Fluffy Сats: 10 Long-Haired Сat Breeds

Who doesn’t like browsing photos or watching videos with a fluffy cat? They look so soft and sweet that we can’t help but smile and want to hug them. Fluffy cats are great to snuggle, and they are perfect de-stressors.

For those willing to get such a furry friend, we’ve gathered the top ten long hair cat breeds here. But remember: with a luxurious coat, there comes responsibility – regular grooming with specialized tubs and frequent cleaning with vacuums for a cat’s hair.

Yet, it’s well worth the effort, don’t you agree?

10 most fluffy cat breeds

1. Persian cat

Remember Mr. Tinkles from the Cats & Dogs movie? Yes, he is that fluffy ball of fur we all know as Persians. They are one of the most popular and best-loved long-haired cat breeds: long-flowing coats, luxurious ruffs around their neck, kinglike tails – no admiration is enough to describe these felines.

Persian cats are calm, quiet, and with melodious voices. They are ready to purr for you for a whole day long, which makes this breed a perfect companion for the entire family. And sure thing, they need daily brushing to keep their glamorous coat in tip-top condition.

2. Maine Coon cat

One of the most admired and desired long hair cat breeds, the Maine Coon cat can boast of being the largest domesticated feline. They weigh up to 18 pounds and are about one meter in length. Maine Coons have long bushy tails and thick fur even on their paws to protect themselves against the cold winter months of Maine’s climate.

Despite their grim countenance, Maine Coons have social natures and are very active. Every Maine Coon will love it if you install a car tunning wheel for him. But please, make sure that it has a diameter of 50+ inches because otherwise, it may hurt your cat’s back.

More than that, they love being groomed if you do it gently. Plenty of brushing is necessary for these cats to prevent hairballs and dandruff; make sure you brush their bellies, tails, and legs too.

3. Ragdoll cat

This domestic long-haired cat steals the hearts of many pet lovers because of her adorable look and soft character. Ragdolls’ medium-length fur is plush and silky, and they don’t have undercoats, which makes them easier to groom. You’ll need to brush the Ragdoll cat once or twice a week; ensure you use a soft brush, as it will be much closer to the skin because of the undercoat’s absence.

The Ragdoll cat is a perfect companion for cuddling. She’s playful, loves kids, and follows her human around the house, flopping down on the floor from time to time.

4. Norwegian Forest cat

The Norwegian Forest cat can boast of a double coat of long fur, so get ready for everyday grooming and using robotic vacuums for cleaning the house of her hair. As well as Maine Coons, these felines are large in size. And as well as British Shorthairs, the Norwegian Forest cat is calm and doesn’t demand too much attention.

This breed is gentle and kid-friendly. They are intelligent creatures, and some even describe their character as “dog-like.” The Norwegian Forest cat makes friends with other pets easily, so she can be a perfect companion for multi-pet households.

5. Siberian cat

The Siberian domestic long-haired cat is also known as the Siberian Forest or the Moscow Longtail. She’s actually a semi-longhair breed, triple-coated, and very affectionate. Siberians are large, strong, and adventurous. They are among those fluffy cats who like water and require relatively low maintenance.

These cats are calm, but they love playing with toys and are quite energetic. Their beautiful collar ruffs and curious eyes touch pet parent’s feelings from all over the world.

6. Chantilly Tiffany cat

This long-haired cat is a bit hard-nosed, but she’s a great companion for owners treating pets as equals. The Chantilly-Tiffany cat is very mischievous in kittenhood, and she’ll enjoy playing with toys or YouTube games in her adult life too. Felines of this breed are quite loud: Once they settle down in a house, they start interacting with you via meowing.

Choosing the Chantilly-Tiffany cat to be your four-legged friend, get ready for frequent grooming: Their long, glossy coat requires everyday brushing. Also, be careful with nutrition: Measure meal portions, as these cats are prone to weight issues.

7. Ragamuffin cat

This fluffy cat breed’s look may remind you of the Ragdoll cat. Indeed, Ragamuffins are the combination of Ragdolls with Persians and Himalayans. Thanks to such a rich breeding background, these cats have soft, plush, silky coats and so cuddly appearance. Their fur varies from semi-long to long and requires low maintenance: Brushing it once a week will be enough.

The Ragamuffin is a calm cat, but she doesn’t like cuddles much. Yet, she is friendly with all family members and is open to changes in her daily routine. She’ll be a great furry friend for those living in apartments.

8. Himalayan cat

This breed of long-haired kittens originates as a mix of Persian and Siamese cats. The Himalayan feline has massive bones and a long, glossy coat with a classy ruff around the neck. They are medium-sized cats, though they might seem bigger because of their heavy fur.

The Himalayan is a calm cat, devoted to her human parents. She’s friendly and open to changes in routine. When this fluffy cat is in the mood, she’ll sit on your lap or sleep in your bed. Even-tempered, the Himalayan is OK to leave for long hours, but she’ll definitely demonstrate her indignation when you’re back.

9. British Longhair cat

The British Longhair cat can boast of a muscular appearance. She’s medium in size, with short legs and round paws. Another characteristic of this cat breed is their short noses on large muzzles. As for their coat, it’s medium-long but with a dense undercoat requiring everyday brushing.

British Longhairs are calm and even-tempered creatures. As with many other domestic cats, they love playing with toys, enjoy attention, and appreciate the owner’s presence. This breed will be a great family cat and devoted companion.

10. Turkish Angora cat

These charming, medium-sized cats are challenging to tame, but this fact doesn’t make them unlovable. The Turkish Angora is elegant, intelligent, and athletic. Their long silky coats are visually appealing and with no undercoat, making them easier to groom.

The Turkish Angora is a proud cat with a quite boisterous character. She’s active, loves to play, and is selective about toys. Also, get ready for all the doors open – nothing can stop this cat from satisfying her curiosity. She’ll try to get and keep the owner’s attention, and she doesn’t appreciate sudden changes in her environment.

Orange long-haired cat breeds

An interesting fact about orange cats: most of them are males, with an M mark on foreheads. Plus, a fluffy orange cat seems to be the most popular feline in Hollywood! Remember Garfield or Puss in Boots from Shrek? If you think of having a fluffy orange cat at home, think of Himalayan, Turkish Angora, or Ragdoll breeds.

Black long-haired cat breeds

Black cats have always been beautiful and mysterious. We associate them with proud, serious creatures, smart and equal to us. A little mystique behind their reputation makes black cats even more adorable in our eyes. Almost all long-haired cat breeds come with black coats: Ragamuffin, Maine Coon, and Chantilly-Tiffany are to name a few.

Grey long-haired cat breeds

There’s something special about a long-haired grey cat, don’t you agree? Their shimmering coats ranging in shades from blue to silver and slate, which contrast with their eye colors, make grey cats look magical. Persian, Norwegian Forest, Siberian – whom would you choose?

White long-haired cat breeds

What about a fluffy white cat in the house? Please note that pure white felines are super rare, as they require a gene that would hide all the other colors of their fur. Light-colored eyes are their specific characteristic too. If you’re looking to adopt a white cat, think of Persian, Turkish Angora, or British Longhair.

Did you know?

Many cat owners shave their long-haired cats to save them from heat. Actually, it’s a myth — you will only do worse by shaving your cat. Please, read our take on shaving here.

In a word

Despite the need for regular maintenance such as grooming or even doing a haircut, fluffy cats are great friends to have. They are affectionate and de-stressing, and they look so visually pleasing that we can’t resist the temptation of cuddling them.

Also, we have separate articles about less fluffy feline friends: medium- and short-hair cats.

Now that you know all the most popular fluffy cat breeds, which one would you choose as your real-life teddy bear companion?

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