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Holiday Deals: Cat Trees, Furniture, and more! [Updated 01.12.2021]

Please, notice: most of the deals have expired. See you next Black Friday!

We bet you’re with us on this one: Despite all the viruses, the holiday season is coming! You and your furry friend have deserved some rewards, so we decided to collect the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals here.

It’s time for gifts!


Cat Trees: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 

It’s a must-have in every household with cats, and that’s why Black Friday deals on cat trees are so tempting. Your four-legged friends will meow “thank you” for this furniture: It’s a perfect place to climb, scratch to save your chairs and sofas from claw attacks, play with a fabric ball (if you choose a Black Friday cat tree having it), or take a nap.

Feel free to choose a cat tree Black Friday of different sizes and features. Ladders, baskets, condos, scratching posts, toys – these are just a few things your cat can get with a tree. Don’t miss deals from your local pet stores or online retailers to give joy to your feline on holidays.

Save -25% on 59-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

Save -20% on 62-in Modern Cat Tree & Condo

Save -25% on 106-in 3 Level Cat Tower

Save -20% on 76-in XXL Heavy Duty Cat Tree

Save -25% on 64-in Cat Tree with Hammock

Even more cat trees with huge discounts:

Actually, you can save 90% by building a cat tree yourself – we have a list of 20 cool DIY cat trees for this reason.

Cat Furniture: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 

A Black Friday cat tower is not the only furniture to buy for your kitty. Scratching posts, condos, indoor and outdoor cat houses, window perches, and cat shelves are also great options to consider. Cat condo Black Friday deals are a perfect moment to choose one; after all, your furry friend needs a cozy place to feel safe, don’t you agree?

These items provide felines with a dedicated space to follow their instinctual needs for scratch, stretch, explore, and relax. It doesn’t mean you have to buy them all: Choose those your cat needs most. (We bet you can guess it from her behavior.)

Save -25% on a Modern Tunnel Elevated Cat Bed

Save -25% on a Single Cube Stackable and Collapsible Cat Condo

Save -20% on Decorative Cat Litter Box Cabinet

Save -20% on Cat Litter Box Cabinet

Save -20% on Cat Litter Box Cabinet

Even more cat furniture with huge discounts:

Cat Litter Boxes: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 

All pet product manufacturers understand the role of cat litter and its suppliers for our felines. They are so picky about bathroom habits, especially when they live in multicat households. Experts recommend one litter box for each cat in a house. More than that, cat litter is what you need to stock up regularly; that’s where holiday deals can help you save money.

Even if you have only one cat in a house, it’s critical to keep her litter box clean. Otherwise, she may refuse to use it and make a mess in the home. So, remember to visit online stores for cat litter Black Friday deals to save on this prime necessity for your furry friend.

PetSafe Simply Clean

PetSafe Simply Clean

Cat Food and Feeders: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 

Black Friday cat food sale is your chance to treat your feline to her favorite food. Whether dry or wet, cat food formulas are what your kitty needs to thrive: These products are designed with specific ingredients to provide a cat with a balanced diet for her healthy and happy life. Dry cat food is OK to store for up to three years (if unopened), so why not purchase a few more bags for future use?

When buying, please check the ingredients and expiration dates on bags carefully. Also, consider the recipes that meet your cat’s needs most. There’s specific food for kittens, for cats with allergies and food sensitivities, for weight loss, etc.

American Journey 100% Chicken Freeze-Dried – Buy 3 – Get 1 Free

Solid Gold – Indigo Moon

Solid Gold – Let’s Stay In – Grain-Free

American Journey 100% Chicken Freeze-Dried – Buy 3 – Get 1 Free

Hartz Delectables Stew Tuna & Shrimp – Buy 3 – Get 1 Free

Greenies Pill Pockets – Buy 3 – Get 1 Free

Hartz Delectables Bisque Tuna & Chicken – Buy 3 – Get 1 Free

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trout Formula – Buy 3 – Get 1 Free

Vital Essentials Chicken Giblets – Buy 3 – Get 1 Free

Even more cat food deals (buy 3 – get 1 free):

Cat Strollers: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 

Cat furniture Black Friday deals wouldn’t be complete without cat strollers. This item is a must-have for pet owners who plan to travel or walk out with their furry friends. It will also come in handy for newborn kittens: A stroller will allow them to experience the world around while being safe and not scared of the outside environment.

Cat strollers are a must-have for households with injured or disabled cats. It will help you transfer a feline to a vet clinic or take a walk with your disabled furry friend to improve her daily lifestyle and mental health.

HPZ Pet Rover Premium Cat Stroller

Misc products for cats:

PetSafe Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain

Long story short:

Not only do holidays bring us joy and happiness, but they also give us a chance to treat ourselves and our beloved ones with the utmost care and gifts. Don’t forget about your cat! Please let us know if you’d like to see any other deals ideas on the blog!

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