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How Much Should I Feed My Cat?

Since domestic cats tend to have a low level of activity and slower metabolism, it’s crucial to keep tabs on what and how much they eat. Many pets suffer from excess weight simply because their owners neglect the diet and leave a bowl full of food 24/7. It leads to serious problems with the heart, liver, and kidneys, not to mention overall wellbeing...

Best Outdoor Cat Catios

Best Outdoor Cat Catios

Breathing fresh air is essential for cats. Have you ever noticed how happy your cat gets when you let him stay outdoors? Being a mother of four cats I remember how preoccupied I was thinking what can be the best solution for me and my cats to be outdoors longer. If you live in a house, it is not really a problem.

Best Catios for Apartment Balcony

Best Catios for Apartment Balcony

How often do you let your cat stay on your apartment’s balcony? In fact, not all cat owners are that confident to let their furry family members breathe fresh air on a balcony. First, it can be really risky for a cat. These creatures have great balance, but living in a multi-storeyed house is a challenge even for cats...

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Merrick Cat Food Review

Quality nutrition is a must for cat’s health and well-being. As a caring owner, you want to find the most optimal type of cat food for your pet, but it might be tricky with so many products around. Our guide will help you choose Merrick cat food: I will review and compare several recipes for you to make an informed decision.

Best Semi-Moist Cat Food

Just remember what emotions get born inside of you when you open up a can of some delicious ready-to-eat food with great flavor. Don’t you think your cat has the same feelings? Of course, he or she does! It is certainly a reflex in a cat’s mind and body that can be seen when the pet’s owner takes a new can or bag of tasty semi-moist food.

Best Low Carb Cat Food

When you got a kitten, you want to take care of it as much as possible, don’t you? And you’are definitely worried about its overall health. However, not everyone knows that percentage of carbs and proteins is crucial for cat nutrition. As they are carnivores, it’s not a surprise that protein is the main component cats need to eat for wellbeing.

Simply Nourish cat food review

Simply Nourish Cat Food Reviews

As a caring pet owner, you want your cat to stay healthy and thrive. Proper nutrition is of primary importance, that’s why it’s important to find cat food made of natural ingredients without artificial flavors and preservatives. One of such brands is called Simply Nourish:...

Best Cat Chew Toys

Does your cat like chewing things in your house? This buying guide is just for you! Here I will explain all the physical reasons for such feline behavior, as well as give you some tips on buying chewing toys for your furry one. And, of course, the central part will be given to product reviews and my personal top-list of the best chew toys for cats.

Sheba Cat Food Review

Sheba Cat Food Reviews

Sheba wet cat food is popular on the market. Not that expensive and therefore available to most cats in the world, it offers three primary product lines in both cans and plastic trays. But with all its popularity and “that’s what your cat wants” motto, some professional Sheba cat food reviews and customer feedback are not so positive and rosy...