How to choose the right automatic cat door? 

Step 1: Measure your cat

Before buying a cat door you should measure your cat. Your cat should fit into the flap. As a rule of a thumb all the doors will fit unless your cat is overweight but it’s better to make sure you picked the right product prior to purchasing it.

First, measure the width of your pet and add an inch. That’s how you can get the minimum width of the door.

Then measure your cat’s chest (from the shoulder to the lower part of the tummy). Add an inch to the result, and you will get the height of the door.

Step 2: Check how easy the installation process is

The installation process is usually included in the description of the product on shopping sites. Check how easy it is to prepare everything needed for placing a cat door in your house. Are the supporting instruments included in the original set? Is there a written manual provided by the manufacturer? Find out if you cope with the process yourself.

Step 3: Check the type of access

Cat doors have different types of security systems. Many of them are equipped with 4-way locking systems that have corresponding entrance modes: 2-way, only-in, only-out, locked. The others may have a 2-way lock (in and out options). There are also doors that are freely open to cats. So choosing the right variant depends on your needs.

Step 4: Pay attention to flap color and shape

Is your cat calm? Does it get nervous when it doesn’t see what’s inside the darkroom? In such a case it is better to choose a cat door with almost transparent flaps. That’s how your cat’s predatory instinct will be satisfied. Your fluffy friend will see what’s going on outside before coming in. It will make your pet feel more relaxed.

Step 5: Check the durability of the material

Read the description attentively and find out which material the door is made of. It’s not cool to change it every now and then because it is installed in the wall/door/window. So you’ll have to cut it out of the surface. It’ll be much better to make sure the door is made of durable material.

How do you train a cat to use an automatic cat door?

Step 1: Introduce your cat to the new device before you install it

Your fluffy has to get used to the smell and the sight of the new device. It is dangerous to install the door without showing it to your cat because there is a chance it refuses to use that door in future.

Step 2: Install the door in the right place

Choosing the right place for the door is a guarantee that your cat will feel safe while going through it. It has to be a sheltered area. Cats feel very nervous and vulnerable when coming into a large room, they are introverts by nature. 

Step 3: Use some treats

Choose your cat’s favorite treat and place it on the other side of the cat door to make it go through. Practice it 3-5 times with your fluffy friend, and you’ll get a great result!

Change the treats from time to time as your pet may get used to it and won’t react as vividly as in the beginning. So prepare some deliciousness beforehand to make sure it will be enough for 2-3 weeks.

Step 4: Add your cat’s scent

Don’t be surprised! It really works. If your cat doesn’t want to use the door, you should add its scent to make it feel more relaxed. Cats are predators so they need to feel it is 100% their territory. To get a scent you’ll have to wipe your pet’s face with a rag and then wipe the rag around the newly installed door.

Step 5: Keep the flap open

It is better to keep the flap open at first. This can be a great welcoming gesture for your cat to come in. Use a piece of tape for the purpose. Do not remove the prop while your fluffy tests the new door going in and out. It may take some time, but it is really worth it. Once the cat gets used to the door this way, it will never have any problems with entering or leaving the room. Automatic cat doors are 100% safe because your cat will either enter them or won’t. But she will never have her collar vibrating in contrast to electronic fences.


frequent questions about automatic cat doors

How do microchip cat doors work? 

Such cat doors are equipped with a special electronic system that scans your cat’s ID microchip to let it in. It remains locked when the neighbouring cat approaches. You can also use an RFID ( radio frequency identification) tag collar instead. Some models can remember up to 32 cat modifications so it is perfect for big pet households. 

How hard is it to install an automatic cat door?

In 90% cases, it is very easy to install a cat door because manufacturers usually provide the original set with the detailed manual. However, it is very important to measure the wall, window or other location you want to place the door in. Precise calculations guarantee the installation will go well.

Can you put an automatic cat door in a wall or window?

There are different types of cat doors on the market right now. As I mentioned in the chapter describing the main types of cat doors, there are products made especially for walls and windows. Models designed for walls are mostly similar to the ones for doors. But they also have tunnels that connect both sides of the door.

Cat doors for windows have a slide-siding design. They are made of safety glass and durable aluminium.


Automatic cat doors can provide your cat with a safe way to access the house. There is a variety of different types and designs on the market right now created for all your needs.

You can install a cat door anywhere in the house. Cats usually have a binding character so it’s cool that you can choose the door that will match the perfect place of your cat in the house. It can be a front door, an inner door, a wall or even a window.

Cat doors also have different systems to open and shut. You can choose electronic or magnetic ones. Take into account the installation peculiarities and the existence of a microchip ID. If your cat is not microchipped, you’ll have to buy an RFID collar tag to make it work with an electronic device.

Automatic cat doors guarantee safety to your cat. It is a good way to put everything in order in your house. You can place a litter box inside. That’s how you can get rid of the smell and other cat “surprises”.

Cat doors are also salvation if you have 2 or more cats. Are you tired of one cat eating others’ food? Automatic internal door is an efficient solution that will help you to isolate one cat from another: while one of your cats is eating the food for weight-loss, another one can be effectively fattened-up.

Also if you don’t have enough rooms, a feeding box might be a good option for you. And if you are frequently away, you can actually communicate, train, and feed your cat remotely using the specialized pet cameras.

Choose the best automatic cat door that corresponds to all your cat’s needs, and this device will become irreplaceable in your house.

Being a cat lover and a person who investigates products deep, Meredith spent 10 hours to collect the best chew toys for her own and your cats.

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