cat food, Abound cat food and Young Again cat food.

Types of automatic outdoor cat feeders

There are two main types of automatic outdoor cat feeders: 

  • gravity feeders
  • electronic feeders

The first type is a classic one as it doesn’t need any power to work. It uses gravity to feed your cat and provide it with enough fresh water. They all can easily schedule the cat’s mealtime. You can also decide how large a portion should be. One of the prime examples of a gravity feeder is Van Ness Medium Auto Feeder I reviewed above. However, as mentioned earlier, gravity feeders are good for cats without obesity.

Electronic feeders have a wider range of options for more demanding cats and their owners. If your fluffy has a special diet and needs to gain or lose weight, then technologies are on your side. 

You can simply adjust the number of meals and the portions needed just by connecting the feeder with the app on your phone. It helps to make the feeding process more flexible and differentiated. WESTLINK Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser or SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder are great examples of pure technologies implemented into your cat’s life. So if you have Wi-Fi in your home (I am sure you do) there won’t be any problems when using an electronic feeder.

Features to consider 

There are a lot of feeders on the market, and you have to be 100%-sure that you have chosen the right model. I made a list of features to consider before purchasing an automatic outdoor cat feeder.


It can be quite a challenge to live with both a cat and a dog at the same time. Dogs are usually more curious and strong, so they can easily steal some food from your cat’s feeder. This may be the reason of why your cat is always hungry.

That’s why dog-proof design is a wild card for you and your pet. Such a feeder can do a face-control for each of your pets. Dogs are not in the club today.

Automatic outdoor cat feeders can also be racoon-proof or even bird-proof. Just read the description on the box to make sure the secureness corresponds to your needs and outdoor peculiarities. 

Also Claudine prepared a useful guide on how to prevent one cat stealing food from another.

All-weather covered 

Yep, it can be quite cold outside. So you should think beforehand about the water- and snow-proof material for your feeder. However, all the models mentioned in the article are made of durable ABS or steel materials. Just read the description attentively, stick to the list of products I described, and you won’t choose the wrong one.

Efficient and capacious

The capacity of your device is very important because you need to be sure you won’t have to refill the feeder every day. It has to hold a relevant amount of food, especially when you have 2 or more cats.

Pay attention to the size of your kibbles as well. If it is too large, it can get stuck. 


If you have a mischievous pet, the elevated feeder can be a great solution to this problem.

For instance, the CSF-3 Super Automatic Cat Feeder I mentioned in the article, can be easily mounted if needed with the help of metal brackets and hardware that is also included in the primary set. Just use the bracket to hitch on the dispenser anywhere you want.

Also Claudine prepared a separate guide covering a very important feature – feeders for multiple cats. Definitely worth checking out.


Should I get an automatic outdoor cat feeder? 

It is strongly recommended to buy an automatic outdoor cat feeder (especially electronic one) if you have at least one cat in your household. 

Do you have a lack of time? Do you live alone? These are quite serious reasons to buy this product. It will make your life much easier.

Which automatic outdoor cat feeder is the best? 

Pet feeder selection is of the same importance as choosing the right cat food. That’s why I always advise my clients to take it seriously.

A perfect feeder must have a number of features on the list.

  • large capacity of food storage (choose a big amount, and you won’t need to refill the feeder very often)
  • dog-proof and durable material (keeps the food safe and dry)
  • easy-to-use
  • easy-to-clean
  • portion controller (perfect for both underweight cats to fatten them up and overweight cats)

How do I feed my outdoor cat on vacation? 

First of all, I strongly recommend you to set a menu: the number of portions, their size and frequency of the feeding process.

Just make sure you have enough kibble to feed your cat while you are away. Make sure the program is set correctly. If you have a gravity feeder, check the water container as well to make sure there is no barrier in the passage.

Also, if your cat has access to the home, the pet cameras are essential because they will allow you to control the amount of food left, the activity, and the wellbeing of your beloved feline.

Also it may be a good idea to control the access for your cat using an electric fence to make sure she does not get lost.

Are there any bonus tips on keeping other animals away from my cat’s feeder?

You can add an extra layer of protection for your cat. You can build a feeding station or a catio with RFID or magnetic automatic doors and put the feeder inside. Only your cat will have access to this station and to the feeder inside.


As you see, an automatic outdoor cat feeder is a must-buy thing for most cat owners nowadays. We often don’t have time to take care of ourselves, not to mention our little friends. And it can be a big challenge to work, travel and be able to feed your cat in time.

To sum up, this device is pet safe, it is easy to use and has a good food capacity.

Most of the feeders have great design, clear manual and a lot of modes to be used depending on your cat’s needs. They are also made of durable materials which can guarantee the longevity of the product.

Choose wisely, make sure the feeder you like has not only cool design but also a set of features that correspond to your cat’s needs and be attentive when reading the manual. You can find a lot of useful information about mounting the feeder and all the options it has in the menu. 

A secure automatic cat feeder can replace you for a week or even more. So don’t be afraid to leave your cat for a long period of time. 

Hope, this guide helped you to come up with the best automatic feeder for your cat! Now it’s time to choose the best cat food on the market!

Being a cat lover and a person who investigates products deep, Meredith spent 10 hours to collect the best chew toys for her own and your cats.

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