How to choose the right automatic cat feeder for wet food

There several crucial factors to consider.

Step 1: Consider the number of meals

A wet food automatic cat feeder has two large or 4-5 smaller compartments for food. Choose accordingly. If you have a multi-pet household and leave your cats for a few hours, the first option might be enough. If you have one cat that’s left for a couple of days, it will need at least 3-4 portions of wet food, so disc-shaped feeders are the best variant. Compact feeders with two compartments are great for leaving food overnight or when your single cat stays at home while family members are at work.

Step 2: Look for options with an ice-pack

In fact, this is a must-have option because wet food starts spoiling within 4 hours of opening at room temperature. As far as you buy an automatic feeder, you should have the option of long-term storage by default. This is where an ice pack comes in handy. However, you should consider its size. Larger packs will last for a few hours (some are even claimed to last for up to 48 hours), while small ice packs melt within 30-60 minutes. Some feeders are already included in the kit, while some don’t even have enough space to place those under the bowl. Alternatively, you can purchase a suitable ice pack on Amazon.

Step 3: Consider the size of portions

As it has been mentioned, disc-shaped feeders usually have smaller sections for wet food, while feeders with one or two compartments accommodate a large 5.5 oz pate portion each. Assess your cat’s nutrition needs to make the right decision.

Don’t buy devices with large compartments hoping that your cat will approach the feeder twice and divide its single portion in two. Most likely, the second half will spoil, dry out, and lay untouched.

If you have kittens, consider buying a feeder with smaller compartments (up to 250 grams each). For larger cats, you can select feeders with five or six compartments 450 grams each.

Step 4: Timer

This is where you should carefully read instructions and customer reviews. In some models, timers allow for presetting food serving within 12-14 hours only, which means serving one portion for your pet. isn’t suitable when you want to leave your pets for a couple of days. Ideally, the timer programming should allow scheduling within 24-48 hours and more.

Also, make sure that the lid really opens when the time is up. Some customers complain about faulty constructions and their cats staying hungry because of improper timer functioning. Read instructions properly and learn to set up a timed wet cat food dispenser correctly!

Step 6: Battery Life

Dead batteries are another common reason for pets’ hunger. As it usually happens, a feeder may run out of energy at the most inappropriate moment. Find out how long do batteries last and which type of accumulators is required. Spare your time for reading customer reviews – that will help you avoid buying unreliable gadgets.

Feeders with 3-D or C batteries are the most reliable option. Some of them even come with an extra slot for AAA batteries – they power the device when it runs out of charge. As a rule, such gadgets are equipped with a USB port. Alternatively, you can search for models with adapters or traditional wires, but those are a scarce option.

Step 7: Warranty

What if you buy a feeder that breaks all of a sudden or doesn’t live up to your expectations? You can have it repaired or replaced by warranty. Make sure that the manufacturer of the chosen feeder does provide it. Many well-established companies promise money-back guarantees if their feeders don’t work or don’t satisfy consumers. This is a really useful option that might save your time and a pretty penny. It doesn’t matter whether the warranty is provided or not – read buyers’ feedback to make sure you select a worthy option. User experience is the best source of information and will help you know what the feeder is like in action.

Step 8: Noise and Sounds

You don’t want to be irritated by a ticking mechanical timer or noisy notification signs. Other models can produce strange sounds when moving the lid and serving food. It’s not just annoying – your cat might be frightened by such sounds! Make sure you buy a cat feeder that doesn’t emit noise. By reading customer reviews, you can find out whether a device is silent.

Yet, when it comes to sounds, there is one feature that your cat may find appealing – audio messages. Some feeders with a digital display allow for leaving a 10-second audio message for your beloved pet. It will be notified about a meal being served with your warm “Kitty, come eat”.

Did you know? You can control the consumption of wet food by using a pet camera for cats.

At the end of the day

If you want to keep your furry friend healthy and happy, it’s important to provide it with all essential nutrients, and moisture is not an exception. Wet food is the easiest and most appropriate way of maintaining water balance, especially given the fact that cats love pate-style foods and chunks of meat. 

With a suitable automatic feeder chosen, you can leave your cat and stay assured that it’s well-fed but does not overeat. A properly set feeder serves food at the right time, and the best thing about it is that you control the size of portions consumed. Devices come in a large variety of container sizes and have many useful features: timer, ice packs, audio messages, etc. Hopefully, our reviews of the worthiest models will provide you with an extensive outlook and help select the best option on the market. 

You are welcome to share your thoughts via comments section and to check out our guide with best outdoor feeders as well.

I am Claudine, a College of Veterinary Medicine alumni and cat health & lifestyle specialist. In this blog, I share my personal experience and recommendations on improving cat’s diet, behavior, and both physical and psychological state.

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