Why should you invest in an automatic cat feeder?

1. It saves time

There’s no need to spend time on opening food packets and pouring kibbles several times a day. Just fill the tank once and clean the bowl regularly. That’s it! With the food serving issue solved, you can dedicate more time to playing and communicating with your pet.

2. It adheres to schedule

Automatic feeders allow controlling the number of portions and frequency of feeding. These two factors are key to weight management and are indispensable for special diets

— Claudine Sievert, DVM

The best cat feeders with automated serving are an ideal option for maintaining your pet’s healthy weight. By eliminating 24/7 access to food, you will see a positive difference right from the start. Visit a veterinarian to define the ideal schedule and size of portions, set up your feeder, and adhering to a diet won’t be a problem any more. It’s the best thing you can do for your cat’s health in a long run.

3. It can feed multiple cats

Your cat doesn’t have to suffer from hunger because of its greedy peers. You can buy a feeder with RFID function and set it up to open the lid for a particular cat at certain time intervals. Feeders with a splitter serve food into several bowls ensuring all of your pets have something to chew on.

4. It can feed your cat while you are away

When away for a business trip or work, you will have your pets well-fed because their food is served by schedule. Just fill the container or bowls and double-check the power supply. If you have to leave for several days, opt for a model with dual power supply (cable + batteries).

5. It can work outdoors

Did you know that there’s a lot of weatherproof models that allow automatic feeding outdoors? I highly recommend you reading this guide with the best outdoor cat feeders!

How I conducted the research

In order to pick the best cat feeders, I analyzed all major criteria that matter for owners. After reading hundreds of user reviews, I’ve compiled the list of the most important aspects. It allowed me to find the best models in terms of functionality and usefulness.

1. Analyzed the ease of use

To define how easy a feeder is for use, I read the user’s manual and tried to follow guidelines. While assembling and setting up devices I figured out how intuitive the processes were.

2. Checked the dispensing accuracy

I checked how each model dispensed pet food – every portion was weighed once again to define the accuracy of serving. Also, I analyzed the size and shapes of kibbles to see whether they could get stuck and measured moisture content. Each and every function was thoroughly tested.

3. Evaluated ease of cleaning

I tracked the time it took me to clean a feeder, including the minutes for assembling and disassembling, drying, etc. The majority of models I picked feature dishwasher-safe bowls and components.

4. Checked the protection from power outages

When running each auto cat feeder, I checked whether it kept working in case of power outages and how long it could stay without connection to the electricity network. For this reason, I picked several models with dual power supply.

At the end of the day

A rare pet owner stays at home 24/7 – we want to be mobile and yet we need to take care of our furry friends’ diet. Automatic cat feeders solve a multitude of problems. Portion control and meal scheduling help your pets adhere to a diet without efforts and stress. Add a bunch of other useful features, and you have a full-fledged assistant that keeps them well-fed while you’re away.

Hopefully, the detailed feeder reviews from this guide will help you choose the most convenient device. Define your pets’ nutritional needs, the time they will be left alone, and pick a model accordingly.

Good luck!

I am Claudine, a College of Veterinary Medicine alumni and cat health & lifestyle specialist. In this blog, I share my personal experience and recommendations on improving cat’s diet, behavior, and both physical and psychological state.

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